In Moscow last week, the funeral of the ex-mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, was held. He died on December 10 at the age of 83 in one of the departments of the Grosshadern clinic in Munich after a heart operation. Farewell to Luzhkov took place in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The ceremony was attended by a number of prominent figures, as well as musicians and politicians. Among them, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the current mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.

Luzhkov was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery.

Relatives of the ex-mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, decided not to open the coffin with his body during the funeral. “Those close to him wanted him to remain an active, energetic person in the memory of people,” family representatives explained.

Luzhkov at one time was indeed an extremely active player in the political arena of all of Russia. And an equally active participant in the political and oligarchic warrior of the 90s. Fragments of Luzhkov’s life of those times and conspiracies against him can be found in the archive of wiretaps by Boris Berezovsky, which publishes every weekend. Today’s entries feature people who are no longer alive. On the first “film”, Berezovsky and Sergey Dorenko are discussing the preparation of stories for the next broadcast of the latter. Dorenko on the go-ahead of the oligarch just actively "wet" Luzhkov. In particular, during this conversation, Dorenko tells Berezovsky that an article was published in the Spanish newspaper El País on October 23 that the city hall of Marbella owed the last 141 million pesetas or 1.2 million dollars under the agreement on cooperation with the Moscow city hall. Without such funds, the mayor's office of the Spanish town allocated three plots of land, which were registered for Yuri Luzhkov and Zurab Tsereteli, as a debt.

Now journalists can write about foreign apartments and castles of officials, state bankers, their private planes, lovers spending billions, and there will be no reaction in the Kremlin either. Everyone has long been accustomed to the riches of civil servants and their desire to arrange the lives of loved ones abroad. And at the publication, at best, say that all this is the machinations of the "evil West". At the same time (and we are talking about 1996), which is now very much criticized, such information was a real “information bomb”. They were able to undermine the career of an official, politician, weaken the confidence of the population in him, which will affect the election results. It is not surprising that the oligarch immediately “grabs” the data voiced by Dorenko.

“The land has long been allocated,” Berezovsky takes the “bull by the horns.”

"July 17th. That is, in the summer of this year, 1996, there was a letter that they could not pay. And the agreement between the city halls was signed on June 24, 1995. During this time, such an amount has accumulated. And this summer, for a long time, they rewrote the land on individuals, ”explains Dorenko.

“Is there evidence of individuals for the allocation of plots?”, Berezovsky continues to find out.

"I do not know. One column article. It is called “Gil (this is their mayor’s name) pays the debt to the mayor of Moscow with plots in Marbella,” the journalist reads.

Berezovsky is clearly pleased with the new compromising evidence: “Thank you so much, Sergey. Until we give it. ” also leads a conversation between Berezovsky (B) and singer, businessman and State Duma deputy Joseph Kobzon (K). On the record, Berezovsky sends Kobzon gratitude from his daughter Katya and asks what was meant in the conversation with Yuri Luzhkov, what 10 million and what real estate. Discuss business projects related to land and real estate in Moscow. They also recall the unkind word of Shabtai Kalmanovich.

B .: Ale


B .: Thank you. Ale!

K .: Boris Abramovich ...


B .: Yes, Ios, I welcome


K .: Well, I reported everything ... Badri.


B .: Yes, he already told me briefly, he told me briefly ...


K .: You learn how Katya

B .: I just called her, she just thanked her terribly and asked me to convey my deep gratitude to Ninele. Just at its best.

K .: Everything is at its best, right?

B .: Yes, I really liked it and well, I just really appreciate you.

K .: Well, not at all ...

B .: Joseph Davidovich ...

K .: Ah?

B .: So this is the thing. Still incomprehensible. Tell me, do you understand? What has been said about thousands of real estate to be taken away, 6.5 is.

K .: I understand, because I was present during their conversation on the speakerphone.

B .: Because he told me, Yuri Mikhailovich, at our meeting. He told me - you know, that there would be no talk about real estate ...


K .: Right

B .: 7.5 thousand we will pay ...

K .: Yes.

B .: That's all.

K .: Well, he remains in his opinion.

B .: And now Badri said that there would be a thousand ... property for a thousand should have been selected.

K .: For the first thousand

B .: That's the whole point. And Yuri Mikhailovich said - seven and a half thousand will be paid ...

K .: He needs ... he cried, Soso.

B .: So.

K .: That he has no money, he needs to accumulate 13 million ... for now.

B .: So.

K .: For what he says quickly ...

B .: Quickly, here you understand what’s the matter, I’ll tell you how I understand the problem. Here is real estate, this is a problem for anything. Well then remember, Yuri Mikhailovich, the main objection to real estate. He said - we do not have a criterion in determining its value, and this issue will now stand for a year. Ale!

K .: Yes, yes.

B .: And in general, I think that will be the case.

K .: Well, anyway ...

B .: (interrupts) You understand what it is like to find real estate that suits you and that they agree on a price with these ... When in general, of course ...

K .: He doesn’t want the first batch, he said so. He does not want the first batch, he wants to pay money.

B .: Well ... great! (inaudible) the question arises that real estate is again needed.

K .: Well, it's their problem, what kind of money they will pay. This is their problem, he just does not want, so to speak ...

B .: Well, real estate can find a cool solution for a thousand cars. Cool solution, you know which one?

K .: This is necessary, firstly, with this, with Soso to talk about what he means. Because I scared Badri, said that he said that he was financing.

B .: Yes.

K .: Then he began to explain to him what he was saying, the contract, he said, due to the fact that the property was tied up there, he said that it was drawn up incorrectly. We just remake it, he says. But there was no talk of any demonstration.

B .: This is understandable. Okay. Good. You see, here are some options for real estate. We have, for example, rent, for land. So?

K .: Yes.

B .: There for 49 years, there is land, remember?

K .: Yes.

B .: You can simply, as if in payment of this rent, so as not to suffer with the selection of real estate. Those. there is the simplest solution that may be here.

K .: In general, this is a thought, yes ...

B .: Do you understand? And finish on this.

K .: That makes sense ... That object, huh?

B .: Exactly! Remember, we took on Arbat, bought land.

K .: Yes, yes.

B .: There is also (inaudible) the same company. Paid for 49 years in advance, received cars today, and no one will pickle about this. Reasonable?

K .: Reasonable ...

B .: Absolutely.

K .: Well, Boris, I’m flying early in the morning to the north.

B .: So.

K .: And I’m unlikely to intercept him today.

B .: Don't! As a last resort I can do it myself.

K .: I'll be back on Monday.

B .: It suffers until Monday, and on Monday I will too, we can phone it ourselves, in general, we have agreed before that. This is the first question. The second - Joseph Davidovich, did he manage to give this letter away?

K .: Of course.

B .: What do you think the reaction


K .: Well, he wrote such a resolution - Morozov ...

B .: So.

K .: ... you need to talk. I say - what is it? He says - well, I ... now I’ll talk with Morozov what can be done here, how can we reverse it.

B .: Yeah, I got it.

K .: Well, that’s it, we’ll wait.

B .: I understood everything, good.

K .: Okay.

B .: Joseph Davidovich. Thank you so much. Sorry, but who is Morozov?

K .: Well, the head of this department ...

B .: Ah, I understood everything. Good, Joseph Davidovich.

K .: Ah?

B .: Well, are you leaving today, or tomorrow?

K .: Tomorrow morning.


B .: Tomorrow morning, and when will you be back?

K .: on Monday.

B .: Well, as soon as (inaudible), if not difficult, dial my phone number.

K .: Yes. Failed to talk? On my question.

B .: No, he said, and I think that I’ll move forward on this issue. I don’t think that I’ll move, I’ve moved on this issue, I think that I will solve it. I'm having problems.

K .: What?

B .: Well, this friend, (name is inaudible), he still called Yuri Mikhailovich, that time.

K .: Who is this?

B .: Do you remember when giving an interview ...

K .: Yes.

B .: Because of which Yuri Mikhailovich was so outraged. So after this interview, (name inaudible) I saw this interview, he called Yuri Mikhailovich, said - Yuri Mikhailovich, I have nothing to do with Logovaz. Like this.

K .: Who called it?

B .: Kadannikov.

K .: Come on ...

B .: Honestly.

K .: Why, he lost his mind ...

B .: There you go.

K .: Shabtai number 2.

B .: I think Shabtah is far from him. Like this. So, such things, Joseph Davidovich.

K .: Yeah, I just ... you add to me. Well, let's live

B .: We will live.

K .: Yes.

B .: Maybe. (laughs)

K .: Yes.

B .: Happily, happily. Till.


K .: Bye.



To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov