One of the main sponsors of the Bolshoi Theater, billionaire Alexander Klyachin urgently tries to organize a managed bankruptcy, controlled by him company Redsys (RedSys). Sources of say this is directly related to the investigation into the deputy head of the Pension Fund, Alexei Ivanov. Investigators are completing a study of materials seized last year during a search of Reds. And based on the results of this work, new defendants may appear in the case, including from the Reds beneficiaries. And here, in an inopportune way, Yury Chaika, with whom Alexander Klyachin had a good relationship, lost the post of general prosecutor.

The company "Redsis" specializes in IT-services for government agencies. Among major customers, the government of Moscow Railways. In total, REDSIS has received state orders for 15 billion rubles in recent years, of which the bulk of the money came from the Pension Fund: 8 billion rubles directly from the PFR and another 1.3 billion from the MITs of the PFR. As stated by, the only founder of Redsis, which received almost 10 billion rubles from the Pension Fund, is the Cyprus offshore "RALIYEVA MANAGEMENT LTD." However, sources say that Alexander Klyachin is hiding behind this Cyprus offshore. And this is not at all surprising.

According to the source of, Klyachin is friends with Anton Drozdov, who for 12 years was the chairman of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, and since January 2020, he has been deputy minister of finance. Drozdov's wife, Olga Demchinskaya, is an adviser to the general director of Klyachin's Azimut Hotels company. In turn, two representatives of Klyachin, for the convenience of using money, took up posts in the Pension Fund. These are now former advisers to Drozdov on computer science technologies and the head of the department of information technology, Sergei Koblov and Sergey Kiryushin. Direct work with Redsis was supervised by the deputy head of the PFR, Aleksey Ivanov. “A lot of unnecessary tenders, everywhere prices were inflated ten times from the prime cost, dummy rivals in tenders, fundraising - these are the schemes according to which Reds and PFR worked,” our source believes.

Alexey Ivanov was arrested in July 2019. According to investigators, in the period from 2017 to 2019, Ivanov repeatedly received bribes from representatives of IT companies. On July 9, 2019, searches were conducted at the Reds company. And in the fall, Redsis left the office, stopped paying counterparties and performed work under contracts, laid off staff. Redsis now has enforcement proceedings worth more than 250 million rubles, dozens of cases in arbitration. Bankruptcy proceedings initiated. “The top managers of Redsis, who could have brought to Klyachina already abroad,” a source told

Previously, Klyachin’s lifesaver was Attorney General Yuri Chaika. However, not so long ago he left this post, so Klyachin is getting harder and harder to leave. And the situation around the abducted relatives of the FIU is not the only one that threatens him with problems.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov