The Minister of Industry Manturov flew almost a billion rubles at the expense of Russian Helicopters. According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, for the period from 2013 to the present In connection with the purchase and operation for the Minister Manturov of the A109SP “Grand New” helicopter (serial number 22287, registration number RA-01985, year of manufacture 2013), Russian Helicopters spent more than 800 million rubles from their own funds. tells how this car was purchased for the needs of the minister.

According to our sources, by the decision of the management of Russian Helicopters JSC in 2013 International Helicopter Programs LLC (a 100% subsidiary of Russian Helicopters JSC) issued a loan in the amount of 600 million rubles. to purchase a helicopter. In 2013, International Helicopter Programs LLC acquired the import helicopter A109SP “Grand New”. The helicopter is currently based on the territory of the Chkalovsky LIC at the address: Moscow Region, Shchelkovsky District, Schelkovo, ter. Flight Testing Complex, ow. 1. The operation of this helicopter is carried out by Russian Helicopter Systems CJSC on the basis of agreements concluded with Russian Helicopters JSC. The cost of services provided by Russian Helicopter Systems CJSC is about 50 million rubles. in year. In order to compensate for the expenses incurred by International Helicopter Programs LLC, according to the decision of the management of Russian Helicopters JSC, this helicopter was leased to Russian Helicopters JSC based on a lease of real estate (aircraft) without providing management and technical operation services. The amount of rent is about 33 million rubles. in year.

Surprising such manipulations is not necessary. Deputy General Director - Chief of Staff of the General Director of Russian Helicopters JSC Yu.A. Koritsky - fortunately, the former chief of staff of the minister Denis Manturov, to please the former and current chief, while in office, personally signs a lease agreement for real estate (aircraft) with International Helicopter Programs Limited Liability Company (LLC “International Helicopter Programs”), address - 140070, Moscow Region, Lyubertsy District, pos. Tomilino, st. 26/3 Garshina, TIN 5027150429. The aircraft is Helicopter A109SP “Grand New”, serial number 22287, registration number RA-01985, year of manufacture 2013. According to the Cheka-OGPU, the amount of rent per month for 2020 the year is 3.050.847 (three million fifty thousand eight hundred and forty-seven) rubles 46 kopecks per month. The helicopter is constantly deployed on its own site of Russian Helicopters in the Moscow Region, pos. Chkalovsky, LIK "Chkalovsky." None of the Russian Helicopters use it; one minister Denis Manturov flies in a helicopter at the expense of the holding of his former deputy Andrei Boginsky. It is interesting how Boginsky writes off 36.6 million rubles a year and who signs the acceptance of work.

The Russian Helicopters procurement analysis revealed astounding statistics. For several years, they have been procuring services for the preparation and implementation of flight operations, maintenance and repair of the AgustaWestland A109SP "Grand New" helicopter:


Notice No. 31705148948 contract price 49 133 445 rub.


Notice No. 31806622972 contract price 33,000,000 rubles.


Notice No. 31806533190 contract price 48,440,942.11 rubles.


Notice No. 31908019257 contract price 49 915 231.38 rubles.


Moreover, in accordance with the requirements of the technical specifications, the contractor also provides special passenger service in the lounges of increased comfort (special service hall, VIP lounge, hall for servicing officials and delegations), comprehensive catering on request from the customer, other personal service (personal security) Aircraft, additional aviation security services, personal escort of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail), as well as helicopter basing in a heated storage: Moskovskaya region, Schelkovsky district, LIC "Chkalovsky", where they explained to us that this helicopter cost about 600 million rubles. acquired by Russian Helicopters for the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. The operation and maintenance of the airworthiness of the Minister’s personal helicopter is carried out exclusively at the expense of the Russian Helicopters Holding, headed by A. Boginsky, in the recent past, Deputy Manturov. Obviously, Boginsky is unable to refuse his boss such pleasure as a VIP helicopter, and even with such a set of additional options. The Minister’s personal comfort cost the state a tidy sum - about 700 million rubles.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov