A recent check of the deputy corps of the Volgograd Regional Duma revealed a scandalous fact associated with its chairman, Alexander Bloshkin. The local prosecutor's office is still thinking what to do about it. As a source told, in the archives of the supervisory agency, information was found about bringing Bloshkin to criminal liability for misappropriation of budget funds.

 In 2006, Bloshkin was the head of the Kikvidzensky district of the region, and the implementation of the federal program "Social development of the village until 2010" was in full swing in the country. The Russian Governments, by Resolution N 250, approved the rules for the provision of subsidies at the expense of the federal budget to improve the living conditions of citizens living in rural areas, in particular young families and specialists in the agricultural sector and the social sphere. Simply put, teachers, educators, agronomists, etc., who were not older than 30 years old, could receive a subsidy for the purchase of housing or the construction of a house. Alexander Bloshkin was actively involved in the implementation of the federal program. It turned out that local police officers, bailiffs, court officials and prosecutors, and simply not working local residents who were part of the close circle of the head of the district, but were not entitled to this type of subsidies, decided to use the subsidy.

In total, 3-5 million federal rubles were allocated to the district, half of which Bloshkin distributed to the indicated citizens, who were not young specialists in the village and the social sphere. And Bloshkin really had to curry favor with law enforcement officers and respected residents of the area. Happened.

The local FSB and the prosecutor's office did not appreciate the breadth of the soul with federal money, and in 2008 a criminal case was opened against Bloshkin for misuse of the budget.

A few months later, Bloshkin repented, pleaded guilty, and filed an appropriate application to dismiss the case due to repentance.

The case was terminated, Bloshkin had to resign, since the grounds for discontinuing the case are not rehabilitating, that is, Bloshkin was considered a person who committed an intentional crime.

Years passed ... The year 2014 came, Andrey Bocharov arrived to save the region. It is rumored that Bloshkin is his fellow countryman, so Bocharov invites Bloshkin as a whole vice-governor to oversee domestic policy. Information about the prosecution of Bloshkin in the information center of the regional police department had to be destroyed at the request of the regional administration. Otherwise, Bloshkin will not be approved by the Presidential Administration, he will not be able to obtain admission to the state secret. In 2014, Andrei Bocharov could do a lot and even clean up information in the IC. Now Andrei Ivanovich is the only governor in the country who has failed the national project "Ecology", and the level of corruption under him has increased significantly in comparison with 2014, when he vowed to defeat it.

Clearing information about bringing to criminal responsibility allowed Bloshkin to become the chairman of the Volgograd Regional Duma, and, probably, to get admission to state secrets.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov