In May 2023, a photograph was published on the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, in which the former head of the presidential administration, former first deputy prime minister of the Russian government, former head of RAO UES, former head of Rosnano and former adviser to the President of Russia receives a temporary Israeli passport.

It is obvious that the great privatizer decided to finally retire and start arranging his own life outside the Russian Federation.

Анатолий Чубайс и Олег Киселев

Such a turn of events only at a superficial glance looks like a spontaneous decision, a deeper dive into the topic shows that Anatoly Borisovich began to prepare alternate airfields a long time ago. will start with Rusnano Israel Ltd, a subsidiary of Rosnano OJSC.

The idea of ​​creating a company arose back in 2009, it was then that Arkady Milman was appointed to the position of adviser to the Russian state corporation Rosnano, whose biography speaks for itself. Judge for yourself A. Milman: in 1989-1990, deputy head of the Israeli diplomatic mission in the USSR; in 1992 - Chargé d'Affaires of the Israeli Embassy in Kazakhstan; in 2003-2005 - Israeli Ambassador to Russia.

No one in Rusnano can say anything about what Rusnano Israel Ltd did, however, such “investments” in Israel were given in 2023, when A.B. Chubais urgently needed an Israeli passport.

The second airfield is Rusnano USA (a subsidiary of Rosnano JSC in the USA), headed by ex-employee of RAO UES, former head of the Federal Energy Agency Dmitry Akhanov. Through Rusnano USA, millions of US dollars have been invested in American companies. Today, the United States has become a refuge for Yu. Udaltsov, the author of the RAO UES reform and Anatoly Borisovich's most loyal ally.


The Cheka of the OGPU wrote a lot about Irina Markovna Rappoport, the former head of the Swiss company Rusnano Capital AG, now happily living in sunny Italy. At the stage of the creation of Rusnano Capital AG, its target volume was planned at the level of $1 billion, with such investments Rusnano Capital AG could become the main outpost of Rosnano in Europe. She could, but she didn't. Irina Markovna and her curator at RUSNANO Oleg Kiselev turned out to be good crooks and bad managers. In 2018, the company was liquidated, and RUSNANO wrote off more than 7 billion rubles as a loss.


What did Chubais have left in Russia?


Almost nothing. According to a source, the team broke up, and RUSNANO and its projects are in the process of closing.

The brightest member of the Chubais team, the author of wind energy development projects, Alisher Kalanov, has worked at RUSNANO for the longest time.

After Chubais left, he not only retained, but even strengthened his position in the company. Under the new leadership of S. Kulikov, Kalanov was transferred to the management of the block "Legacy - projects". The legacy aroused complex feelings: and, in the end, it was Alisher who initiated the initiation of a number of criminal cases on the old projects of Chubais. Not everything was successful, but the collected materials made it possible in September 2022 to initiate a criminal case on the facts of embezzlement of funds in the project company ELVIS-NeoTech JSC. This company has been the subject of a number of publications on our channel. In September 2022, the investment director of RUSNANO, Nail Gubaev, was arrested in connection with the case.

Dmitry Pimkin, another member of the Board and the hero of our publications, was the direct curator of N. Gubaev and, according to the investigation, carried out the strategic management of criminal schemes. In 2021, D. Pimkin did his best to resist the initiation of a case on episodes related to ELVIS-NeoTech JSC: he courted Kalanov, together with the lawyer of Asnis and Partners R. Kozhura tried to cover his tracks and hide the facts, appealed to O. Kiselev and A. Chubais, but he could not do anything - the case was initiated, and Pimkin himself was seriously worried about his future.

Andrey Trapeznikov is also a former member of the Management Board and press secretary of A.B. Chubais. In winter, a number of high-ranking officials of the executive branch of the Russian Federation received a presentation of the Fund for the Reconstruction of Ukraine under the code name "First Ukrainian". The idea of the fund is simple and not intricate - a management company, under the guidance of trusted specialists, creates a management company that will manage the assets seized from Russia and restore the infrastructure of Ukraine. Getting 2% of $200 billion in assets is much cooler than being involved in the development of nanotechnology in Russia. It is not known who was the first author of the idea, but A. Dvorkovich (former Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of Directors of RUSNANO) and A. Trapeznikov (former press secretary of Chubais and member of the board of RUSNANO) acted as its popularizer. Chubais himself is not listed in any form in the presentation; moreover, he reacted without any interest to the idea of creating a fund.

Well, the main brainchild of Chubais - ROS Corporation NANO, as expected, left the news agenda: old, still Chubais investments have no prospects, and there are no new ideas, just as there is no money and no projects. The young director Kulikov of RUSNANO, alas, did not save the company, but on the contrary, by inept management decisions, accelerated the degradation of RUSNANO. Today, the uselessness of RUSNANO as a development institution is obvious to decision makers, and even the most difficult situation in the country will not save it from closing, which is expected by the end of the year.

RUSNANO, liquidated as useless, will become the best monument to Chubais.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin