continues to acquaint readers with the secret report of Interpol, which includes intelligence information, reports of national offices in different countries, "wiretaps" materials and surveillance against people from Russia (primarily members of the Solntsevo) and related persons, among which the weight of big businessmen, former and current officials. In the third article, we return to the list of persons who either belonged to the mafia, or were associated with it. It includes Gafur Rakhimov, who was the "godfather" of Uzbekistan, but after a conflict with President Islam Karimov left for an emergency link in the UAE. After the death of Karimov, Rakhimov launched a "win" their positions in Uzbekistan. Also in this list, you can see the banker Alexander Smolensky. And, quite unexpectedly, found references in the report about the leader of the "Patriots of Russia" Gennady Semigin. Interpol found that he led a joint business with the mafia.


Eugene Maslov


Eugene Maslov was the President of "Sayan-Bank" in Moscow (Russia). The previous president was Evgeny Akimov, known for his work on money-laundering for Solntsevo in Miami (FL).

Georges-Portillo Sumin


Georges-Portillo Sumin (aka George Portillo), was president and director of the export company "D & R Sports" in Moscow. He controlled the Solntsevo for operations related to the oil and gas, and participated in its activities for the production of credit cards. He was serving his sentence in a Russian prison for activities related to the import of weapons. He attended college in New Mexico. He was president of the "Moskow Gasoline Assosieyshn".

Gafur Rakhimov

United States

(See. Also the section on business activities Solntsevo criminal group)

Gafur Rakhimov Arslanbek, born July 22, 1951 (1), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), also known as Gafur Rakhimov, born July 21, 1951 or Rahim (Nurali says). He is the owner of a Russian passport number 0829994 and RP 21 N0478011, and Uzbek passports SA0122816. He is also the owner of a Russian passport number 08482146.

(1) Interpol in Riga and Interpol in Prague Gafur Rakhimov mentioned Arvanbeka, Solntsevo gang member, date of birth - July 22, 1954.

According to information provided by Interpol in Washington, he served in the organization of the function carrier is mainly engaged in the transport of money. Rakhimov had a close relationship with the President of Uzbekistan. Rakhimov also participated in the plan to sell state employees fake certificates of deposit. Rakhimov and his family were present at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Rakhimov and his partner Salim (last name unknown) established a front company in Miami (Florida) (name not found). They also have established relationships with organized crime in Kazakhstan.

According to the Central Bureau of Interpol in Wiesbaden, it was he who was behind trading company "Agro Plus K 1 Mag", located in Zug, Switzerland (address:. 6304, Inner Gyutershtr, 2) and specializes in cotton. December 31, 1996, the company became a member of the "Bremer Baumvollberse" Supervisory Authority in the cotton trade. He is the owner of the company "Agro Plus Kem Ag", located in Paris, France (address: Bezirk 8, Avenue Hoch, 17), and the General Director of "Agro Plus" in Tashkent.

According to another source, associated with Ivankov Rakhimov was ordered to watch the KANDOVA money laundering activities through the "Agrotech" in Vienna. As a reward he received shares of "Eco Plus".

Rakhimov is the leader of a criminal gang and criminal authority in Uzbekistan. Along with Mikhailov, he organized the transport of heroin from Afghanistan to the countries of the former Soviet Union. He led efforts to trafficking in heroin through Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. He helped Mihailova finish construction of houses near Tashkent and presented Mikhailova Black Brothers. He also tried to do business in Switzerland. It reported his arrest in Uzbekistan. Salim Abduvaliev (dob May 5, 1950) is one of the leaders of the organization, led by Rakhimov.

Michael Sinyakin

Michael Sinyakin (dob 21 October 1955) had links with senior management of the East European criminal groups, among which the number of Mikhailov and AVERIN. Suspected of obtaining Israeli citizenship by means of a marriage. He is also associated with Russian organized crime and was the right hand of three leaders of Russian crime, who were then killed, one of them was the previously mentioned Timofeev ( "Sylvester"). He probably went to Israel for fear of being killed in Russia. February 23, 1996 he had found a fake passport, and he was denied entry to Austria.

Sayenko Konstantin

United States

Konstantin Saenko (dob January 6, 1960, a driver's license - V3259379 CA), is a Russian businessman, immigrants living in San Diego (CA). Sayenko was at odds with business partner Boris Ozerov, who was later killed in Seattle (Washington) in April 1996. Saenko has been associated with the Solntsevo criminal group through the Muscovite Yuri (ôàìèëèÿ íåèçâåñòíà), aka "DUMP". It was assumed that during 1996 Elena Saenkova wife Saenkova, negotiated through the people are in Russia to open new bank accounts, to which they can transfer large sums of money.

Note analyst. "Yuri Dump" - a nickname Yuri Yoshino.

David Sanikidze


David Sanikidze ( "Dato"), born on May 13, 1946, was a "thief in law" (1), in force from Georgia to Austria (Vienna). Its organization was small, and mainly consisted of relatives. Sanikidze was characterized as a murderer and a psychopath who has killed or ordered the killing of his nephew who stole drugs from his organization. His main accomplices were "Levan" and "Besik", apparently, Levan ARDZHINBA / Ardzinba and Beslan DZHONOVA. The Russian organized crime circles are equal to or even superior in strength Sanikidze. Sanikidze together with Ardzinba and DZHONOVOY engaged in drug trafficking and other criminal activities. Sanikidze said that several years ago he saved Mikhailov's life when an unidentified mafia boss threatened to kill it. Two years after that Mikhailov headed own organization. Sanikidze introduced with Mikhailov Tofig Azimov. Before he came into contact with Mikhailov, Azimov paid Sanikidze at US $ 50,000 per month for "protection." Sanikidze was murdered in Vienna (Austria) in July 1996.

(1) According to another source of information, David Sanikidze was not a "thief in law" and had "authority".

Zvi Bierman (dob 4 December 1946), her Sanikidze, he worked in "Mennen", a company engaged in the supply of medical equipment (Tel-Aviv, Israel) led by Aaron Golan ( "Mennen" was considered now, laundered money for Solntsevo groups). Bierman took out Sanikidze for gold, jewelry, food and medical equipment // medicines. He also participated in Vienna in activities related to prostitution. Bierman was living in an apartment on Taborstrasse, in the District II Vienna. He also had an apartment in New York and Miami. Company "Bierman menedzhment Project" was placed in Germany at 81679 Munich, Donoshtrasse, 33, tel. 089-4709063, Fax. 089-478-645. Some of Bierman prostitutes were allowed to work in Austria by the Austrian Sanikidze contacts among civil servants. Aaron served as director of the Golan "Mennen". He has served as a witness at his wedding Mikhailov.

Gennady Semigin


Gennady Semigin was an accomplice Tofig Azimov and the head of the firm "Wimmo". The firm had an office in Vienna, at Am Graben (First District). "Wimmo" engaged in supply of Russian military products. Mikhailov and AVERIN invested money in this company. He often traveled to Vienna with his mistress / assistant Natalia ROMANZANOVOY.


Alexander Smolensky


Alexander Smolensky (dob July 6, 1954) was the founder and president of "Capital Bank" in Moscow. According to reports, he founded this company on the money Bilunova. He was a very wealthy man and has concluded a large number of contracts with the Russian government. Smolensky was considered a "personal banker" and money launderer for the Solntsevo criminal gang organization "Kikalishvili-Kobzon," and earlier for Vyacheslav Ivankov. He and his wife were citizens of Austria.

In mid-August 1995, he began to assist to Leonid Bilunova in the use of certificates of deposit, owned by Manuel Noriega in additional financing. Smolensky did it on the orders of Sergei Mikhailov and Victor AVERIN.


Alexander Tarasov

United States

Abramovich Alexander Tarasov (aka Alexander A. Tarasov), born November 10, 1955, was arrested in a restaurant "V Holubu" in Prague in the evening May 31, 1995 during a raid by the Czech police. There is a photograph of him in the company of Gafur Rakhimov, Arnold Tamm, Gennady Shapovalov. Then he became a resident of Los Angeles (CA) and applied for an immigrant visa. Tarasov registered his company as "Tarco Tranding Inc." in Los Angeles (California), 15910 Ventura Blvd., # 1031.

Tarasov was an accomplice Gafur Rakhimov. Business partner TARASOVA was listed Alexander Neumann (dob June 17, 1956 or September 25, 1959). Narco-predecessor of the Company was the company "Flight International" (air transport, consumer goods, oil, steel), Tashkent (Uzbekistan). "Flight" has gained enormous amount of natural oil, which is purified on a refinery in Chikmente (Uzbekistan) and sold as aircraft fuel. "Flight" conducted business activity in the US since 1991.


Cholokjan Albert


Albert Cholokjan (aka "Alex Sukhumi"), born on May 16, 1948, a French citizen of Armenian origin, presumably - a significant figure in Russian organized crime (1). He was the manager of a restaurant in Paris and was involved in racketeering, drug trafficking and money laundering. It was connected with Mikhailov and Averin. Other contacts were Cholokjan Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov Felix Komarov (see also the Report of the General Secretariat of Interpol "Millennium Project: Black Brothers.", Version II), David Sanikidze and "thief in law" Tariel Oniani. Oniani was arrested by Belgian authorities in March 1955.

 (1) According to another source, CHOLOKOKYAN a "thief in law", also known as Alec CHUKI having regard to Mikhailov and Mogilevich.