December 2020 marks 16 years since the main owner of the National Capital bank Dmitry Plytnik was kidnapped and brutally tortured. He was captured by a member of the gang Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), taken to the boss. There Plytnik was tortured for almost a day, and, having received what they needed, they dealt with them. Metal rods were tied to the body and thrown into the river. The remains were found only after the arrest of the members of the group. As sources told, the massacre of Plytnik and the subsequent murders of the owner of Sodbiznesbank and Kredittrust Bank Alexander Slesarev with his family, as well as the board of directors of Kutuzovsky bank Oleg Novoselsky are links of the same chain. We will return to this topic more than once and tell the details. In the meantime, a brief description of what happened.

Alexander Slesarev was one of the first shadow bankers who dealt with all the forks of illegal financial transactions, wielding gigantic sums. At some point, it became obvious that Sodbiznesbank would collapse and Slesarev began to withdraw money from it. He transferred most of it to his own Credit Trust. And when it became clear that the days of Credittrust were also numbered, he transferred to National Capital, from where this money with the “dirty” funds of other clients went to offshores and foreign banks. More than $ 450 million in total. The entire scheme for withdrawing money was "drawn" and implemented by the talented financier Dmitry Plytnik. He also held "all the keys" to this money. Plytnik's official partners in the bank were Alexander Shevchenko and Philip Degtyarev. But Plytnik also had unofficial partners, including Arkady Berkovich (aka Arthur Khabibullin). Berkovich was a financier in the organized criminal group of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako) and the funds of this group also passed through the National Capital. At one time, Berkovich and Dzhako were introduced by the head of the Sigma group, Pavel Svirsky. In general, in those days he played the role of a "pimp" of businessmen, bandits and security officials. Svirsky positioned himself as a representative of the special services and drove one of them's car with flashing beacons and corresponding license plates.

Аркадий Бервович

After the money was withdrawn from Russia, a showdown began between all the participants. All this led to the fact that Plytnik was kidnapped, brought to the base of the organized criminal group Dzhako, where he was tortured for 24 hours. During these 24 hours, Plytnik was visited by both Berkovich and Svirsky, Artem Parfentiev - the son of Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs V.M. Plytnik handed over the "keys" to money, offshore, accounts, signed retroactively IOUs, sales contracts. And then they dealt with him. But the story did not end there and we will continue it. In the meantime, we give the beginning of the testimony of a member of the organized criminal group Goneri Dzhioev, who took part in the attack on Plytnik. An interesting moment is where Dzhioev talks about how people from the "special services" arrived in the building where Plytnik was tortured in black SUVs, one of which had a beacon. According to, Svirsky came along with “unidentified” representatives of one of the law enforcement agencies.

Павел Свирский

      “In mid-December 2004, S.L. Beglaryan called him on a secret phone. and said to come to the Base, located on st. Boat, 3, in Moscow. He immediately in his car VAZ 2110 gray, state registration plates 565 or 566, the series does not remember, came to the Base. Dzhioev A., Nikolaev M., Alymov O.N. were at the Base. nicknamed “Gypsy”, S. Beglaryan, who told him that it was necessary to “capture” a person in order to talk to him. He did not say which person, he did not ask unnecessary questions. He did not have a weapon with him, he did not see that anyone had it, except for MK Nikolayev, he always carried Makarov's service pistol, since he had already worked in the police. At that time, he knew that the person in question had been watched since the summer of 2004. Usually Dzhioev A.B., Beglaryan S.L., Nikolaev M.K. were engaged in surveillance. On one of the days of summer, that is, June - August 2004, at about 21 o'clock S.L. Beglaryan. someone called, but not from the "Family", and said that the right person was in a nightclub. They were given the command to go to a nightclub, it was one of the coolest nightclubs in Moscow, it was located not far from st. Tverskoy, next to the Rizhsky railway station. There were three possible exit routes from the club, one of which had to “block” it, that is, stand in this direction and after a certain car had passed by using a secret mobile phone, inform S.L. Beglaryan. For each such "exit" by S. L. Beglaryan, in addition to the secret phones used in everyday life, new secret phones with new SIM cards were issued, which were collected by S. L. Beglaryan after the departure, their further fate was unknown to him. He drove his VAZ 2110 car, S.L. Beglaryan placed them in their places, he also gave him the recorded car number. Since he had a bad memory, he immediately told S.L. Beglaryan about it, he put him on the most unlikely nom exit. He was supposed to look behind a Volvo passenger car, he does not remember the color, state registration plates were written on a piece of paper. The other two exits were "blocked" by AB Dzhioev, which car he was in, he does not remember, and MK Nikolaev. on a black VAZ 2110 car, he does not remember state registration plates. Beglaryan S.L. on a Toyota Land Cruiser 100, black, with silver molding, he does not remember state registration plates, he was in the area of ​​a nightclub, maybe he was in it. The specified car did not pass by him. Where were Gagiev A.M. and Yashkin E.I., he does not know. Almost in the morning, S.L. Beglaryan called him on a safe phone. and told him to go to the Base, where he handed over a secret phone to him, the latter let him go home. Beglaryan S.L. said that the man turned out to be too fast, left. At this time it was autumn, but there was no frost, snow and rain yet. Several months after this incident, that is, in mid-December 2004, at about 8 pm Beglaryan S.L. phoned him on a safe phone. and said to come to the Base, on the street. Lodochnaya, 3, in Moscow. There were O.N. Alymov. nicknamed "Gypsy", Yashkin E.I., Gagiev A.M., Dzhioev A. B., Nikolaev M.K., who told him that it was necessary to "capture" the person who was previously being followed. The task was set by MK Nikolaev, who said that it was necessary to block two entrances to a multi-storey building (more than 10 floors), which is located near the Snezhnaya Koroleva shopping center in Moscow on Flotskaya Street. As he understood, someone not from their company Beglaryan S.L. transmitted information about the movement of this man. Approximately between 21 and 22 o'clock this evening they left the territory of the Base in a VAZ 2110 car Nikolayev M.K., under his control, he was sitting in the back passenger seat, in the front passenger seat was Dzhioev A.B. nicknamed "Figure" ... Earlier he testified that Alymov ON was traveling with them. nicknamed "Gypsy", but now he remembered that it was not ON Alymov, but AB Dzhioev. They were dressed in everyday winter clothes, which one he no longer remembers. He had no weapons, he did not see any other weapons. Upon arrival at the indicated house, they stood on the side of the Leningradskoye highway, the front of the car to the park, to our right there were apartment buildings. As he understood, Nikolaev M.K. previously with S.L. Beglaryan. discussed the place to stand on. Nikolaev M.K. there was a walkie-talkie with whom he kept in touch, he does not know for sure, assumes that with A.M. Gagiev On the other side were A.M. Gagiev. and Yashkin E.I., as it seems to him, in a Toyota Land Cruiser 100, silver color, state registration plates, he does not remember which Rahim used to ride, he does not know who else was with them. Snow lay outside and deep enough, knee-deep, the air temperature was more than -10 degrees Celsius. In the morning, approximately between 05 and 06 o'clock Nikolaev M.K. received a message on the radio: "Runs in your direction." They got out of the car and ran across the path, Nikolayev M.K. ran in front, he and Dzhioev A.B. they ran after him, whom they had to grab, they did not see, they just ran after M.K. Nikolaev. The snow was deep, having run about 10 meters, it fizzled out and fell, Dzhioev A.B. I ran around him and after about 5 meters from him he also fell. When he got up, about 30 meters from him, he saw that Nikolayev M.K. holds a person lying on the snow face down, and AM Gagiev approaches them. and Yashkin E.I. When he and Dzhioev A.B. approached, the man was already handcuffed in the back position. The man no longer resisted and was silent. He was not wearing outerwear, he was wearing a sweater. He was a man of 30-40 years old, Slavic appearance, average height, about 175 cm, thin build, oval face, he did not consider facial features, blond short hair. Nikolayev M.K. constantly carried handcuffs with him. he put them on. Nikolaev M. led the captured man to his car. Nikolaev M.K. put the man in the back seat of his car, he sat to the right of this man, and Dzhioev A.B. sat down to his left. Nobody got into the car again. It took no more than 5 minutes from the moment when they heard that he was running until they put the man in the car. Nikolaev M.K. got behind the wheel of a car, they drove to the Base on the street. Lodochnaya, 3, in Moscow. At the time of the capture of the said man, after he was handcuffed, he realized that he was becoming an accomplice in the crime of kidnapping by an organized group of persons. He did not refuse to participate in the crime, because of almost all the persons involved in the attack, he was one of the elders. If he left the scene of the crime and refused to continue it, then he would be considered a coward. Being in family and friendly relations with the other participants in the abduction and unwillingness to be prosecuted did not allow him to apply for rights security agencies with a message about the crime. Thus, he gave his tacit consent to participate in the criminal activities of the group of persons indicated by him under the leadership of A.M. Gagiev. It was then, in December 2004, in the courtyard of the said house in Moscow, that he gave his de facto consent to participate in a criminal group, which is now called the Semya criminal community. This was the first crime in which he took part as part of a group of persons under the leadership of A.M. Gagiev. After about 30 minutes, they arrived at the Base. Nikolaev M.K. took the man out of the car and led him into a room located next to the entrance to the car service on the right side, if you stood facing the entrance, he walked behind them. Nikolaev M.K. told him to sit with the man in the room. A concrete floor was poured on the floor without painting or any coating. The room was completely empty. The room was not heated. The man spoke to him and asked him to let go. He spoke without an accent. He told him that people would talk to him and let him go. He said that the people who would talk to him would definitely not let him go. He again asked him to let go and said that he would give him one million dollars for this. But he told him that people would talk to him and let him go. He also wondered how this person could have a million dollars. He did not attach any importance to the man's words that he would not be “released”, really naively believing that after talking with some people he would be released. After about 30 minutes, S.L. Beglaryan entered the room. and told him to go out and be in the building of the car service, not to go outside. When he went out into the courtyard of the Base, there, one after the other, stood two new Toyota Land Cruiser 100 cars in black, state registration plates with the OO series, region 77, he does not remember the number of the state registration plate itself. On the roof of the car in front, on the left, there was a blue flashing light. The drivers sat in their seats, they were clean-shaven, in suits. There was no one on the front passenger seats; how many people were in the back seats of the car, he does not know, since the windows were tinted. Gagiev A.M. stood near the cars. with a man of medium height, a dense build, in a knitted hat, with a scarf that covered his face almost to the eyes. Who it was, he does not know. He went to the car service, there were O.N. Alymov. nicknamed "Gypsy", Omarov A.S. nicknamed "Rahim", Staikhevich A.V. nicknamed "Stas", Yashkin E.I., Nikolaev M.K., Dzhioev A.B. With the exception of the last two, these persons arrived at the Base 30 minutes after our arrival; he did not see who arrived by what transport. After a while they went out into the street with ON Alymov. nicknamed "Gypsy" in order to review the said vehicles as they were new models. Alymov O.N. nicknamed "Gypsy" asked the driver of a car with a flashing light how much such a car cost, but he did not answer, looked at him as if he were an empty space. They got the impression that these cars and people were from some kind of special services, because the state registration plates on them were popularly called "all-terrain vehicles", since such cars were not stopped by the traffic police. Beglaryan S.L. left the room where the abducted man was and told them to go to the car service and not leave there. After a while, Yashkin E.I. entered the car service. and said that Gagiev A.M. went into the room where the abducted man was. Approximately 30 minutes later, two jeeps left the territory; he did not see whether anyone got into them. About 40 minutes later from the time he left the room where the abducted man was, S.L. Beglaryan came. and said that he and Alymov ON. nicknamed "Gypsy" can drive home. They drove home in their shared car, who was driving, he does not remember.


Протокол допроса

To be continued

Arseny Dronov