Since 2019, even before the emergence of numerous criminal cases on the sale of children through surrogacy programs, the epic struggle of biological parents from the Russian Federation and China, who suffered from the fraudulent actions of the Sweetchild surrogacy agency, has continued to this day. Perhaps this is the only criminal case under surrogacy programs that openly sabotages the TFR and other law enforcement and supervisory agencies, primarily the Meshchansky District of Moscow and the Moscow Prosecutor's Office, which, it would seem, should protect citizens. There are many victims, and the number of victims will increase, because in the presence of two criminal cases against Sweetchild (one - under the article "trafficking in children" in the Main Investigative Committee of the ICR in Moscow, the other - illegally terminated - under the article "fraud"), the involved IVF clinics and the agency "Switchchild" continues to work and accept new, unsuspecting patients who bring them their money and their biomaterial (embryos). The owner and general director of the Sweetchild group of companies, Sergei Vladimirovich Lebedev, is accused under Art. "trafficking in children" and put on the federal wanted list. Details are in the investigation.

In this regard, the story of one Chinese couple, who in 2021 tried to join a criminal case under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code, paragraph 4 "fraud" against the agency Sweetchild (No. 12001450016000560). However, 10 days before the signing of an illegal and unjustified decision to terminate the criminal case by the investigator of the Meshchansky ICR for Moscow, Katkova K.V., her head Tambiev Marat Khamidovich (since March 2022, staying in a pre-trial detention center for a bribe on an especially large scale ) simply kicked off (with the hands of his deputy Ivanov D.E.) the application of the Chinese woman Liu Wenying and her husband to the Meshchansky Department of Internal Affairs (letters are attached), where it safely and disappeared, which does not surprise us at all. The victims wrote dozens of complaints about this police department and statements about the loss of confidence of citizens, but to no avail. Evidence of the crimes of Sweetchild has been in the public domain since 2013, when deceived clients of Mart LLC (the former legal entity of the Sweetchild agency) wrote on the Internet about shell companies and their drains along with millions of prepayments for surrogacy programs, people were left without millions of money and children. As follows from the recall, the investigation took place in the Meshchansky police department, which means that the supervision was carried out by the Meshchansky prosecutor's office. Faced with such an undisguised sabotage of our criminal case, it became extremely clear to us where both this “investigation” and this “supervision” had gone in that distant 2013. The masks have been dropped. Criminal cases against the Sweetchild gang are pressing, leaving helpless people and children in the clutches of scammers for years.

Despite the fact that the documents from Sweetchild (allegedly the largest surrogacy agency in the Russian market) are full of criminal dirt, the story of a Chinese woman, Liu Wenying.

Liu Wenying and her husband first came to the IVF Center clinic (legal entity Medica Mente LLC) on Argunovskaya Street in Moscow in 2017. At that time, they already had one 2-year-old daughter. Liu Wenying had no problems with conception and reproductive health, there were problems with bearing after a caesarean section, and her husband dreamed of a son - an heir, so the couple decided to resort to IVF and surrogacy in Russia, where a large flow of reproductive tourists from China (in China itself prohibits surrogacy). The couple bluntly said at an interview at the IVF Center clinic advertised on Chinese social networks that they wanted a boy. The IVF Center clinic (part of Sweetchild) said that it was ready to help them give birth to a male child, but for this it was necessary to conclude the most expensive contract in their line - "unlimited" worth 4 million rubles and make an advance payment of 1.5 million rubles when signing the contract . Sweetchild called this contract with the guarantee of the birth of a child and the possibility of choosing a sex. Included in this "unlimited" agreement were IVF attempts (creating embryos) with no limit on the number.

For three years, the couple visited the clinic "IVF Center" 6 times, as many as 6 times they took eggs from Liu Wenying and carried out fertilization with them, and the seventh IVF was completely with donor eggs, because after several years of this "program" Liu Wenying already quite desperate. But donor eggs did not help either, because it was a doomed program. In just three years, the couple spent more than four million rubles, including flights and hotels, payment of medical expenses at the IVF Center clinic, payment for PGD tests (analysis of embryos for chromosomal abnormalities) at the IVF Center clinic. Most of this amount remained at the IVF Center clinic (part of Sweetchild).

Of course, the couple set a record for foreigners - 53 of her own eggs were taken from a woman in three years! At the same time, the clinic invariably reported that out of 7-12 embryos obtained in each IVF protocol, 1-2 embryos or none at all turned out to be healthy according to the results of the PGD test. And sun they are girls, even with donor eggs, even crack))) Only once, somewhere on the second IVF protocol, the clinic reported two male embryos that were allegedly not healthy and therefore they could not be implanted. This is such a carrot so that the victim does not jump off ahead of time and continues to milk the eggs. Doctors at the clinic wrote her emails about choosing the sex of the baby, and motivated her not to give up on her dream of having a son and to continue participating in the program further and further, seeking male embryos. The "doctors" did all this, knowing full well that the choice of the sex of the child during IVF is prohibited by the laws of Russia.

After almost a year of the program and several IVF attempts, the clinic suddenly informed Liu Wenying that the choice of the sex of the child during IVF is prohibited in Russia, so she should implant these female embryos. Or, if she wants to seek the receipt of male embryos, then allegedly, at the request of Russian legislation, for this she must sign an application for the disposal (destruction) of these healthy female embryos, and then this legislative obstacle to choosing a sex will be removed and attempts can be continued. An application for the disposal of healthy female embryos was slipped to her in Russian, without translation into Chinese. But no one broke the test tubes with her embryos in her presence, so there are big doubts that the embryos were really disposed of.

The clinic did this twice, all the embryos were allegedly destroyed, allegedly at the request of the legislation of the Russian Federation (because they differed from the desired sex of the child).

In the fifth IVF protocol, the clinic informed Liu Wenying that again only one embryo was obtained and again a girl. This time, the woman asked for an embryo transfer, whether it was a boy or a girl, but received a brilliant answer. This time, according to the terms of the contract, it was not allowed to transfer one embryo, but only two! Further events were predictable.

When Liu Wenying told them that the sex of the child was no longer important, after that, according to the clinic, healthy embryos did not turn out at all in the IVF protocols - neither boys nor girls. And so Lebedev remained in this clinic - the accused under Art. "trafficking in children" in the second criminal case and put on the federal wanted list - one embryo from 53 of Liu Wenying's own eggs, which they milked from her.


As a source told, since 2020, Liu Wenying left her fruitless attempts at this Russian miracle clinic and became pregnant naturally from her husband, the woman was in conservation, but her fears about gestation and childbirth did not come true, at the beginning of 2021 she gave birth to a healthy child, a second daughter. The couple are sure that they could well give birth to a son through IVF, however, the Russian clinic could dispose of their biomaterial at its own discretion or in the interests of third parties - the true customers of the biomaterial.

And such suspicions are not groundless. Liu Wenying photographed in the Lebedev IVF Center Clinic (Medica Mente LLC) consent to the processing of personal data during the analysis of PGD (analysis of embryos for chromosomal abnormalities), which they gave her for a signature in Russian, without translation into Chinese. Only a few years later, Liu Wenying learned that in this document, samples of tissues and body fluids were included in the personal data of the patient, and that these “personal data” can be transferred to the United States, to the laboratory of Natera International. The document also imposes consent to the transfer of embryos for scientific research, it is not clear what, it is not clear for what purposes.

Liu Wenying does not exclude that she became the object of collecting biological samples. Moreover, all this is done so vilely, secretly, by deceiving the Chinese who do not know the Russian language, without any knowledge of the Chinese Government. And this despite the fact that citizens themselves pay for these seemingly simple medical services as a test for PGD embryos. Moreover, there is a conflict of interest between patients and some foreign laboratories - they all need embryos in as many quantities as possible, only for patients - to give birth to their long-awaited biological children, and for military laboratories, for example - so that these children can then be killed with biological weapons.

The deceived Chinese tried in vain for two years to restore justice from the Russian law enforcement officers, but were extremely surprised and disappointed by the level of indifference and corruption, the criminal cases against Sweetchild are frankly pressing. However, Chinese citizens do not even think of giving up, and intend to seek fair justice and punishment of the guilty, turning to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of State Security of China and intending to reach the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping.

Also, Chinese citizens are asked to consider this appeal through the telegram channel of the Cheka - OGPU as an official statement to the law enforcement agencies of Russia and ask to pay attention to this bandit lawlessness.

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued