The terrible story that happened in Vladivostok was reported to by the nephew of the deceased person. The wife of the deceased spoke about the incident.

“Oleg Anatolyevich Isochenko, he entered the Vladivostok city hospital No. 4 on December 20 after lunch with a referral from polyclinic No. 6, blood tests and CT of the lungs with bilateral pneumonia (with a concomitant disease of lymphocytic leukemia in remission). In the evening, I phoned my husband, they took tests from him and there was no treatment yet. On December 21, during the day, I called my husband, and as a result, they took more tests in the morning and there was no treatment during the day! As with a CT scan on the hands with a diagnosis of pneumonia and do nothing!

In the afternoon I got through to the phone number listed on the site for a conversation with a doctor. The doctor told me that she was on a round and I needed to call back later. And later, that is, from 14.00 the phone was busy, and then they simply did not pick up the phone. The last time I talked to my husband was on the evening of December 21 at 19:00, and he said that he still had not been treated and that he really wanted to eat. He was so weak that he couldn't even eat! At 19.40 I wrote on WhatsApp whether there was a doctor, he did not answer me anymore. Through acquaintances, I found out the personal number of the doctor Tatiana Gennadievna, and she answered me that the patient was mentally unstable due to intoxication against the background of pneumonia and would call a psychiatrist for examination. When I asked if I could visit him, they refused me due to the epidemic situation, and assured that treatment was underway, she also said that she had not yet been on a round, and I needed to call back tomorrow, but tomorrow she did not pick up the phone and her husband was already not available.

Due to severe bad weather on December 22 and 23, I could not go to the hospital. The husband is unavailable, the doctors on duty answer: "Don't worry, treatment is underway." On December 24, I brought a parcel at 13:00 and wanted to talk to the doctor, they didn’t let me in, they said that all the information was only by phone. At 14.20 I got through to the doctor on duty, who replied that "cough with sputum, low blood pressure, weak, depressed." And during the round he slept. And at 21 o'clock an ambulance called me and said that my husband was found on the street. Fadeeva 14.

The resuscitator told me on the phone that when they started to resuscitate him, they found a catheter in his arm in a vein, and the doctors realized that he was from the hospital. Unfortunately, resuscitation did not help! They found a driver's license in a jacket in a purse, contacted the hospital and found out that he was in the pulmonology department, they gave me my contact phone number. Some time later that same evening, I nevertheless got through to the doctor on duty and wanted to ask how it happened that the patient was on the street and died! To which they answered me: "At 12 o'clock he wrote a refusal to be hospitalized and left the hospital!" I replied that at 2 pm he slept in the ward, according to the doctor, which means he left later, they answered me. What is it like? And how can you take a receipt from a patient who is mentally unstable, weak and take a receipt without informing the contact person? And let them out into the street with a catheter in a vein, without things! In the morning, when I arrived at the hospital, they gave me my husband's things, I saw that a warm sweater, jeans, and a hat were all in the backpack! He left in tights and a jacket without a hat! But the refusal sheet was given to me only in a copy with a seal, but even in the copy I see that it was not Oleg who wrote it!

That is, the patient was not treated at first, and then they were simply kicked out of the hospital to die on the street! They fed stories that they were treating, not letting them talk with the patient!

Yaroslav Mukhtarov