Once in a pre-trial detention center, and having received serious accusations out of the blue, the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the former head of the police chief of St. ". And the investigation will create complete chaos.

Maybe it’s true that before taking up a position, send all of them to a pre-trial detention center for a couple of months for prevention, so that sobering up and awareness of what is happening occurs before the occupation of the “high” office, and not after.

Сергей Умнов

The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU published the most interesting excerpts from the speech, and publishes in full:

“It has been 11 months since the arrest and 3 years since the initiation of the criminal case. But what did the investigation do in 11 months to sort out the merits.

Of the investigative actions with me, 3 interrogations of 1 hour each and familiarization with the examinations. Not much. Going to court for the 5th time for an extension, without having a single evidence of my guilt, already looks not only blasphemous, but this is no longer respect for the court.

And the investigation takes the usual long worn out method - the retraining of the criminal case for a more serious composition. And again, nothing new. Again, no evidence is required in court. You just need to utter the secret phrase - "a serious crime has been reclassified as a particularly serious one and it's in the bag." And the information attack is also very important, more noise and lies. This gives some support to a part of society.

And on April 7, 2023, Friday, evening, time 18:05, the working day has already ended. Darkness descends on the city outside the window. The investigator looks at the newly printed decision to initiate a criminal case under Art. 290, takes a fountain pen in his hand and, grinning maliciously, puts his signature.

So, what new evidence appeared in the prosecution under Art. 290. Nothing! The decision to initiate a criminal case on 18 typewritten sheets, and the prosecution even less on 11 sheets. If from these 2 documents we discard unnecessary and non-semantic participial and participle phrases, you will get this:

Umnov was appointed head of the GU by Presidential Decree No. 257 of March 1, 2012. By Regulation No. 287, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is empowered to organize the activities of the GU, distribute duties between deputies and delegate rights and powers to them - i.e. is an official.

And such duties were distributed by me by orders among the deputies of the GU. The following is the conclusion of the investigator, or better to say his subjective assessment

without any specific confirmation: in connection with the performance of the duties of Umnov "KNOW" (in the form of approval) about the placement of the traffic police MREO in the premises of commercial organizations, which in turn provide paid services to car owners.

The question arises: why should the head of the Main Directorate know how many, with whom and what kind of contracts is concluded on behalf of the 33,000th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And is it possible at all?! In this particular case, even now I do not know, I cannot know and I am not obliged to know what contracts are concluded and with whom. And no job description or other regulatory legal act of the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs obliges this.

This must be known by specific officials in their areas of activity - deputies of the GU, heads of departments, lawyers, heads of departments, etc.

Further, the investigation categorically confirms that the Federal Law "On the Police" Art. 48, the only source of funding is established - federal. And this statement is not just wrong - but deliberately false.

The Federal Law defines the main source of funding, but does not prohibit others - these are donations, art. 582 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on the financing by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation of regional Main Directorates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And this is the position of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which is reflected in the letter of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the financial and economic department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs back in 2011, immediately after the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the governors of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in 2017, at least 2 agreements were concluded on financing the state institution annually in the amount of 400 million rubles. Such agreements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are concluded with all subjects of the Russian Federation that have a surplus budget.

Further, the investigation proceeds to the subjective side - intent.

Investigator's quote - “no later than October 2013, a more precise time has not been established (earlier in the previous charge under Article 285 it was no later than September 2015) Umnov had a criminal intent to personally receive bribes in the form of money for the extension of contracts in favor of bribers t .e. (landlords). I have already said in my interrogations, said the heads of enterprises, other witnesses, and most importantly, the means of objective control - incorruptible witnesses of scientific progress - telephone, video recording and much more testifies that Umnov never communicated with the heads of enterprises and did not know about their existence.

Where did the non-specific date of my intent come from or did the investigator come up with this intent (there are many ambassadors in Rus' on this account itz - the wisdom of people based on centuries of experience - pull the mude to the Beard and many others)

So, everything is simple - this is the date of approval of the legal and justified order “On approval of the composition of the qualification commission” No. 700 dated 10/17/2013, veiled by the investigator as “No later than October 2013”. And in the previous accusation under Art. 285 featured Order No. 497 of 09/02/2015, so it was “no later than September 2015”. Who are we fooling? The question arises: “Why doesn't the investigator write that on 10/17/2013 and 09/07/2015 Umnov, having approved the composition of the qualification commission, created an organized criminal group. It is forbidden! You need to stir up otherwise everything will be clear even to a child. By the way, the commission is created under the law "On Competition"

So, the orders on approving the composition of the commissions have been signed. Here the investigator approached the main one. He announces that this is nothing but an organized crime group.

In order No. 497 of 2015, the staff includes 10 employees, in order No. 700 of 2013, the number is not known, but also, probably, at least 10 employees. Variable composition

at least 20 employees.

But please pay attention - the investigator includes only 3 employees of the commissions in the composition of the organized criminal group. We must not forget that the commission is a collegiate body, the decision is made only by voting by a majority of votes.

And 3 employees Abakumov, Semenov, Kopyeva could not make any decision, provided for in paragraph 6 of the Regulations on the Commission. Or they would have to vote with two hands.

Already on the basis of a collegial decision of the commission, the head of the traffic police, or his deputies, extended or did not extend the lease agreements. Why extended and not concluded? Because the lease agreements were concluded back in 2009 on the basis of a competitive selection of enterprises, and this was long before Umnov was appointed head of the GU.

It should be clarified that from the end of 2015 until October 2017, the position of head of the traffic police was vacant. Fulfilled duties, alternately 4 deputy chiefs of traffic police. For example, Semyonov signed only 1 out of 11 lease agreements. And who signed the remaining 10 agreements.

Here, too, the investigator finds a simple and uncomplicated way out of the situation. In the documents, the investigator calls the other 3 deputies of the traffic police "Not initiated into criminal purposes." What an interesting selectivity of the investigator. To answer this question not in legal language, but in the idiom of the Russian language, then this is “Filkin’s letter” or the case is sewn with white thread, and if legal, then all this contains clear signs of falsification of the materials of the criminal case.

And most importantly - the subject of a bribe.

What is this? According to the investigation, these are donations from landlords to a non-profit

Fund. And the Foundation purchased office equipment, transport, furniture, and renovation of the premises for the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All this was put on the balance sheet of the GU, i.e. became state property.

And why should the investigation bother reading the Plenums of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 24 dated July 9, 2013, paragraph 23 of which reads: “If property is transferred to state institutions as sponsorship to ensure the activities of this institution, it cannot be qualified as taking a bribe as giving a bribe.”

What is the subject of the bribe that is imputed to Umnov. And this is a car that he had never seen or even heard of. These are subscriptions to the pool, in which none of Umnov's relatives has ever gone and does not even know where they are.

And from 2013 to 2023, i.e. for 10 years Umnov did not get a single object, not a single ruble, he never waved his hands on the water path of the pool.

What "Hydra" Umnov stepped on the tail? Why is the investigation so blatantly and frankly falsifying the case.

And if you draw a line under the accusation and ask the question - what specific illegal actions did Umnov commit and what specific objective evidence confirms this - then the answer suggests itself - none.

There was only one action on the part of Umnov - he approved the order, legal and justified.

Even a non-lawyer will see a lump of woven dirt in the accusation. And a professional lawyer will ask the question - what actions did Umnov commit and are they criminal?

Everything else in the accusation from the work of Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"

“Annushka spilled oil, got hit by a tram, and then the chain of events developed at the behest of Satan – Volonda”

Umnov signed the order "On the composition of the commissions" and then the investigator, imitating or acting on the instructions of "Volond", mastered the case.

Sheer devilry.

Benefiting the state has become dangerous and criminal. You will end up behind bars at best. It is safer to be indifferent to everything - the country, people, subordinates, but at the same time be in public office.

Entrepreneurs who donated their earnings to the state are declared bribers.

Purchased items, things, services (and this is several thousand square meters of new buildings built by police departments, traffic police, renovated new migration centers, transport, and much more) are put on the balance sheet of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that is, this property has become state property. And it's a property o is declared the subject of a bribe, and Umnov and his subordinates are bribe takers.

The Investigative Committee is creating or has long ago created a dangerous precedent, when employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who have done and are doing the maximum useful for their country, are simply destroyed.

Not a single general, not a single head of the Main Directorate, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation can now be sure that even if he accidentally presses someone on a sensitive part of the body, he will not end up in the dungeons at best.

Through the looking glass is a distortion of truth and conscience. The investigation has learned well how to use the technique of Western countries - a double standard and lies. And they get away with it, I hope this phenomenon is temporary.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin