The eternal illness of Russia is that officials, having received control over some money, for some reason begin to consider their own. And they part with this money mainly in favor of close, good, reliable people.

So, the Moscow government needed to buy 135 cars in Moscow. Ordinary, in general, the situation. Municipal enterprise SEM, formerly known as SUE "Moscow Property", placed an appropriate application on the site of public procurement. The winner was the Cyprus company Fuderin Trading and Investments Limited.

Actually, already here you can interrupt reading and take to the mayor's office a handcuffs. To what it was necessary to bring the city, so that its power would buy in it the same couple of thousand meters of banal asphalt off the Cyprus offshore? But these are only flowers. Do you know how much these meters cost Muscovites? In 1 billion rubles. Each car place - for 7.4 million rubles. Your apartment, dear reader, costs very much less than this stand for official wheels with a very high probability. Think about it, every square meter of asphalt for 500 thousand rubles. The very same meter that the City Hall has allocated for the development of the City!

Part of the taxes from this transaction will go to the budget of the Republic of Cyprus. In this sense, the Department of Property Relations of the capital and its head Natalia Sergunina showed themselves to be strongly pronounced foreign agents. Well, it must be the Cypriots: you sit on the paradise shore, enjoy life, then the little bell tinkled: the unemployment benefit was transferred from the Moscow money.

However, it is unlikely that Natalia Alexeevna herself is resting in Cyprus: officials of this level prefer places more rescriptable.

But why did she need these cars?

The fact is that several departments of the mayoralty, headed by Natalia Sergunina, are moving to the tower "Oko". The area is 50 thousand square meters. m - have already been redeemed from the company Capital Group, owned by Paul Cho, and now it was required and to take care of vehicles.

By itself, the purchase of office space was rolled elegantly - without an open tender, since the customer was not the city hall proper, but the SUE REM. The price of the issue, according to the Telegram channel "Reinforced Concrete", - 6.39 billion for the area itself and another 3.075 billion for their repair. The first amount was received by Capital Group itself, the second - the company controlled by Investprofi.

By the way, have you ever bought a house or an office? Repair is expensive, but not so much! In what condition should the room be for repair to cost half its value? Given that the price of the room itself was not below the market.

Incidentally, this is not all. The mayor's office, again through SUE REM, signed an agreement with the same Capital Group on the construction of a residential complex near the City - apparently to make it easy for Sergunin's people to work. Convenience has cost taxpayers another 8.894 billion rubles., But the native of Tashkent, Paul Cho counts multi-billion profit.

However, he is not alone. Capital Group links evil languages ​​to the vice-mayor Marat Khusnullin, without whose sanction in Moscow you can only build a kulichik in a sandbox, and even then with strict restrictions. A company of Comrade Cho builds reinforced concrete kulichiki in the most significant places of the capital - only a multifunctional complex on the section of the Sophia embankment on the "Golden Island" of what it costs! Husnullin more than once highly flattered in public about the Capital Group.

To be fair, we will say that Pavel Vladimirovich does not suffer ingratitude, but shares his money with the city. So, he (through OOO "Mitten") bought from Moscow unnecessary network "Capital pharmacies", spending on it 5.67 billion rubles. However, in less than a year and a half he sold it to an unnamed buyer much more expensively (the amount is not announced, but Pavel Teh made it clear that the group made a profit). What prevented the city itself from obtaining this profit is a mystery. By the way, on the site of the pharmacy retailer, its new owners are not ashamed to write that "JSC" Capital Pharmacies "is the largest network of state pharmacies in Moscow."

Another interesting purchase of Capital Group - a house-book on Novy Arbat, 15, costing 2.4 billion rubles. (28.9 thousand square meters of space).

Do you feel the price ratio? The whole house, even if it stood for half a century, but is perfectly preserved, in the business and tourist center, the city sells for 2.4 billion rubles. (83 thousand rubles per square meter), and several floors in the tower "Oko" buys for 9.4 billion (renovated, 188 thousand rubles per square meter), adding to them also a parking lot for a billion. Capital Group, I think, had a good deal on these deals. But they have many joint projects with the City Hall ...

So do not take the handcuffs to the mayor's office. And then Natalia Sergunina will sell them cheaply to Pavel Cho.