Source: continues to publish materials of the case against the gang of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi) and his militants, who have committed more than 25 contract killings. Our articles contain the testimony of the accused in the case, including the killers, so the reader can see the events through the eyes of the "main characters" of the gang. In this publication, we will tell you about the murder of the former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Aleksyukhin (also known as the Nose). Even during his service, he was engaged in dark affairs, and after quitting he became a fixer. Initially, Aleksyukhin worked in tandem with his senior friend, the head of the criminal police of the Bezhitsa District Department of Internal Affairs of Bryansk Valery Khokhlov. But in November 2001, the latter was shot. Valery Khokhlov was attacked late in the evening when he was returning home after walking his dog. The lieutenant colonel was killed at close range with two shots to the head from a Makarov pistol with a silencer. Khokhlov only three days did not live to see the verdict - he was tried in the case of an attempt to kidnap an assistant to a State Duma deputy, which was under the personal control of the then Prosecutor General of Russia Vladimir Ustinov. Then Aleksyukhin already acted as a fixer alone and outlived Khokhlov by one year. Konstantin Piskarev had difficulties with customs, which detained a large consignment of goods. Aleksyukhin offered to solve all the problems, asking for bribes of 150 thousand dollars. However, it did nothing. Piskarev and his guards came to the Bryansk region for a “showdown” with Nos, but every time he was detained by local policemen at the request of Aleksyukhin. As a result, Kostya Bolshoi got tired of it, he killed for less. Piskarev asked his friend "authority" Yuri Berezhnov (Yura Borets) for help. He and his bandits kidnapped Aleksyukhin from his home, took him to the border with the Moscow region, where he handed him over to Piskarev and his fighters Zemtsov and Mishin. Kostya Bolshoi personally dragged the victim into the forest, where he took out his special bag with instruments for torture. He started torturing Nose, breaking every finger on his hands. And then he strangled him. The body was buried in the forest. publishes the testimony of witnesses and defendants in the case.

Константин Пискарев

“The testimony of witness S.M. Kravchenko, according to which the witness had previously been on friendly terms with A.L. Aleksyukhin. nicknamed the Nose. Kravchenko described Aleksyukhin as an intelligent and calculating person. After serving in the police, Aleksyukhin was engaged in mediation in solving problems with law enforcement agencies, provided services for the registration of vehicles. At the same time, Aleksyukhin enjoyed the patronage of the head of the Bezhitsa Department of Internal Affairs Khokhlov, who was killed in 2001. Among Aleksyukhin's acquaintances was Konstantin Piskarev. From the words of Aleksyukhin Kravchenko himself, it was known that Aleksyukhin decided to fraudulently obtain funds in the amount of approximately 100,000 US dollars from Piskarev. To this end, Aleksyukhin in the spring of 2002, using the letterhead of the prosecutor's office, made a request on the illegal return of VAT to Piskarev on customs goods. Then Aleksyukhin planned to show this request to Piskarev and offer his assistance in resolving the problem for $ 100,000. Kravchenko refused to participate in this fraud, he does not know what happened next. But in the spring of 2002, Piskarev was looking for Aleksyukhin. He (Piskarev) came to the parking lot where Kravchenko worked as a director, accompanied by two tall men armed with machine guns, and inquired about Aleksyukhin's whereabouts. Kravchenko informed Aleksyukhin about this and, possibly, the next day, at Aleksyukhin's request, Piskarev was taken to the Fokinskiy District Department of Internal Affairs, where a meeting took place between Piskarev and Aleksyukhin. Several days before the abduction, Aleksyukhin borrowed $ 25,000 from his acquaintances for some purpose. On the day of his disappearance, Aleksyukhin told Krachenko that he had a suspicious VAZ 2108 in his yard and that he was probably being watched.

The testimony of the accused Mishin DS, according to which, on the instructions of Piskarev, in 2002 he traveled to Bryansk, where he was monitoring Aleksyukhin, nicknamed Nos. As a starting point for the search, Piskarev named Mishin the alleged address of the place of residence and the place of possible appearance of Aleksyukhin, and also gave his detailed verbal description. At the same time, Piskarev did not mention the name and surname of Aleksyukhin. Piskarev also gave Mishin a camera with which Mishin took pictures of people similar in description and passed the pictures to Piskarev (to avoid mistakes in the object of the attack). Piskarev pointed out a big nose as a distinguishing feature of Aleksyukhin. If problems arose, Mishin, on Piskarev's instructions, had to apply for support to the Shchit and Sword firm, located in Bryansk. In pursuance of Piskarev's instructions, Mishin went to the city of Bryansk, where he began to travel to the places indicated by Piskarev and, according to signs, looked for a person. Mishin carried out the search for Aleksyukhin in different cars. After a while, Mishin became Aleksyukhin and his place of residence. Mishin reported directly to Piskarev about the progress and results of the observation. After Mishin's next report on the results of the observation, Piskarev said to stop the surveillance. Around September, he arrived at the Burevestnik yacht club, where Piskarev, Zemtsov, Saryan and Aleksandrov were already there. At the club, Mishin learned that he was going to Bryansk with the rest of the people. On the same day, in the evening, they left for Bryansk in two cars. Mishin was driving one of the cars. Upon arrival, they got out of their cars and headed into the forest. At the same time, we met with a group of four people, one of whom was Yura Borets (Berezhnov). Piskarev quickly talked to Berezhnov, then they walked on and saw a Russian-made car, possibly a VAZ 2108 or 2109, in the cabin of which a man, Aleksyukhin, lay in the back seat, whose hands were handcuffed and a hat pulled over his eyes so that he would not see happening. They pulled Aleksyukhin out of the car, laid him face up on the ground, pushed the cap out of his eyes, after which Zemtsov pulled the cap over his eyes again and began striking his face and nose with his fist, and Piskarev began asking Aleksyukhin about money. Then Piskarev began to break Aleksyukhin's fingers on his hands. For torture, Piskarev used the tools that were in his bag with other tools. Mishin did not see the murder itself, as he went to the car. After a while, Zemtsov came and said that we had to go. At the same time, Zempov got behind the wheel of the car, and they drove to Moscow. "

Testimony of D.A. Zemtsov as a suspect and accused, according to which in 2002 Piskarev was looking for a man in Bryansk, nicknamed Nos, who owed him 150,000 US dollars. Together with Piskarev, Aleksandrov and Mishin, Zemtsov went to Bryansk in the spring of 2002 in search of this debtor. Continuing this, in September 2002, on Piskarev's instructions, Zemtsov arrived at the Burevestnik yacht club, from where in the evening Zemtsov, together with Piskarev and Mishin, who acted as a driver, drove by car to Bryansk. Before reaching the city of Bryansk, they stopped near the monument, Piskarev got out of the car, called someone on the phone and walked in the direction of the city. After some time, a VAZ 2108 car drove up to meet them, in which Piskarev was. Zemtsov and Mnshin approached an approaching car and saw in the back seat a man, Aleksyukhin, with a hat over his eyes and handcuffed behind his back. Yura Borets (Berezhnov), who arrived in the same car, said to Zemtsov: "Let's not take long, they may miss him, the keys are in the car." Then Piskarev pulled Aleksyukhin out of the car and dragged him into the forest belt. There Piskarev put Aleksyukhin on the ground and began to beat him in the face and torso, and also broke his fingers with tools that Mishin brought him.

Zemtsov at this time was holding Aleksyukhin by the legs. Piskarev demanded the return of 150 thousand US dollars. In response, Aleksyukhin said that he had no money, he told whom he gave what part of the money. After that, Piskarev strangled Aleksyukhin with a stranglehold. The body of Aleksyukhin was buried by Piskarev and Zemtsov in the same forest belt. They drove the car in which Aleksyukhin was brought to another place and burned it. Then, in a car driven by Mishin, Zemtsov and Piskarev returned to Moscow. "



To be continued

Arseny Dronov