As it became known to, the Minister of Construction Vladimir Yakushev is preparing to vacate his post. He plans to continue his career as the rector of one of the leading Russian universities - Moscow University of Civil Engineering (one of 26 with the status of a national research). He began to prepare for the transition in advance. Why, in the spring of this year, I selected candidates who were ready temporarily, until his arrival, to act as rector. As a result, two candidates were selected: Ilya Ponomarev (former Deputy Minister of Regional Development) and Pavel Akimov (Acting Scientific Secretary of the Russian Academy of Construction Sciences).

As a result, at the end of March this year, Yakushev personally introduced the Minister of Education Valery Falkov to "his" person with an urgent request to appoint him Acting Rector. The former rector of MGSU, a former deputy of the Moscow City Duma, Valery Telichenko, who hopes to get the post of president of the university (nomenclature of the Ministry of Education and Science), helped in choosing a candidate.

Akimov turned out to be his own. "A blue stocking, with the accompanying complexes and ambitions (unelected by the rector 6 years ago and gaining less than 10% of the collective votes in the elections)," the source of believes.

In addition to fulfilling the duties of the rector and the paid title of "Academician of RAASN", he currently simultaneously manages to work in the positions of professor at RUDN University, professor at the Tomsk University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and Deputy General Director of CJSC "Research Center" Stadio "for finance.

But his main merit is complete loyalty to Yakushev. In a personal conversation before the appointment, he promised to resign at the right time. And before that, rid the institute of unnecessary and unnecessary personnel that could accidentally interfere with the operation "successor".

Akimov himself speaks about this with pride and without undue modesty: at academic councils, at meetings of the administration and in personal conversations with employees. Everyone at the university knows that everything that Akimov does is done on personal instructions and with the approval of Minister Yakushev. What is called complete carte blanche.

At present, the remaining MGSU employees, from those who worked before Akimov, are expelled at their own request, and not those who wish to do so are subject to illegal penalties and are dismissed on negative grounds. On the eve of the new academic year, over the last month, more than two hundred employees have already been dismissed, including directors of institutes and heads of departments. The salaries of even linear administrative workers, without explanation, have been reduced to the minimum salary, and the work of the largest Russian university is paralyzed. In the Department of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office there are about a dozen statements from employees who were not afraid to write the truth.

You can, of course, consider the above facts inflamed by the coronavirus (cases of which are constantly detected at the university) as a fantasy, however, after a visit two weeks ago to the MGSU Deputy Minister - D. Volkov, on August 4, Minister Yakushev himself is scheduled to visit the university. Apparently, he will inspect the future place of work, as well as distance learning technologies that have not yet been mastered by the university and the non-existent competitive advantages of the university over other universities.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov