Advisor to the Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Igor Edel was arrested for two months, until October 7, 2023 inclusive, for taking a large bribe. He is involved in the same high-profile case of kickbacks on the national project as the now former mayor of Dimitrovgrad Andrey Bolshakov.

"The court chose Igor Olegovich Edel, born on January 2, 1956, accused of committing a crime under Part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, a measure of restraint in the form of detention for a period of 02 months 00 days," the press service of the Leninsky District Court said. Ulyanovsk.

Igor Edel was at one time the first deputy head of the administration of the Tambov region, oversaw construction and roads, then headed the Rossiya Uprdor, after which in 2021 he became deputy governor of the Ulyanovsk region, and in May 2023, in connection with the reorganization, he became an adviser to the governor, continuing with the same issues. continues to talk about who else will be hit by the detention of Bolshakov and Igor Edel.

Rogachev Yuri Anatolyevich - a former employee of the FSB of Russia, who was the direct generator of criminal ideas of Igor Edel. Despite a number of failures related to failed plans for illicit enrichment in the construction of roads in the district of the Tambov region entrusted to him, the allocation of land and the transfer of the buildings of the city of Tambov for a pittance, Igor Edel took the former head of the administration of Tambov as his "assistant", who is ready was for any money to "buy" all contractors in the Ulyanovsk region.

Dmitry Zverev, a former employee of the FSB of Russia in the Tambov region, was in very good standing with the former and current leadership of the FSB in the Tambov region, they predicted a great future for him, but for some reason he relied on the drunken governor Nikitin Alexander Valerievich and quit in September 2021 years, but here it’s bad luck - Nikitin A.V., having drunk after the elections, began to “pump” the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation on the topic of “his team”, for which he received a lapel-turn and was dismissed to the “honorary position” of a senator, and henchmen hurried to retire . Among them was Dmitry Zverev, who left for the post of deputy mayor of Ulyanovsk from 2021, leaving his wife, a judge of the Arbitration Court of the Tambov Region, and children unattended.


Mikhail Mikhailovich Chaban - until 2018, an employee of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Tambov Region, together with his brother, an employee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Tambov Region Chaban Roman Mikhailovich, organized a scheme to collect funds from representatives of the region's criminals for not being held criminally liable, for which he and his brother were fired due to compromising circumstances. In 2021 Chaban M.M. at the suggestion of Edel and Zverev, he became the head of a structural unit of the Administration of the city of Ulyanovsk, after which, at the direction of Igor Edel, he began to “squeeze out” the funeral business in the region, bringing his father, the former auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Chaban Sr.

The leaky “roof” of Igor Edel and Dmitry Lyubimov from among the active employees of the FSB of Russia deserves special attention - Maxim Gurov, an employee of the IU KS of the FSB of Russia, a native of the Tambov region, misleading everyone with his incredible connections with the leadership of the FSB of Russia, special forces and everyone in general - everyone who can only participate in solving problems on the territory of Russia and the Tambov, Ulyanovsk, Tula, Penza regions in particular.

LLC "Insurance Center" TIN 6829108984, another platform for the shadow schemes of Edel and Lyubimov. Lyubimov and Edel, in order to legalize the criminal income scheme, organized a system of loans to contractors for the construction / repair of roads in the Ulyanovsk, Tambov, Ryazan and Tula regions. So, if the contractor could not pay back Igor Edel in time, he had to borrow money from Dmitry Lyubimov at an inflated interest rate or take him on a subcontract for the supply of sand and crushed stone at prices significantly higher than market prices. For this, Dmitry Lyubimov guaranteed unhindered acceptance of the work performed. In addition, expensive cars were issued to Lyubimov, which were actually used by Edel and Sorokin, as well as their mistresses.

Thus, further arrests of members of Igor Edel's "team" should be expected.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued