The interior Ministry opened a criminal case for defamation of the father-founder of EMERCOM 77-year-old Sergei Khetagurov for an article in the online publication "Top secret". The applicant and the victim billionaire Igor Kesaev. In the publication Khetagurov and legend Soviet intelligence 87-year-old Boris Basati simply heard a about situations, with whom faced themselves. For example, how Basati lost his son's assets, worth a quarter of a billion dollars. Got all these assets almost for free to that "victim" Kesayev. For this almost 90-year-old legendary scout "scared" Chechens.  Appetite, as it is known, comes during meal, and now Kesaev decided to punish honored and respected all the elderly criminal case. In the near future we will talk in detail about how the son of Boris Alexandrovich Vyacheslav basati Died under strange circumstances. It was he who led Igor Kesaev in many profitable projects. Meantime quotes a statement from Boris Basti to law enforcement. And readers may draw their own conclusions, who in this story is the victim.        

"As far as I know, 24.05.2017 G. gr. Khetagurov Sergei Valentinovich filed an application (cusp № 16733) in the duty of the Department of internal Affairs of CAO Moscow on fraudulent actions of the owner of the group of companies "mercury" - Kesaev Igor Albertovich and other persons, as a result of which he actually lost his due to him as an investor share in the tower "mercury city tower" in Moscow city. This issue is under the control of the State Duma and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Due to the fact that I, Basati Boris Alexandrovich, born on 09.08.1932, a veteran of foreign intelligence, also consider myself a victim of the actions of the leadership of the GC "mercury" (including the object "mercury city tower" in Moscow city), please check on my application together with the check on the application of Khetagurov S. V. for the most complete, objective consideration and adoption of appropriate procedural decision.

Essentially consider it necessary to clarify the following. The former partners of my son (Basati Vyacheslav Borisovich, born in 1963) in the business in the group of companies "mercury" - Kesaev Igor Albertovich and Kobzev Alexander Mikhailovich, taking advantage of my physical and mental condition associated with the sudden death of his son on may 18, 2013 under mysterious circumstances and numerous serious operations on the eve of the tragedy, by deception and abuse of trust convinced me to sign an agreement, as a result of which I lost most of the inheritance of his son," - said in the document published ahhh!

"From the day of the funeral, exerting daily psychological impact and moral pressure on me and my family, these persons claimed that at the time of the death of the son except debts there was nothing left, all projects and firms of Vyacheslav are unprofitable, any property in essence isn't present. 

Convince me that the inheritance of the son is not enough even for reckoning with the creditors (despite the fact that their words have allegedly began to receive threats from the Chechens demanding the return of Vyacheslav debts), Kesaev and A. I. Kobzev, A. M., "in memory of son" and promised to pay me a monthly allowance and to pay off debts. Ostensibly in order to protect my family from possible claims and threats from creditors, not to aggravate my physical condition, I had to formally sign some agreements, contracts, powers of attorney, copies of which were never left to me, the content of which was not explained.

I was not fully privy to my son's Affairs, but I was aware that the bulk of his assets were in the mercury city tower in Moscow city. The tower is Vyacheslav's idea, his project which initially belonged in equal shares to my son and Kesaev I. A. my son was engaged in All construction in coordination and with the knowledge of Kesayev I. A. Also the son had 2% in mercury group (a share in all companies of group). In addition, he had his own prosperous companies in Russia and abroad."

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov