In Russia, silence has long been no longer a sign of consent, but a sign of panic and fear. To determine what category of silent people now (after Prigogine "marched" back to the Wagner camps) would include the main Kremlin PR unit Margarita Simonyan.

Prigozhin's march, of course, as a very effective chemical reagent, showed real Russian layouts. He erased the glittering patriotic veneer from many oligarchs, security officials and propagandists. The oligarchs at the “anxious moment for the Motherland” dismantled business jets and flew from their beloved Russia to various foreign countries. Of course, "on business", or to improve at the same time "poor health."

According to, up to 40 percent of Rostov (and not only) security officials, as if on command, did not comply with the order to urgently report to duty stations. But after Wagner left Rostov, in the evening with lights and lilacs they indicated that they were ready to restore order. The outgoing Wagner received thanks and pies from the Rostovites (no matter how you relate to this, but it happened). According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, the shouts - "Traitors" and chanting - "Shame" arrived to the "brave law enforcement system".

In general, as this harsh day showed, the rebellion is an ideal time for urgent diagnosis that requires immediate treatment from oligarchs and power ensigns (and above). The severity of the state of health is the maximum. It is tens of times higher than in the days of wringing the hands of lonely picketers and grandmothers recklessly talking about justice.

But, perhaps, the situation was most sad in the lured propaganda milieu. And to hell with him, with full-time small-scale propagandists of a regional stature. Why ask them for their unpatriotic sluggishness. With no kickbacks. For example, in the Krasnodar Territory, the administrative PR team realized that it was necessary to say at least something on behalf of the governor, closer to noon. When it became clear that Wagner, who was preparing to throw just under Krasnodar, was not on the capital of the glorious Kuban from the village. Molkino will trample, but towards Moscow. On behalf of Kondratiev, it was said that he was with the president. The previously silent ambush regiment of the heads of cities and regions immediately reposted the chief's statement in their dazibao telegrams. Prior to this, their firm civic position was not absolutely clear.

But most of all, the inhabitants of the Krasnodar Territory were surprised by the silence of their countrywoman - the glorious mistress of propaganda abroad - "Russia Today" - Margarita Simonyan. The usually talkative Margo, who publishes several posts on personal Internet resources a day, then suddenly fell into silence. Since the evening of alarming Friday, not a single comment has happened in her telegram channel. The last post at that time, the telegram channel “Margarita Simonyan from Home”, was devoted to vivid irony about Zelensky - it was an excerpt from the program where she participated.

At the same time, on her VK page and on the telegram channel “Margarita Simonyan”, there was a message dated June 23 about another epicly important one - about an invitation, and then about the cancellation of her invitation to the British Embassy on the occasion of the king’s birthday.

Margot returned to the Russian PR universe only on June 26th. After three days of silence. “Now they are discussing a lot: they opened criminal cases, and then they released him, he left for Belarus, this is a mockery of legal norms. The legal norm is not the commandments of Christ and not the tablets of Moses. They are written by people to protect the rule of law and stability in the country. And if in some exceptional critical cases it turns out that they cease to perform their function, and perform the opposite, then they go into the forest.

If we now ask the Kremlin rulers questions to fellow Kuban residents, then two of them should be asked for sure. First, Simonyan herself. Doesn't it seem to anyone that this lady is, as it were, out of place? With all her sparkling irony and bright mind. At one time, RT, presented by its president, was conceived as the main propaganda tool for creating an attractive image of Russia abroad. And what is the result? Billions were poured into the project. Any of Margot's eccentricities were performed at a speed that fairy wands could only dream of. There was money to shoot idiotic series like “Actress”, where one of the heroines is a blind, one-armed prostitute pianist (God forgive me), and where the scriptwriter is Margot. And the director is her husband T. Keosayan. According to which they were also forced to the full cooperation of television people in his miserable "International Sawmill", where everything is so sad that this is in the ratings in the "red zone" from the very first release. But who will say - this is Margot's husband.

The fact that Simonyan has been one of the main party girls on Russian propaganda programs lately is also a bit surprising. Having failed to fulfill the task set by its GDP of coloring the Russian image in the West and those who joined it (no one has any doubts about b the current level of love for Russia in this very West?), Margot is now trying to work out what she has invested in on the Russian TV viewer. With what "perfectly" and without it the regular stars of the PR screen coped.

The Kremlin people, probably in the disturbing hours that happened, were waiting for vivid incriminating images, patriotic irony from Simonyan, authorized for this part. And she was silent. Denoting himself only when everything ended so well. Doesn’t she remind here of the brave Rostov policemen who showed up with flashing beacons on their typewriters in Rostov, abandoned by the Wagnerites?

And the second question, I would like to address to the governor Kondratiev himself. What does he control in the region, except for his own press service, which is ordered to show his greatness? No, from the point of view of cheap "excuses", he seems to have something to present. According to Wagner, he did not speak like Simonyan - after the fact, but on time. Almost.



But the fact that the governor turned out to be completely unaware of what is happening on his territory is also an obvious fact. In connection with which, it would be necessary to quickly find out another topical issue: who is the main Pindos on the territory of the Kuban. Officially, this definition seems to be assigned to the Americans. They have already spoken out, in the sense that they were aware of Prigozhin's plans to march on Moscow, but did not say. But it turned out that after what happened, the governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev, claims more than anyone else for the title of the main Russian Pindos.

Why didn’t he report to the Kremlin about what was being prepared? Wasn't aware? So what does he know about then?

The regional Internet publication Bloknot Krasnodar found out without much difficulty that the fighters of the Wagner PMC were training before their march in an abandoned village 35 kilometers away from Krasnodar, not far from the regional base of the PMC in the village. Molkino (near the village of Psekups - the station Pritsepilovka). Between the federal highway M-4 "Don" and the railway line.


- At night, for about two weeks, shooting was carried out, - a security guard, one of the nearby enterprises, told the journalists of Notepad, - the Wagnerites even climbed onto an abandoned elevator to adjust the fire, their gunners were there. And they themselves lived in unfinished buildings. Fires were lit there. Shooting throughout the week, until Saturday


That is, the watchman was in the know? And this did not alert anyone from the regional leadership? Was there any report to the regional leadership about changes in the schedule of PMCs from those who were put in charge of PMCs from the regional leadership? Or were there reports, but due to the fact that Kondratiev has recently become very good friends with Prigozhin, the governor did not make a report to his "top" - to the Kremlin? Remember this story, with the scandal with the burial places of those dead Wagnerians in Goryachiy Klyuch. Prigozhin himself accused the head of the city of Belopolsky of the moronity of the ban on burials. But the poor head in the audio recording at our disposal was doomed to rebuke, they say, he was not the author of the ban on the continuation of burials - Kondratiev ordered him, Prigozhin needed to appear before the bright eyes of Kondratiev and submit a petition to the bottom so that he would condescend. Kondratyev, having felt the fried, immediately accused the municipal subordinate of sin, and set him on the true path ... In general, Veniamin Ivanovich had a complete friendship with Prigozhin. And is it better to pawn a friend who frightened you, as they say in the Kuban "to the point of being ugly"? Of course not. YES, and besides, you never know what PMCs were preparing for there for two weeks? In addition, this is their Molkino base on the territory of the region, and the Pretsipilovka station and the “abandonment”, where they shot for two weeks, is on the border with the Republic of Adygea, and on its territory is their responsibility. With them and demand. Just in case.

It is impossible to say now that Prigozhin's march generally remained without decisive reactions from the authorities.

  A decision was made to ... demolish that very elevator. And although it is located on the territory. We are sure that, prone to such “decisiveness”, after any emergency or catastrophe, Kondratiev persuaded his republican ones regarding the demolition. Elevator-carrying equipment entered a strategically dangerous facility - an abandoned elevator on June 25. There will no longer be a place for Wagner's gunners.

And the very latest information - the Kremlin said that the base in Molkino remains the base of the Wagner PMC.

To be continued

Roman Trushkin