Source: Rucriminal continues to talk about where in the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK taken billionaires. In the last article, we described how the staff of the Office T GUEBiPK Interior Ministry (head of Dmitry Zakharchenko division was arrested during the search he found over $ 120 million) have cleared the "road" to the billions of "Gazprom" previously unknown company LLC "RDI NG" PETON " . Operatives blackmailed "Gazprom" top managers, carried out dredging and checking competitors' PETON "for the right to receive contracts from the gas monopolist. As a result, a modest Bashkir enterprises in a short period has become a leader on the amounts of contracts with "Gazprom", their total value now exceeds 50 billion rubles. Shadow owners "PETON" are just the representatives of the Office of T and some senior officials of the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK. It has "PETON" and two official "face": Chairman of the Board Edward Gasanov and a member of the Board of Directors Oleg Polyakov. In this part of the investigation, tell me more about these newly "Gazprom" partners.

Felon to "Gazprom"

Edward Hasanov                               Oleg Poliakov


Edward Hasanov is not a native of St. Petersburg, and never was one of the friends of the President. But his biography is very entertaining. According to the Interior Ministry, a native and resident of the Kazakh SSR Sterlitamak, Hasanov was detained policeman Kotelnikov VA June 25, 2000 in a criminal case № 160672. investigator Slepova EV He charged him under Section 3 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud committed by a person using his official position, as well as on a large scale). November 27, 2000 on Hasanov held court on the basis of which the current recipient of tens of billions of "Gazprom" has gone to the colony.

    In freedom, he was released only in July 2004, when he received a new passport instead of the certificate of arrival from prison. And then Hasanov was placed on the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria, the so-called "accounting". Poduchetnye citizens the most "delicious" for the opera characters, especially as agents. And if they are relevant to the business, then it is not only the right information providers and members of the operational experiments, but "arms" and "wallets" police in the field of entrepreneurship. Not escaped this fate and Hasanov. And, the sad fate that can not be called. Over time, the curators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria was attached to Edik "PETON", which was to become a guarantor of their rich life.

    Since then, participants Bashkir vertically, which are now on liability positions in GUEBiPK Interior Ministry has not yet thought about a career in Moscow, it was chosen as a "cash cow" object poblizhe- "Bashneft". The company, however, was "tough nut to crack." Particularly the conclusion of contracts with "PETON" opposed to a former employee of the local FSB, the head of the Department of Economic Security and Information Protection "Bashneft" Vladimir Butorin. In December 2009, he released five bullets killer. He was responsible for investigating the murder of the then head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria CID Vladisla Gorkavtsev. And that is not surprising offense and remains unsolved. Thereafter, "PETON" flowed from the contracts "Bashneft", but apparently not enough of.

    In 2012, SU IC for Bashkiria based on local operas and application Hasanov filed a case of illegal wiretapping of his talks with the leadership of the subsidiary "Bashneft" - "Ufaneftekhim". And it was a big hint that she was engaged in wiretapping "Bashneft". After that, the number of contracts for the "PETON" increased significantly.

    It is worth noting that a previous conviction for fraud, could be to Hasanov is not the only one. In 2008, the bodies of internal affairs, a statement addressed Azamat Sultangareev, born in 1984. He said that Hasanov "threat of force" took receipt in the transfer of money in the amount of 1.2 million rubles. But as Edward then there has been an integral member of the team Bashkir militiamen, these materials quickly "hushed up".

Buyan and police relative

The management of "PETON" part and another person closely related to the Bashkir "vertical" - the general director of LLC Oleg Polyakov. Business career he began, as well as Hasanov. So, in 2004 Poles, as the commercial director of LLC "Investkapital", addressed to a number of banks for obtaining large loans. During the inspection it was found that Polyakov himself as a commercial director in the company, which is not in the database, and its office phones are not valid. However, any trouble with law enforcement officers Poles escaped, as had already been closely associated with them, and seems to be linked by ties of kinship. As a result, he was roaming in different companies in which the militiamen were their interests. Particularly successful has stood out his work as director general of "Ufakabel" large enterprise. In 2013, he was re-registered in the Bashkir "vertical" controlled by him and representatives of LLC "First Cable Company" patent on the production of the brand of cable MKPsV that brings "Ufakabelyu" more than 70% of gross revenue.

    "Ufakabel" repeatedly fed through this into the allegations to law enforcement authorities, but to all of them, for obvious reasons, the course was not given.

    Poles celebrated the successful abduction of the patent long and noisy. Thus, in June 2014, he entertained with the girls in Ufa nightclub "Velvet". In the morning a drunken Polyakova because most of these girls have a conflict with the other visitors of the club. As a result, Oleg pulled "in trauma" and opened fire on the opponents. One of them was seriously injured. While hiding from the guards places, Poles continued firing.

    And the eyes (and the official summary of the protocol) Oleg friends from the local Interior Ministry the incident looked like this: unknown at the club "Velvet" had inflicted bodily damage Polyakov OV And not a word about the wounded and shooting. That is, it turns out that he is Oleg became the victims of unidentified attackers hands. And because of the state of emergency in the "Velvet" with "ears" was the entire local police. Ordinary employees, who did not know who the Plyakov explained - he is a relative of one of the senior officials of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.


Perhaps the criminal activity Hasanov, rowdy Polyakova, the Bashkir police and controlled by them "PETON", and would be limited outside of the country. But in December 2012 the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bashkortostan was appointed Andrei Kurnosenko. Not that he so famously "fit" and headed the vertical alignment in the country. Not that knew its participants even before, because before that he worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Goosby had for his service to expose the corrupt employees in the regions. But with the new leader of the Bashkir Opera, Hasanov and Poles came to a completely different level of activity. They followed Kurnosenko moved to Moscow and "addicted" to the billions of "Gazprom".

    Now the Moscow City Court held a hearing on the case against the former head of the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK Sugrobova Dennis and his group of subordinates. It is already clear that the sentence they will be a major and severe. However, even prior to its issuance in GUEBiPK Interior Ministry formed a new powerful group. Compared with her group Sugrobova with them the bases and provocations seem kindergarten. Bashkir vertical swung at tens of billions of rubles of state monopoly and the largest so far successfully receives them. Do follow after the "affair Sugrobova" "business Kurnosenko" time will tell.

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal