The name of Sergei Shmotiev, a prominent Ural businessman and owner of FORES, has recently flickered in scandals. An antique painting for $ 1.5 million was imported into Russia without paying customs duties - it mysteriously “burned down” the next day after the initiation of the case. The factories belonging to Shmotiev will be fined 2.9 billion rubles for irreparable damage to the environment. That equipment at the enterprise will explode from tenfold overloads, and the worker will be burned alive. Then, in Shmotiev's strip clubs, investigators will find video recordings where underage prostitutes provide intimate services to the Ural elite. And the parent company FORES-Chemistry goes bankrupt under dubious circumstances ...

With such a toxic backdrop, it's amazing the businessman is still at large. Moreover, Shmotiev continues to conclude lucrative contracts with Rosneft and Gazprom Neft, of which he is a regular supplier. Anyone else would have warmed their bunks in Matrosskaya Tishina for just one offense, but the Urals petrochemical producer every time comes out dry and feels complete impunity.

The reason why the crimes are not being investigated, and Shmotiev is still at large, is painfully simple: it's all about acquaintances and connections. Shmotiev has a lot of them - and these are not only respected people from the club for “strawberry” lovers La Rouge. One of the closest assistants of the businessman is the "fixer" Vyacheslav Sychev. Sychev owns a stake in FORES and other enterprises of Shmotiev. Sychev has a daughter who has successfully married. Well, or a young man successfully married a girl from a wealthy family - how to look.

Nikita Sinchenko, current employee of the "M" department of the Main Directorate of the FSB in the Sverdlovsk region. The closeness to the powerful clan does not at all bother the bosses of the young officer, who are knocked out of the general formation of employees with luxury cars and an elite apartment in the Antares residential complex in the center of Yekaterinburg. The management is not embarrassed by the fact that their modest and "incorruptible" employee, together with his colleagues before the New Year, poured cash in the Brioni boutique in Pokrovsky Passage. Did your wife give it too?

According to sources, any attempt to investigate the crimes of Sergei Shmotiev encounters a harsh reaction from Sinchenko. There are a lot of examples of such, and it is more and more difficult for the federal center to turn a blind eye to them. For example, the investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs N. Tryaztsin became a defendant in the criminal case - because he dared to start an investigation into the fictitious bankruptcy of FORES-Chemistry, connected with an unrepaid loan to the Ring of the Urals bank. Shmotiev's company borrowed more than 600 million rubles. Another company of the businessman acted as a surety. When the time came to hand over the money, FORES-Chemistry started bankruptcy, the guarantor too, and the bank itself made the last resort: allegedly for forgery of documents, since, according to Shmotiev, “there was never any credit”.

In July 2020, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Sukhoi Log opened a criminal case against FORES - on the fact of inflicting monstrous damage to the environment of the Sverdlovsk region, which the specialists of Rosprirodnadzor amounted to almost 3 billion rubles. The next day, Sinchenko met with the prosecutor of Sukhoi Log, and on the same day the criminal case was closed.

The involvement of young girls in the fun of adults, for which the Show Girls and La Rouge striptease clubs are famous, also did not initiate law enforcement. This is partly because high-ranking police officers now and then appear on the footage found. Those who remained were cooled by the same Sinchenko, shaking the crusts and threatening the investigators with criminal cases.

A career in the FSB does not prevent Sinchenko from organizing grand parties with his business friends in Sochi.

It is possible to enumerate Sinchenko's "exploits" for a long time, but something else is important. The Urals are far away, and the federal center does not always see what is happening there. And something terrible happens. Such a close interweaving of business and law enforcement agencies is a disgusting phenomenon that only generates greed and impunity. Instead of testifying at Moscow's Lubyanka, the Shmotiev clan flies by private jet to their own island in New Zealand. And, feeling strength and impunity, it will continue to fly - until the FSB finally starts working.


To be continued


Timofey Zabiyakin