Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Oleg Aksyutin proposed to the head of the company Alexey Miller to withdraw from the staffing of Gazprom the Department for corporate cost management (№ 621), responsible for procurement and tenders of Gazprom and several of its "daughters". It is reported by RBC. The Department for management of competitive costs since 2010 was headed by Mikhail Sirotkin. In 2012, the division was renamed the Department of corporate cost management, and then twice — the Department number 121 in 2015 and the Department number 621 in April 2019. But its main functions remained the same: he was in charge of procurement and tenders.

Previously, the former influence in "Gazprom" lost another guard - the head of "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" Kirill Seleznev resigned. Now he will build a gas chemical complex "Gazprom" in the Baltic sea. Of course, Seleznev's departure was affected by the arrest of his adviser and good friend Raul Arashukov. But, the main causes of the problems Seleznev and Sirotkin will help to understand the investigation, which publishes ahhh! 

According to unofficial confessions of employees of the Central office of PJSC Gazprom, the entire tender policy of the state monopoly was literally until recently concentrated in the hands of three top managers: a member of the Board of JSC Kirill Seleznev, head of the Department for corporate cost management Mikhail Sirotkin, as well as his nshl former wife – head of the property management Department Elena Mikhailova. To understand the nature of such a triumvirate, it is worth studying the history of the ascent of this "big three" to the tender top of the monopoly, from where the horizons of multi-billion contracts open.

Kirill Seleznev in 2003 he was appointed General Director of the holding company "Mezhregiongaz", which manages all regional gas and energy company "Gazprom".  From the first days of work at this position for Seleznyov its fame as a "gatherer of lands": all assets of the regions it has been consistently translated under control of the head office.

This work required the resolution of many legal nuances, for which a group of specialists from the firm "Private law" – a subsidiary of the famous law firm "Cossacks and partners"was involved in the reform. One of the hired lawyers was 26-year-old spectacular blonde Elena Mikhailova. After a short time she moved to work in "Mezhregiongaz", became Deputy Seleznev on corporate and property relations, as well as, say sarcastic colleagues, repainted in brown hair.

 As a legal "gasket" in the transfer of assets was used a subsidiary of JSC "Rosshelf" (controlled, in turn, "Gazprom"); and the post of General Director of "Rosshelf" was held by Mikhail Sirotkin.

For Sirotkin, this position has become an extremely important milestone not only in his career, but also in his personal life. A young ambitious lawyer from St. Petersburg, he had already had quite a serious experience in conducting delicate, let's say, transactions at the time of transition to the structures of Gazprom. In the mid-90's his career was associated with St. Petersburg LLC "Transport financial company" (TFK), the founder of which was the regional Society of the deaf "Dakti". Under this cover Sirotkin organized a whole system of fictitious employment of disabled people, which allowed interested companies to minimize taxes. Sirotkin's ability to "optimize" the tax base was appreciated by the St. Petersburg criminal authorities of those years. After TFK he moved to work in the "Information and legal Bureau "Peter", which was owned by one of the most mysterious characters of the time Ilya Traber (known in certain circles under the nickname Antiquarian) – a man close to the famous Tambov organized crime group. It is no coincidence that the Bureau "Peter" was listed in the shareholders of JSC "Petersburg fuel company" (PTK), Vice-President of which was appointed the leader of "Tambov" Vladimir Kumarin (aka Barsukov, aka "Kum").

Having moved in 2001 to Moscow and having got a position of the Deputy chief of legal Department of JSC Gazprom, Sirotkin thus, it is possible to tell, escaped from frankly criminal environment. However, he considered this position as temporary, and, taking advantage of the patronage of the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller, from the very beginning he counted on more. The appointment of the General Director of "Rosshelf" was a great springboard for Sirotkin.

So, in tandem with Elena Mikhailova Sirotkin began to transfer the assets of regional companies under the direct control of Seleznev. Intense joint work so brought together the performers that in the autumn of the same 2003 they sealed their relationship with marital ties. Exceptional degree the resulting mutual trust has allowed the couple to hold a number of interesting operations, with the result that some of the assets skillfully left from-under control of state monopoly. As, for example, owned by Mosesnergo (a subsidiary of Gazprom), a complex of buildings on the Raushskaya embankment, which is two times lower than the market price was sold to LLC "Intercession" – a subsidiary of "Private law".For example, the building "Mosenergo" on Raushskaya embankment for half the price were sold to someone LLC "Intercession", affiliated with the company "Private law", Ggde, as we remember, began his career lawyer Mikhailova.


It is naive to believe that such events were held by a couple of lawyers secretly from Seleznev. On the contrary, the Vice-President of Gazprom appreciated the grip of Sirotkin and Mikhailova, and the award to the organizers of the virtuoso "cut" was a dizzying promotion on the Gazprom career ladder.

It is thanks to the patronage of Seleznev in 2010-2011 Sirotkin first holds the position of head of the tender Committee of JSC "Gazprom", and then – the chair of the head of the Department for corporate cost management. Elena Mikhailova in the same period of time becomes the head of the property Department, and in 2012, and does a member of the Board of Gazprom. As a result ,the "Trinity", which carried out the enchanting transfer of Gazprom's regional assets to Mezhregiongaz, with "inevitable losses" in the process, now has the exclusive right to decide who to give and who not to give contracts to the state monopoly. But then, according between members of the "triumvirate" of propagada "black cat". Sirotkin scandal raged with Mikhailov and recorded ex-wife and Seleznev in their worst enemies.


It is obvious that, along with the formal criteria of compliance with the competition requirements, the tender management of Gazprom has developed a number of informal ones. And, apparently, the main of such "informal" criteria is the percentage of "rollback"included in the project estimate. And to agree on this delicate condition Sirotkin apparently ready not with every counter, but only with a certain narrow circle of proven people.

The first changes in the tender policy of Gazprom were felt by Ziyad Manasir. Contracts similar to those that previously performed SGK, steel with enviable constancy transferred to two other companies: LLC "stroygazmontazh" (SGM) and LLC "Gazenergoservis" (HPP). The authorized capital of the SSM, according to an extract from the state register of legal entities, is divided between the Rotenberg brothers: Arkady owns 83%, Boris – 17%. But the main beneficiary of the HPP, as suggested by business Newspapers, through shell companies is the half-brother of Kirill Seleznev – Ivan Mironov.

It is known about Mr. Mironov that, living in St. Petersburg, he was registered in the same apartment on Bela kun street as Seleznev. This is the apartment of Ivan's mother – Tatiana Mironova.  Having acquired the status of Vice-President of Gazprom, Kirill did not forget about his half-brother. According to the business portal ("Mergers and acquisitions"), "Ivan Mironov over the past four years has become a co-owner of seven companies that provide services to Gazprom and its enterprises." In addition to these "Gazenergoservice", directly and through its controlled company (CIS Strategic Industries Investment Fund in the Cayman Islands, Terramart Development and Exlaribo Holdings in Cyprus) Mironov owns the Trading House "the alpha-the trade" (management network of filling stations "Gazprom"), the company "Spetsenergotransa" (transportation of pipe), and others. The press also reported that in February of this year, Mironov's capital was replenished with 12 percent of the shares of Bank Rossiya.

As for LLC stroygazmontazh, this enterprise appeared as a result of surprising and extremely doubtful, from the point of view of the law, transformation of assets of Gazprom. In 2008, the monopolist recognized five of its subsidiaries (Krasnodargazstroy, Volgogaz, Lengazspetsstroy, Spetsgazremstroy and Volgogradneftemash) as "non-core". At a starting price of 8.3 billion rubles, without bargaining, they were sold at auction just created LLC "stroygazmontazh", the founder of which was, according to Forbes, Cyprus offshore Milasi Engineering Limited. Who is the actual beneficiary of these companies, it became clear after the indicative deoffshorization of LLC "stroygazmontazh". In the updated statement of EGRUL it is written in black and white: Arkady and Boris Rotenberg.

In 2012-2013, the company of the Rotenberg brothers became the absolute leader in terms of the volume of engineering contracts and attracted funds of Gazprom, winning, for example, a tender for the construction of three sections of the main gas pipeline "southern corridor" at a total price of 43.26 billion rubles.

Holding SGK Ziyad Manasir, who have lost their affiliate position with the arrival of the aforesaid tender "Trinity", was able to resume cooperation with "Gazprom" in 2014. And the main part of the tenders "SGK-automation" managed to win only after in June the whole group became the property of Ruslan Baisarov.

The same few contracts that SGK concluded in the spring (when, obviously, negotiations on the sale of the holding company have already entered into an active phase) were accompanied by a very interesting "background". In particular, unknown hackers (who have already become a real problem for corrupt Russian officials) posted statements (SMS-alerts) from one of the Bank accounts of Mikhail Sirotkin. From these statements it is clear that the large replenishment of the personal Treasury of the head of the Department of corporate sales at the time strangely coincide with the dates of the conclusion of a number of contracts So, soon after the victory of "SGK-automation" in the competition in the spring of 2014 ("played" contract in the amount of 87 million rubles) to this account received 827 thousand rubles. At the end of April, SGK-automation received the right to conclude several contracts with Gazprom for 1 billion rubles after the competitions, and 9.5 million rubles were added to the account. May 30 "SGC-automation", once again, wins the tender (the total amount of contracts 330 million roubles), and in a couple of weeks account Sirotkin updated to 3.7 million rubles.

If we assume that these transactions were "kickbacks" that emerges, the average "key rate" applicable tender maneggiare "Gazprom" in the consideration of bids – 1%.

However, the knowledge of this rate is not yet a pass to the Contracting world of the state monopoly. By choosing partners Sirotkin is extremely picky and cautious, including them in the "inner circle" only after personal acquaintance. For example, Sirotkin began lobbying the interests of the "HMS Group" only after a joint trip to Italy on a private plane with the President of this group Artem Molchanov. A Slovenian company Comita d.d. was admitted to the financial "body" of "Gazprom" only as a result of personal communication Sirotkin with one of its top managers during the Olympics in Sochi…

To be continued

Tomasz Wisniewski