Source: continues to publish confidential conversations of officials and oligarchs which debts were fixed by Boris Berezovsky for years. From these conversations readers can learn many secrets of representatives of the Russian imperious and business elites, what they say and think actually, instead of "sing" in ears from TV screens. In this article we give an entertaining conversation Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich, the current billionaire, and then "key holder" from the Treasury of WOMEN. Abramovich says that yesterday, when they were at Chernomyrdin, Polezhaev showed him (Berezovsky) a letter addressed to Yeltsin. Polezhaev spoke by A. Korabelshikov, he said that to meet the President now impossible, but he'll talk to Livshits, who must give this letter. Abramovich asked whether Berezovsky to deliver the letter to Livshits, he replies in the affirmative. Abramovich reports that yesterday he met Levayev. Levayev said that he is great friends with Netanyahu and if it is necessary that Netanyahu spoke in support of Yeltsin, he (Levayev) can organize. Levayev also said that of the 18 members of the Israeli government, he personally appoints 8, including the Minister of energy. So they will have plans there. offers to see the entire transcript.


A: Bor, Hello

B.: Yes, Rum, hi

Two questions. First, did he get the papers or not?

B.: the documents He received, though not sent, though it was promised yesterday.

A.: So. Bor (B.: Yes) , the first question, you yesterday when were at Victor Stepanovich, there still here (unintelligible) showed the letter on the President. You listening?

B.: Yes.

A.: Here. He spoke with Korabelshikov, he said that to meet the President now impossible, but he'll talk to Livshits, and he should be given this letter. You will be able to pass it on to Livshits?

B.: Livshits I can, but I'm not sure... And, Yes, Livshits I can get. I can.

A: So you have to give this letter?

B.: Yes, I need to give this letter.

A.: Okay. Second question.

B.: Yes.

A.: I met Levayev yesterday, at your request, if you remember.

B.: Yes

A.: Here. He's great friends with Netanyahu.

B.: So.

A.: He said, in principle, that if it is necessary that Levayev...ugh, that Netanyahu somehow spoke in support of the BNA, then he can organize it.

B.: I understand.

A.: in principle, only so that it was not interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian…

B.: (interrupts) I understood everything, absolutely. Understand it.

A.: He also said that out of the 18 members of the government appointed by Likud, he personally appoints 8 and the Minister of energy, he will appoint his own, and so we will have... plans there.

B.: Great. Perfectly. Well done, ROM, I can tell you, well done. I mean, come on, I'm interested in this case right now, which means I need to be told by Tobak to get in touch with me, I need to know when I can be assigned. I need this before the election.

A.: Yeah.

B.: Okay, yeah?

A.: Yes.

B.: Agreed. That's all.

A: Bye.

B.: Bye.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov