The participants of the KVN program somehow asked themselves: why four casinos were allocated for casinos and slot machines in our country, and only one channel for culture? But, apparently, someone believes that four "Las Vegas" - not enough for the country and you need to add "zones of excitement." Thanks to such masters, the gambling zone may appear on the site of a commercial sea port in the capital of Dagestan. Under the project of reconstruction of the Makhachkala port, a shopping and entertainment complex consisting of a hotel, a yacht club, a shopping center, as well as bookmakers and a couple of casinos can be built on its territory. According to experts, the total investment in the project may exceed $ 100 million.


The gambling zone or the Caspian hub?


This is reported with reference to its sources, the newspaper Izvestia. It is known that the project was commissioned by the Nafta-Moscow company, associated with one of the most influential figures in the republic - a businessman and soviet of SovFed from Dagestan Suleyman Kerimov.

According to a source close to the Kerimov company, the project of building the port territory was developed by the Turkish architectural bureau. At present, the necessary volume of investments is being evaluated. At the same time, according to one of the people familiar with the draft interlocutors of the publication, the issue of permission to open a casino has not yet been resolved. To do this, it will be necessary to amend the federal laws and give the territory the status of the gambling zone.

Recall, from July 1, 2009 gambling business in Russia can be created only in four specially designated for this area - the Amber Zone in the Kaliningrad region, Azov-City in the Kuban, the Siberian coin in the Altai Territory and Primorye in Homonymous region. At the beginning of this year in Russia there was one more, the fifth, casino zone - in Sochi Krasnaya Polyana. The resolution on its creation was signed by the head of the RF Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Medvedev in August 2016. The sixth gambling zone - in the Crimea - may appear until 2019, its project is a stage of discussion.

The press service of the government of Dagestan did not respond to the newspaper's inquiry about the "Makhachkala Las Vegas", but a source close to the republican authorities confirmed that such a project is being worked on.

At the same time, it is known that the plans for the construction of the port territories are contrary to the plans to establish a Caspian transport and logistics complex (the Caspian hub) on the basis of the Makhachkala Sea Trade Port. The Ministry of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus (Minkavkaz) has included this project in the priority list. And if the idea of ​​the Dagestan gambling zone is realized, the port will cease to be used for its main purpose.


Our harbor will turn into a casino


According to a source close to the government of the Republic of Dagestan, the port as an asset to the holding company Nafta-Moscow is interesting, despite all its debts and problems. But the company does not deal with the port business, so there was an idea to make a large entertainment complex on the site of the port. In the republic, it is believed that the entertainment-gambling project has a chance of being successful.

There are two territories in the Makhachkala port: dry cargo and oil loading harbors. According to the idea, a yacht club with nine piers will be located in the dry cargo harbor for mooring ships. And in place of oil-loading the main array of buildings and structures will be built. According to the project, the building area will be 50 thousand square meters.

Prospects for the development of the Makhachkala trade port and its entry into the Caspian hub were discussed on January 30 by representatives of the Ministry of the Russian Federation, the North Caucasian Development Corporation and the Dagestan authorities. Earlier, the head of the government of Dagestan Abdusamad Gamidov said that there was an alarming tendency to reduce the cargo flow through the Makhachkala port, which in the future could entail negative economic consequences. On the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin, the draft strategy for the development of the Russian seaports of the Caspian basin should be under consideration in the Russian Federation until February 15.

Privatization of the Makhachkala port was envisaged by the government program for the first time in 2011-2013, then moved to 2014-2016. At the end of December last year, the process of corporatization of the enterprise was completed, and now the state owns 100 percent of the port's shares. At the meeting of the government held on February 2, a new privatization plan for 2017-2019 was approved, which includes the sea trading port of Makhachkala.


"And the mines in Bodaibo"


It is worth noting that the name Kerimovs sounded with the media just recently about another ambitious project. In late January, the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use sold a license to develop the largest gold deposit in the Russian Federation, Sukhoi Log in the Bodaibo district of the Irkutsk region, which the state had been trying to auction for about two decades. The extraction of precious metals will take the firm "Polyus" Said Kerimov. Kerimov's company won the auction of two participants. Moreover, the participation in the bidding of the opponent's company was only nominal and Polyus paid for the license only 9.4 billion rubles (150 million dollars), while the norm for gold assets on the market is five to ten times more expensive. And the Kerimovs, picking up the main Russian "Klondike", did not begin the development of the Natalka deposit in the Tenkin district of the Magadan region. In addition to that, there is information that the company "Polyus" has seized Dry Log, fleeing from the threatening bankruptcy.


Primorye "Tiger" and his withered brethren


In connection with the above, the question arises: why did Kerimov need a gambling zone in Dagestan, whereas, for example, the Kuban gambling zone "Azov-City" is going to be closed because of low profitability?

Note that the most promising of all existing Russian "Las Vegas" - the seaside gambling zone - because of its proximity to the East Asian countries, where gambling is prohibited.

Although the entire Primorye zone so far consists of a single casino Tigre de Cristal, built in Ant Bay with the money of Hong Kong investors, the regional authorities have already reported on some successes in the field of gambling.

For the year, Tigre de Cristal casino was visited by more than 200 thousand people. Half of them are citizens of Japan and the Middle Kingdom. The regional budget has received half a billion rubles of taxes. This is less than the local authorities expected, but still things are better than in other gambling zones.

Kaliningrad Amber, for example, loses due to the fact that it borders on Europe, where casinos are allowed. Breathable on the incense "Azov-City" can transfer their "powers" of Sochi, but so far there is not built a single gambling complex.