Source: continues to talk about how, before their death, millionaires and billionaires left Boris Krasnov, the favorite production designer Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Valery Leontyev, Larisa Dolina and dozens of other celebrities, without money and assets. Our country owes him such important sporting events as the presentation of Russia before the Olympics in Sochi, the winning bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and the Summer Universiade ceremony in Kazan. And after Russia's incredible victory at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, he entered the top ten world designers.

In a vulgar publication, we told how the death of Krasnov was preceded by very strange events. When Krasnov was already seriously ill and was in hospital, his property went to Dmitry Komissarov, the chairman of the board of directors of Transmashholding, partner of billionaires Andrei Bokarev and Iskander Makhmudov, on account of a dubious loan agreement. Some of the richest people in Russia simply robbed the dying artist.

In a new publication, we tell how the owner of the Dunkin ’Donuts franchise, Konstantin Petrov,“ drank ”the money of a sick Krasnov offshore.

In 2020, Krasnov, together with his business partner (Konstantin Petrov), sold (represented by the company Malmedy International Ltd. (British Virgin Islands) controlled by Krasnov) the rights to a plot of land on Letnikovskaya Street, on which Pioneer Group is now building the High-Life residential complex ...

 According to estimates, in the spring of 2020 (even before the rise in real estate prices), the rights to a land plot for the construction of the High Life residential complex were estimated at 3-3.5 billion rubles.

This land deal took place in that difficult 2020, when the Russian franchise Dunkin 'Donuts (Donuts Project LLC), owned by Konstantin Petrov, went de facto bankrupt (see the explanatory note to the Donuts Project LLC annual reporting for 2020). Operations on bank accounts of Donuts Project LLC are now suspended by the IRI FTS No. 25 for Moscow.

After Krasnov's death, the need to share with him the proceeds from the land transaction for Malmedy International Ltd. practically disappeared. The British Virgin Islands is an almost inaccessible offshore, where it will no longer be possible to establish a share of the profits from the deal, attributable to both the late Boris Krasnov and Konstantin Petrov.

Dead Boris Krasnov for many turned out to be much more profitable than living ...

When Boris Krasnov was in a serious condition in the hospital, strange manipulations took place with his property. In March 2021, one of Krasnov's apartments was put up for auction by a certain Sokrat LLC (Ryazan), allegedly by a court decision. LLC "Sokrat" is a "shell company": the authorized capital of 30 thousand rubles has not been paid, it does not submit its financial statements to the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

The proceeds from the auction (or the apartment itself) were intended for the chairman of the board of directors of Transmashholding, Dmitry Georgievich Komissarov.

         Komissarov acted on account of the loan agreement of 2017.


TU Rosimushchestvo in Moscow has three state contacts with this LLC "Sokrat". All government contracts were signed in 2021.

 As found out, a certain citizen Natalya Aleksandrovna Kotova is indicated as the nominal director of Sokrat LLC in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities since December 31, 2020 (record of the GRN 2206200389217), while the Federal Property Management Agency for the city of Moscow in 2021 twice signed state contracts with a certain Deeva Anna Igorevna ( phone: +7 (977) 715-23-05), which, according to the same Unified State Register of Legal Entities, has no relation to Sokrat LLC since December 31, 2020.

It seems that the accomplices of Dmitry Georgievich Komissarov and the beneficiaries of Sokrat LLC in the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow got a hole in this circumstance.

According to Anna Igorevna Deeva, who became known to, her name and her electronic signature are used for deliberately fraudulent purposes by a certain Sergei Andreevich Sakharov from New Competitive Technologies LLC ( Three legal entities are registered in the name of IE Sakharov Sergey Andreevich (TIN 773401612747) - LLC NKT (TIN 7730254628), LLC Competitive Technologies (TIN 7733884360) and LLC UKRIS (TIN 7734644435). The latter two are on the negative list of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, and the IRI Federal Tax Service No. 33 for Moscow on September 15, 2021 suspended operations on the bank accounts of NKT LLC with Alfa-Bank JSC and Unifondbank LLC.

 To be continued

Roman Trushkin