Source: Rucriminal returns with a secret report of Interpol, comprising intelligence information, reports of national offices of various countries, materials "wiretaps" and surveillance against people from Russia (primarily members of the Solntsevo) and related persons, including plenty of big businessmen, former and current officials. In the fifth article we present only two persons from the list of persons associated with the Mafia, but it is extremely remarkable. This "all-powerful" lawyer Dmitry Jakubowski, better known as General Dima. And as a producer and former owner of Russian MTV Boris Zosimov. go to the next chapter "Millennium" it tells of "Solntsevo" report links with the leaders of other organized crime groups.


Dmitry Yakubovskiy (dob September 5, 1963) to the prison was a lawyer Mikhailov. In 1993, during the investigation into the murder of Valery Vlasov, JAKUBOWSKI destroyed evidence in Mikhailov's apartment. Currently, he is a lawyer again Mikhailov. JAKUBOWSKI - former KGB (State Security Committee) and was involved in various political campaigns in Russia, where he was arrested in 1994.

When the Russian army left the former East Germany, she left there ammunition and military equipment. This equipment has been permitted to sell and JAKUBOWSKI sold it, with the assistance of the Chechen criminal group, Iraq.

(For more information about Jakubowski is available on request from the General Secretariat of Interpol, and some of the information already placed in other reports on the Millennium Project.)

Zosima Boris


Zosima Boris - contact Mikhailov, president of the "Biz Enterprises" and "Imperial" magazine. He was also associated with "polygrams Record". He traveled and lived periodically in Los Angeles (CA). His wife, Pauline Tashev, for some time was in the US on a visa H-1, working as a professional model in the "Metropolitan modellingu AGENCY" in New York. He is known for his eloquence and vivacity.

For 10 years he has held a significant place in the music industry. With the advent of perestroika I was trying to create an industry for the production of musical recordings. With the financial support of one of the brothers Ziff, heir to the publishing house, Ziff-Davis ( "ZIFF-Davis"), Zosima became a partner in the joint venture "Polygram Records." "Polygrams" owned the rights to distribute in the CIS works of the most popular Western music, as well as the right to distribute the works of many Russian musicians around the world.

Through the "Biz Enterprises" Boris Zosima also ran other businesses, including performances with live music and a TV commercial. He had signed a contract with the American media giant "Viacom", and the number of his acquaintances included Bob Guccione ( "Time / Warner" and "Penthouse pablishe"). Earlier, Zosima was the owner of B1 / B2 multiple three-year visa.

II - On the other organizations / groups

According to the Interpol NCB in Kiev, Solntsevo criminal gang linked to other Russian criminal groups, such as Izmailovskaya (through some AGEEVA), Chechnya (in some BELIKOYEVA) Ossetian (through some Gutman / GUETMANA Rashid), Ukrainian criminal gang "shoes", in which led SHOES are brothers. It is believed that Mikhailov has always cooperated with the Chechen group, even during the war between gangs. For example, coming from the Afghan heroin is a white brand "777", transported through Russia and Ukraine, has been the subject of a criminal agreement between the Chechen criminal group and Mikhailov.

Source: Rucriminal