In the criminal chronicle of criminal Russia there is a story about the raider seizure of the city of Chekhov near Moscow by the leaders of the criminal community, Oleg Strekalov, nicknamed Zika, Nikolay Pavlinov, nicknamed Kalya, and their team of officials - businessmen. In this story, the young and successful Dmitry Tsibisov will appear, who was entrusted by the mafiosi with the investment of common money. Part of this money was invested in Tsibisov himself and now he is a candidate for deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma. Details are in the investigation.

Олег Стрекалов

In relation to Dmitry Tsibisov and his family, just a year or two ago, searches were carried out in a smoldering criminal case about the organization of a criminal community, the theft of state property committed by them and the taking of bribes on an especially large scale, by deceiving a shareholder, and now he has the opportunity with the help of his overseas curator "Ziki", looking from the "Kali" zone, their common money to get out of the rags and into riches, becoming the representative of the new government in Russia.

From the history of connections ...

On the dock in the case of multimillion-dollar bribes received, abuse and abuse of office, as well as the patronage of the mafia, is the notorious first deputy head of the city district Chekhov Dima Frisch. In the past, an experienced and seasoned operative who quickly and skillfully built up "in civilian life" relations with the leaders of the Chekhovian criminal community, as well as businessmen subordinate to them - the Tsibisov family who were involved in construction - ASK LLC, Sales and Service LLC, advertising - LLC Vinex, LLC Digital City, LLC MTP, LLC Reet Media, trade - Trading house Zarya, investing in real estate - LLC Office Pakhra, LLC Office Lopasnensky, ZhSPK Repnikov- XXI ", CJSC" Pharaoh "and other directions.

According to a source, mastering criminal schemes for embezzlement of budgetary funds, Dmitry Frish, through the supervision entrusted to him by Natalya Tsibisyva and Sergey Yakubovsky, through the administration of the Chekhov district, met Dmitry Tsibisov. The latter, at the suggestion of an official, began to actively engage in the development of the family advertising business in his native Chekhov, and so in recent years he won almost all tenders without exception. The reason for such exceptional luck was that Dima Frisch was in charge of almost all sectors of the economy, including advertising, conducting exclusive custom-made auctions for Tsibisov.

Tsibisov did not limit himself to Chekhov alone and began to promote the advertising business in the Serpukhov district through Strekalov's connections, perhaps not without the participation of his relative, Shestun, who is known throughout the country, as well as other districts of the Moscow region, using the authority and connections of criminal curators and their corrupt contacts in the government ...

In general, Dima's mother, Natalya Tsibisova and her husband Sergei Yakubovsky, are well known to the residents of the city of Chekhov and have repeatedly come to the attention of law enforcement agencies as persons with the status - connections of criminals who turn out multimillion-dollar fraudulent schemes in the interests of criminals, causing significant damage to the state.

Since the 2000s, Natalya Tsibisova's responsibilities included the management of financial assets and enterprises of the mafiosi Strekalov and Pavlinov, where she appeared as the general director and manager of such companies as LLC Management Company CITY PARK, CJSC FARAON, LLC FARAON, LLC "UK FARAON". Her husband Sergei Yakubovskiy took the place of the general director and co-owner of Technopark Managing Company LLC, ASK LLC, Sales and Service LLC, in common with Strekalov and Pavlinov. These companies were used to formalize the seized agricultural land and transactions with them, lease and sale of residential and non-residential premises, construction and investment. In fact, Tsibisova, Yakubovsky and their son Dima participated in the legalization of the money received from the mafia, scrolling it through legal business projects, one of which is the construction of the Karnaval shopping center in the city of Chekhov.

As sources told, in this project Natalya Tsibisova held the position of manager of a shopping center, where, together with her boss Stekalov, she developed a scheme to “whitewash” the mafia's money spent on the construction of a giant five-story and the first store at that time in Chekhov. The scheme looked simple: having received a loan from Alfa Bank for one of the Pharaoh firms controlled by them for the purchase of the existing shopping center Karnaval, she actually bought a store from herself, and then under the terms of a conspiracy with top managers of the same bank ceded the shopping center to some new owners, having hit a decent jackpot. Having received clean money from the sale of the center - the money of the bank, Natalya Tsibisova declared to the society honest business and clean capital of Oleg Strekalov. But why did none of the law enforcement officers ask how and where millions of dollars were taken for its construction? And where did the owners of Alfa-Bank look when their pockets were losing weight?

Дмитрий Цибисов

It is worth noting about the bottom of Natalia's creative ideas, so to speak, “the cherry on the cake” is the payment of taxes for the sale of the Karnaval shopping center, which has become a point in the criminal scheme to legalize the mafia's money, according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Well, and our classical virtuosos quickly brought their net profit abroad, using all the same schemes with offshore Cypriot companies.

Further more interesting. The debt of the company to the bank, which owned Karnaval, was restructured, the estimate of the value of the shopping center was initially significantly overestimated, taking into account that the shopping center was located on lands disputed with the Ministry of Defense. As expected, the bank recorded a loss and sold the Karnaval shopping center as a non-core asset. But, thank God, the store works and pleases the residents of the city of Chekhov, but the “poor” founders of “Alfa-Bank” do not know that they have become victims of a planned scam organized by their own top managers and their partners - Natalia Tsibisova and Oleg Strekalov ...

Natalya Tsibisovyy's husband is Sergei Yakubovsky, a well-known builder, the owner of the firms Managing Company Technopark LLC, ASK LLC, Sales and Service LLC, who have “filled up” all the projects entrusted to him on the territory of the Moscow Region and became a star. and a person involved in numerous checks and statements to the police, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office, and, as expected, a person involved in criminal cases initiated on the basis of the statements of defrauded equity holders, who in Russia again had to bail out for our budget money.

One of his latest projects is the construction of a residential complex "Chaika" in Chekhov at 16 Chekhov Street, where the project was being completed at the expense of funds - subsidies from the Government of the Moscow Region.

At present, Sergei Yakubovsky, after landing on the zone of his curator, Nikolai Pavlinov, is sitting out in a trench from creditors and waiting for changes to start selling the mafia assets transferred to the company under his control - agricultural land located in the same Chekhov, worth tens of millions of dollars ...

Just imagine what level of trust has developed between the Tsibisov family, Strekalov and Pavlinov, that businessmen have been managing and disposing of the mafia's assets since the 2000s, investing their money in their white business. What guarantees and what shares of the mafia the Tsibisov family keeps while Pavlinov is serving his 17-year sentence in the zone, and Strekalov is on the international wanted list.

Now Dmitry Tsibisov is a respected person - a candidate for deputy. Having gained access to the formation of an administrative resource at the level of the Regional Duma and the Government of the Moscow Region, the young deputy will quickly begin to use the established connections and the spent budget money of the Moscow region as his elders taught him.


How many more examples do you need to cite to open the eyes of competent structures about the connections of the family of the candidate for deputy Dmitry Tsibisov and his family with the leaders of the Moscow Region mafia and the stealing officials? After all, it is quite simple to check all the listed facts - to google a little and send requests to the tax authorities, Rosreestr, to delve into tenders and company reports.


To be continued

Arseny Dronov