Konstantin Goloshchapov is often referred to as Putin's masseur, and it is believed that thanks to this he has a lot of high-ranking connections. The source of the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU told a different version of the appearance of these connections with Goloshchapov, he is Kostya Moshchevoz, Kostya Padre. He is a frequent guest at the celebrations of reputable Petersburgers. Participated in the organization of a huge number of high-profile events. Even then, in the 90s and early 2000s, the talent of the organizer helped him make acquaintances, expand his circle of contacts and resolve issues. Stay in the spotlight and at the same time in the shadows.

Goloshchapov, having connections in the Russian Orthodox Church, helped with the baptism of relatives, with funerals, funerals, etc.

Thus, he became even closer to VIP acquaintances. Thanks to this approach, he managed to intermarry with a number of people. From officials and businessmen, to epaulette holders and leaders of organized crime groups.

The fact that Konstantin Goloshchapov left Russia before the searches in the Vodokanal case is not surprising. He took his family out of the country a long time ago, the Russian Federation and his children left the country. But Goloshchapov himself has literally grown together with St. Petersburg. When Georgy Poltavchenko was governor, Goloshchapov had a special offshore company in order to support the needs of the governor's family, which gave a share to the son of the head of the city, Alexei. Alexey Poltavchenko until July 2021 had a share in the company with Goloshchapov's wife, Iraia Gilmutdinova. A company with a symbolic name - Investbugry, which participated as an investor in the Invest Park project in the Leningrad Region

Goloshchapov is also on good terms with Governor Beglov, he is a person capable of building relationships with almost any person. No wonder for many years Goloshchapov was practically a peacemaker among the elites, pacifying conflicts. Therefore, the presence of Athos connections and business with the ex-governor Poltavchenko did not affect relations with Beglov.

By the way, Beglov is also an Athonite citizen and actively cooperates with the Russian Orthodox Church. Athos society became a forge of personnel, Goloshchapov was able, with the help of the Russian Orthodox Church, to build a project for a personnel reserve and give a springboard to many officials and businessmen, while remaining in the shadows himself.

Goloshchapov for Athos and the projects of the Russian Orthodox Church received money from supervised projects, from restoration and construction to the housing and communal services of St. Petersburg. Scrap metal was also involved, another line of business. By the way, the Russian Athos Society is registered at the address of the metallurgical holding.

With Goloshchapov one could see another influential person, Vadim Zhimirov, who sponsored church churches, bringing relics.

Goloshchapov is well acquainted with the new head of the Liberal Democratic Party, a well-known person in church circles, Slutsky.

Goloshchapov was always near the Patriarch. And next to him are the elites.

Goloshchapov has been making promises to all monks for a long time.

The source of the VChK-OGPU calls it no coincidence that at the same time Konstantin Goloshchapov had troubles with the security forces and his close friend and main conductor of interests in the Russian Orthodox Church, the head of the Department for External Church Relations, Metropolitan Hilarion, was sent into exile.

Goloshchapov, having united officials, business, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church under the brotherhood of Athos, began to organize all pilgrimage trips for them. On such trips, the necessary contacts were made and issues were resolved. Goloshchapov brought together not only representatives of the Russian Federation and the Russian Orthodox Church, but also foreign entrepreneurs, officials, politicians, as well as representatives of local religions, including influential church leaders of other religions. He pulled Goloshchapov into his projects and the head of the Church Foreign Ministry, Metropolitan Hilarion, with whom he became friends.

A separate topic of Goloshchapov is a project on the relics and veneration of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Indeed, Goloshchapov did a lot for the appearance of relics in Russia. But thanks to this, he established strong personal ties with Italy. So, according to the principle of a pilgrimage hotel, a house was built, or rather a network of houses in Italy for the personal needs of Goloshchapov. Bought local football club "Bari". Goloshchapov helped the people of Athos not only resolve issues in Italy, from shopping to transferring business, withdrawing money. The purchase of real estate in Italy was accompanied by lawyers and notaries associated with Goloshchapov.

Konstantin Goloshchapov left Russia before the searches in the "Vodokanal case", and now he is selling his property. His luxurious apartment (Krestovsky Island, 2nd Birch Alley 13-15) is put up for sale along with the author's icon in the living room.

The house in which Goloshcharov lived is not easy. Among his neighbors are not ordinary people. Daughter of former Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, ex-wife of ex-Minister of Defense Serdyukov, wife of ex-deputy of the Legislative Assembly Sergei Nikeshin, Rotenberg, Fursenko. The apartment for sale is registered in the name of Goloshchapov's wife, Iray. The cost of apartments in the house is from 250 million rubles. In the courtyard you can see the BMW of Goloshchapov's son.


As found out, the son of "Putin's massage therapist" - Dmitry Goloshchapov - is a co-owner of the "St. Petersburg Federation of Computer Sports". A number of companies in the field of telephony and internet - from trade to Internet services. In 2013 he became the owner of the four-star hotel Mediterraneo on Sardin Until 2005, "Putin's massage therapist" himself, together with Arkady Rotenberg, owned the four-star Berg Luxury Hotel in the center of Rome.

It also turned out that Goloshchapov owns a village in the Finnish ski resort of Tahko.

A separate project is the Marmara Business Hotel

The site of the hotel is made in the same style and the same engine as the hotel in the courtyard of the monastery, which is guarded by Goloshchapov.


Iraya Gilmutdinova, co-owner of SMP Bank JSC Rotenberg, who is the wife of Vladimir Putin's personal massage therapist, has a joint business with the son of the former governor of St. Petersburg, Grigory Poltavchenko.

The co-owners of the bank own the Ivestbugry company, which positions itself as a real estate leasing office. The company's revenue amounted to more than 500 million rubles.

In addition, the masseur's wife and son Poltavchenko are also co-owners of the MDF plant. The company's revenue reached 5.2 billion rubles.


Gilmutdinova also owned a stake in Topflor-Invest Holding Company LLC, which was liquidated. On public procurement, this company became richer by 2.9 billion rubles, was engaged in the construction of kindergartens and sports complexes in Kaluga and Smolensk.

In the Kaluga Region, where Governor Anatoly Artamonov is also an Athonite, HC Topflor-invest, owned by Iraya Gilmutdinova and Natalya Burdakova, received government orders worth several billion rubles, including for the construction of a sports complex in Obninsk worth 1.3 billion rubles. . However, today this company is going bankrupt.

Garbage removal is one of the successful projects of Goloshchapov's wife.

A number of firms were subjected to inspections by supervisory authorities and there are violations in the work revealed during the inspections

Recently, during the pandemic, Iraya Gilmutdinova became the founder of the Axiopharm company, through which the business woman intends to “break” the country’s pharmaceutical market. Co-founder of the Ministry of Armed Forces.


Iraya Gilmutdinova, as mentioned above, is the wife of Konstantin Goloshchapov, a member of the board of directors of the Northern Sea Route Bank, which, among other things, is a co-owner of the famous Moscow Hotel on Okhotny Ryad (together with billionaires Arkady Rotenberg, Suleiman Kerimov and Mikail Shishkhanov). Gilmutdinova and Goloshchapov have six children. In 2011, they even received the Order of Parental Glory from President Dmitry Medvedev. And Mr. Goloshchapov is still a major philanthropist and almost a monk: in the late 1990s, being the general director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rostsentrproekt of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, he donated money for the construction of a church in honor of Saints Constantine and Helena in the village of Leninskoye, Vyborg District. A nunnery arose there, on the territory of which a spiritual and educational center with a hotel for pilgrims is being built. This is the family nest of the Goloshchapov family, of course, before the searches in the St. Petersburg water utility ...

Timofey Grishin

To be continued