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In 2010 JSC "Russian Railways" has decided to get rid of the alleged non-core assets and outsource contractors servicing of its locomotive fleet - about 20 000 diesel and electric locomotives, which accounted for 65% of the Russian fleet. The head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, considered that the rolling stock must serve the one who produces it. This bright idea of ​​the former railway worker has meant that about one monopoly (RZD) came another monopoly, which gradually takes over all the functions of the public transportation company. The company "TMX-Service" has become the main foreign contractor Railways.

This company is a "daughter" of "Transmashholding" - the largest supplier of rolling stock for the Russian Railways, owned by Iskander Makhmudov and Andrey Bokarev.

Shareholders' TMX-Service "(TMHS) are Mahmudov structure - 50% minus two shares of Alstom and French - 25% of the shares and the Russian Railways - 25% plus two shares. TMHS was created in 2010 specifically for the project, the outsourcing cooperation with Russian Railways. Makhmudov, owning the mining and metallurgical plant, has long served as a constant and major client iron Russian roads. Transporting huge volumes of ore and metal, constantly needing unobstructed rail transport, metallurgical tycoon came up to create a monopoly over the monopoly. That is, to make sure that it is not dependent on Railways, and they depend on it. Huge hulking mechanism of railway department, Iskander Makhmudov suggested the idea - to create a holding uniting railcar, locomotive and repair factories. "Transmashholding" was a joint project Mahmudov, his junior partner Andrei Bokarev, and Sergei Glinka businessman.

Already in 2012 it began the process of transferring the repair and maintenance of locomotives Railways service companies. Today, almost 100% of the rolling stock state monopoly services group "LokoTeh" companies, which includes the "TMX-service", "Zheldorremmash" and many other structures controlled "Transmashholding". Monster "LokoTeh" controls 10 biggest locomotive factories and 92 service locomotive depots all over Russia. Now Bokarev Makhmudov and service is not 65, but 75% of the locomotive fleet of Russian Railways.

When a railway worker Yakunin conveyed "to the side of" service units Railways, he hardly thought about the fate of thousands of employees. People who have worked all my life in a prestigious sector, suddenly found themselves cut off from the traditional "train" benefits. Makhmudov, Bokarev and the company immediately began to "optimize" a huge economy inherited them. The mechanisms that were formed during the Soviet era, was not satisfied with the new owners. The workers received too "many" money locomotives repaired too slow, locomotive depots were too many "superfluous" people. Besides, the whole crowd of workers periodically needed to free treatment in departmental hospitals and rest in sanatoriums rail. Average capitalists do not like it. Therefore, first, shop workers and their families deprived of free medical insurance policies. Then came the special commission, which began renegotiate collective bargaining agreements with employees. So much so, that someone entered into a collective agreement, and someone does not. This meant that some of the workers deprived of social guarantees, and infringe upon rights in trade. Here's an excerpt from the treatment of locomotive depot employees Rtishchevo in the Saratov region:

"My husband of 35 years, he worked on the railroad, locksmith 6th rank. His father, Basil our grandfather, worked all his life in custody. We are proud of them, breadwinners. And how was transferred from Russian Railways "TMX-Service" in 2014 Depot - and so began. Wages dropped so that the ends meet is not reduced. Last month, her husband worked for 172 hours, and the salary was 6 th. And 7 th. In advance. And premium 300 rubles. Other and 4 th. Salary received, and no prizes. As the money to live? "

No one can understand - why wages fell. The work carried out normal, and the money has decreased. Moreover, funding from the Railways has not decreased, and earnings after converting to "TMX-Service" have fallen by almost half. An order introduced a new payment system, in which half the previous rate has moved into the category of awards. This allows not only to manipulate the workers 'pressing' dissent, but avoid taxes, reducing the payroll. No money - no taxes. People recruited for decades of production experience, improve their skills, received high ranks, and now no one needs. A typical conversation on this topic was held at the railroad with a reporter "Beep" newspaper:

"- As this went on ... outsourcing, since the first year it was anything else, we abide by the collective agreement, and the second in 2015 with nothing is not, nor bonuses, nor the social package, and salary - the tears! We wives sit on the neck ...

- Who could - all pouhodili, though we did not hurt Rtishevo built up, unemployment. Even with our sixth or seventh discharges, and retirement soon - where to go ?! That remains the young green, and chase it like salted birds, so what's the point of them - they have yet to learn but to learn ...

- Ah, - this young picks - chase, precisely, in the tail and mane, and commit your work - on the 6th and 7th ranks and pay some of the 2nd and 3rd! "

The hosts' TMX-Service "obviously felt that they had received in the management of a completely" new "team, without any previous merit, and therefore cancel the payment of" seniority "and other allowances, required for long work and dedication to the company. Instead, we have introduced a new rating system of motivation of workers, which somehow led only to a reduction in payments. Labor Commission inundated with allegations of violation of the collective agreement, which TMHS committed itself to entering into a contract with Russian Railways.

Since then, as "TMX-Service" has been running repair farm Railways, personnel turnover rate there has increased many times over. People run from the low wages and the lack of any prospects. But the 'escape' can not all - many depot and repair sites are in remote areas of Russia, where the work is physically nowhere else. Using this, TMHS safely reduces wages, as workers still have nowhere to go. Naturally, the deterioration of working conditions and staff turnover does not improve the quality of work. Inexperienced workers who come to the place of the departed professionals are not able to provide qualified repair wagons and locomotives. The famous "rail quality" thing of the past. How can we talk about safety, the safety of cargo and passengers, if the compound instrument repairs are carried out yesterday "PTUshnik"? Parts quality leaves much to be desired, too - working nekonditsiyu surprised that they are forced to put on locomotives as first-class items. But most of all, surprise high prices for components that deliver the enterprise of the same "Transmashholding". Indications depot workers Rtishchevo:

"You see a fan on the table? He was at the station in hozmage price of 500 rubles. And we have exactly set in the locomotive cab, and according to the documents this fan - I could not believe - 19 thousand scars.! Pimp we were given for weights - I bought this for a vegetable garden on the market for fifteen pieces, and this according to the documents - 55 thousand.! Where the money will be there ?! "

The trick monopoly, which allows you to earn billions: in your company to make the item, sell it at exorbitant prices Railways, then make disfranchised working to put it on the locomotive, and then - no responsibility. Because everything is done in accordance with the contract between the private "TMX-Service" and State Railways. Since the summer of 2014, revenues TMHS increased from 13.4 to 37 billion. Rubles. Now the company has a guaranteed income for the next 40 years - contracts with RZD concluded before 2054.

In spite of the huge revenue, service companies TMHS much zakreditovany. This was always talking in the accounting department repair depot, when once again delay the issuance of a working wage - urgently needs to give interest on loans. Where such loans if RZD gently transfers the money for the repair of rolling stock and consistently expressed satisfaction with cooperation? Where to go funds - is unknown. Most likely, in the offshore, who are the real owners of the "TMX-Service", which is 75% owned by Cyprus' Tasmonero Investments Ltd ". 12.5% ​​of the company belong to "Belvideyl Enterprises" also located in Cyprus, and only the remaining 12.5% ​​owned by "Transmashholding", which is 100% owned by the Dutch company "Breakers Investments BV".

Appetites Makhmudov and Bokareva know no borders. In 2013, the company controlled by Andrey Bokarev "Metrovagonmash" won the tender for 248 wagons thirty years service of the Moscow metro - the contract value of 130 billion rubles.. Now we have to expect a complaints and appeals from employees subway.

Source: Rucriminal