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Probably from this story could laugh it off a phrase from an old joke about Stalin, which reported lyubviobilnym one of his subordinates. The question - what shall we do, he snapped - envy! But knowing all the details of our history, the people of the prince probably would not have been located so complacent.

Several online resources can be found interesting excerpts from the correspondence between the Russian electric power magnate Dmitry Arzhanova and his agent recruiting elite prostitutes. Agent - rather agentessa because of herself she says in feminine - offers its clients a variety of options for expensive "call girls". As a rule - it is well-known models, winners of various competitions of beauty, the night which, judging from the correspondence, is worth several thousand dollars, or hundreds of thousands of rubles.


We decided to find out who these women and tell more about them.


Through this correspondence, it became known that the entrepreneur interested in highly paid priestesses of love from all over the world - Spain, Hungary, Brazil, Ukraine. His agentessa has got for his client a special mailbox at one of the free Internet service and each time threw off a new password when he wanted to get acquainted with the "range". Some are ready to deliver it directly from China, to meet with some of it was not so easy - to agree on the time required poradet or a visa. Hardly working.


One of the first name in the correspondence appears fairly well-known model of Mary Korabel'nikova. Her candid photos at one time appeared on the pages of erotic magazines. Itself in an interview she called underwear model. These include women with parameters as close as possible to the classic 90-60-90. Therefore, they look good in the photographs in any underwear. In Mary quite prestigious education - she graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University, trained in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets", but, according to her, lost interest in journalism. "I do not want to write nasty things about people, and I will not", - she said in the same interview.

At the beginning of the fragment, which was made public, agentessa complains that Mary left menu. By the time of the conversation in the list of proposals it was not - it took a "hands on" for $ 50 (probably thousands - Ed.). "These stars maximum of two week well and take away from the relations ... From the second meeting took it," - she laments. However, at the end of the correspondence model name appears again. As if she is ready to fly at a brief meeting much of China. Probably - a Woman impressed by the generosity of the client, if it is for the sake of it is ready to move its current schedule and negotiate with someone you need.

Another Arzhanova offered some Irina Shark - as explained by agentessa known in Ukraine model. Somehow, through search engines - Yandex that that Google - could not figure out who is this Irina Shark. Links PHOTOS led to one of the world's business model stars of Russian origin Irina Shayk - ex-girlfriend footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and in April this year - the beloved American actor and hunk Bradley Cooper. Perhaps due to the fact that the difference in the Latin script names of the two models is just one letter - Shark and Shayk.

Third in the list is the Rodilina Sambrish. The exotic name and last name should not be misleading. This is another Russian model. She also graduated - she graduated from the Russian State Humanitarian University, majoring in "Translation and Translation", but chosen business model. In December 2009, Sambrish appeared on the pages of Playboy - of course, in a very candid photoshoot. At one time even considered Rodilina girl famous showman Timur Batrutdinova. But, as the press wrote, I left him once met a wealthy oilman who after the first date gave her heaped cars.


It lights up in correspondence and winner of World Bikini Model 2010 Natalia Drywall. This Ukrainian model - quite titled lady in beauty contests. In 2011, she became the winner of the beauty contest Miss American Dream, 2011. As well as its predecessor, it has a higher education - she received a master's degree in the specialty "management of organizations" in the Odessa National University of Economics. And in the same year he confirmed its degree at Wayne State University in Michigan in the United States. According to Wikipedia, she gets a second degree in the United States - in school catering in Miami and wants to pursue an acting work, which is engaged in the appropriate school in Florida.

Drywall - as well as Sambrish - appeared in a candid photoshoot Playboy magazine - though for the Ukrainian version. This happened in 2012. A year earlier, she appeared for the men's magazine Maxim. Now she is married to the president of the company TES Engenering Robert Zeman, works and lives in Miami.


By the way, for Drywall agent asks Arzhanova pay number. In the agent had any personal relationship with this model, because it explains to his client that the payment does not include the interest agencies or intermediaries. "You men customers no manager would never say. I'm friends with Natasha% no agency nor my%. Leaving them thousands per person for 400 rubles. I think both will be happy))) "- referred to in the correspondence. Apparently, the girl at the time was not one, but with a friend.

The correspondence appears and model Nadezhda Ilyina. According agentessy 4 has been the face of the company "Gloria Jeans" and participated in the presentation of Chanel and Dior. According to other data model it was really the face of the company - but from 2007 to 2009. Its achievements in the modeling business, however, is more modest than the previous model business priestesses. In 2006, she became only the best model of the South of Russia, and in 2008 - a finalist for Miss Russia.


Among foreign "strawberries" agentessa Arzhanova clearly calls Miss Hungary 2009, without giving her name. In 2009, the winner of the competition was 21-year-old student Orsi Serdult - beautiful blonde. However, in fairness it must be said that the business model on the number of prizes raffled is not much different from boxing. World and local champions can be multiple. In 2009, Hungary was held a few beauty contests, which won quite different girl. Crown Miss Universe Hungary received a 21-year-old Zsuzsa Budai, one of whose parents is a native of Jamaica. In the contest Miss Earth Hungary won the 18-year-old Korinna Kocsis. In the same year in Budapest hosted the finals of the Miss Hungary artificial body, which allowed only those over whose appearance diligently worked plastic surgeons. They won by 22-year-old River Urban. What Miss Hungary meant agentessa - hard to say without knowing the names.

Also in the elite prostitutes list shows some of Andrea, as well as some of Miss Valerie Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca Miss Melody. However, in correspondence indicates that the last two girls met with familiar agentessy. But judging by the fact that in correspondence with Arzhanova she calls them by name, they may be familiar, and our main character. Wikipedia was able to find mention of a girl named Melody - Melody is the world Jimenez, who in 2008 actually became Miss Balerialskih islands.

Also, the agent promises to arrange a meeting with some "Brazilian", whose name is Maria Teresa, Julia and Nadia. Last, according to agentessy it was last known model in Russia - was part of the star of the "Redstars" agency. This agency was organized in 1989, a leading Russian center of fashion mannequin Tatiana Koltsov and was the first modeling agency in Russia. It lasted about 12 years and was forced to close.


These meetings, however, did not prevent Arzhanova correspondence with his girlfriend at the time. While she talks to him about the possibility of meeting and oral sex, our protagonist studies candidature of elite prostitutes with his agent and is preparing to spend huge sums on them.


By the way, this is not the only example of the lavish expenditure of energy magnate on a loved one. Last year, online Kompromat.Ru there was a story about how he was four days removed entirely pyatezvezdochny on the island of Capri, as well as - a public beach, which is closed to the locals, several restaurants and street cafes, and near the shore made a mini-regatta . Islanders have been angered by the rampant Russian - loud music began to rattle in the morning. Local media estimated the cost spree of 2 million euros. But in Russia, it is no surprise. After all, as they say, not only supports Arzhanov very good, almost friendly relations with the relevant officials. His rise has contributed a lot, as they say, even the minister Mikhail Abyzov.


Probably, such costs would be easy to close your eyes, because the intimate addiction - a private matter of each person. If it were not for one thing. Huge spending on elite prostitutes of people de facto paid for out of the pockets of ordinary Russians.


Dmitry Arzhanov heads one of the largest independent power sales companies of Russia - PJSC GK "TNS-Energo". This business was invented by the genius of the legendary Anatoly Chubais in the division of RAO "UES of Russia". Then sector reform meant separation in independent structures of different types of the former energy monopoly businesses - generation, transmission and distribution. power supply companies, which themselves produce nothing, but at the same time control the huge cash flow - As a result, the class of parasites has been created. And do not forget to regularly raise tariffs. In recent years Arzhanova structure quite significantly raised the cost of electricity - this information can be easily found on the Internet.


Those in power are constantly explain why the tariffs for housing and communal services may not grow from year to year. In the course there are constant horror stories, which essentially boils down to the fact that if you do not raise prices today - you freeze tomorrow. There are words such as inflation, depreciation, civilization, etc. Only for some reason among these words rarely comes across phrases about the need to "restrain their heads aristocratic appetites." Perhaps that is why even in the fat times of economic growth in the country is gradually reduced. And now, at all there is a serious decline in the level of income and fall - of both the state and the population.

Source: Rucriminal