In the Republic of Tatarstan, law enforcement detained one of the top managers of Tatfondbank. He is suspected of embezzling money transferred to the trust management of OOO IC TFB-Finance, which is a subsidiary of Tatfondbank, according to the press service of the republic's Ministry of Internal Affairs, the damage amounted to more than 90 million rubles.

"Interfax", referring to a source familiar with the situation, said that it was about the deputy head of the board Vadim Merzlyakov.

It is interesting that in 2012 the director of the Treasury of Tatfondbank Merzlyakov was recognized as the laureate of the public award "Manager of the Year in the Banking Sector" in the nomination "Innovative Development". The prize is awarded in the framework of the Project Manager of the Year. The nominees for the award are evaluated according to the author's methodology of the International Academy of Management and consists of two stages: assessing the financial performance of the bank and the level of professionalism and the potential of its leader.

Earlier, law-enforcers arrested the head of TFB-Finance Timur Valshin and two managers of a lower-ranks level - the head of the active operations department Ilnara Abdulmanova and the head of the client service department Rustam Timerbaev. They are suspected of fraud in a particularly large amount.

According to investigators, from August 1 to December 15 of last year, Valshin, together with Timerbaev and Abdulmanov, acting on behalf of TFB Finance, under the guise of an agency contract with Tatfondbank, stole funds from more than a hundred investors, abusing their trust, by transferring them to a confidential Management of funds in the amount of more than 90 million rubles. In court, Walshin said that he did not admit guilt, and "TFB Finance" acquired bonds on the clients' funds.

Recall, December 12 last year, "Tatfondbank" introduced a restriction on the withdrawal of cash in ATMs and with early closure of deposits. This measure was adopted in connection with the increased demand for cash, which appeared against the background of publications in the media about the possible rehabilitation of the bank. On December 15, the Bank of Russia announced a moratorium on meeting the requirements of Tatfondbank's creditors for a period of three months, introduced an interim administration to the bank, and also disconnected the credit organization from the system of bank electronic urgent payments.

In the middle of last month for the "Tatfondbank" the government of the Republic of Tatarstan has risen. The authorities of the subject of the Federation control more than half of the bank's capital, the rest belongs to individuals and legal entities from Tatarstan. The regional government in negotiations with the Central Bank and creditors of the largest regional bank insisted on saving the bank, as the latter risked losing its license due to large-scale withdrawal of funds by clients.

For the first time on the Russian market, to save the credit institution, it was suggested to use the bail-in mechanism, in which the funds of the largest investors are included in the capital.

As a result, Tatneft, which held 5.4 billion rubles in the bank, announced its willingness to transfer its deposits to Tatfondbank shares when it was reorganized.

Meanwhile, the problems of Tatfondbank had a negative impact on business sentiment in Tatarstan. This was reported on Monday, February 6, TASS, referring to the head of the Agency for Investment Development of Tatarstan Talia Minullin. At the same time, Ms. Minullina believes that the problems of the bank will not affect the professional activities of its depositors.

Functions of the interim administration for bank management for a period of six months the CB put on the "Deposit Insurance Agency" (DIA).

At the same time, the depositors of Tatfondbank and Intechbank suspected the employees of the DIA of fraud, in connection with which they wrote an application to the police. This was reported by the clients of banks in their group in the social network "VKontakte".

The investors argue their assumption that the DIA does not perform its direct functions and does not return property that must be returned by law. The agency does not respond to submitted statements of disagreement for more than 30 days.

Investors suspect that "in the structures of the GC" DIA "and the temporary administrations of PAT" Tatfondbank "and" Intekhbank "represented by GC" DIA "an organized criminal group has been created which, by prior agreement and using official position, commits fraud to steal money Since, according to the wall in the group in the social network, the funds are not intentionally included in the register of payments, and the payments provided by law are not paid.