In the Krasnodar Territory, a phrase said by a representative of something: “I was appointed to defend the interests of ordinary people,” is perceived somewhat strangely. If only because in many cases, those who are supposed to protect by their position pay a lot of money in order to get this tempting right. Or, to put it in a very simple way: gave a bribe - got a position - and protect the people's interests as much as you like. At the same time, corruption flows often have such an ornate network that it is just right to compare the structure of bribery schemes with the main river of the region - the Kuban. Small streams flow from the mountains, feeding more full-flowing tributaries. Gaining water mass, the tributaries flow into the full-flowing Kuban, which eventually flows into the Sea of​​\u200b\u200bAzov. At the same time, it is clear that from the source of a small “brook” (bribe-givers), the “sea” (the main bribe-takers) is not visible. Who are they? But those are the most honest and blameless. Who are the journalists interviewing about the inevitable lordship of the coming direction entrusted to them. And who smashes corruption in speeches from the stands.

To consider the Kuban corruption device from a seemingly completely non-bribe-intensive service - a notary. Like, what kind of bribery can there be? Yes, look who is sitting in these notary offices? Outwardly unassuming aged aunts and young specialists with a professional burning gaze.

At the same time, the state also took care that those timid newcomers who want to become the head of notary offices have equal chances for a career. Applicants need to go through multi-stage competitions, consisting of written works and personal interviews with special commissions from the most experienced, leading notaries.

But all this is in theory. The real practice is much less pompous and the investigation is about it.

Only two categories of applicants have a chance to win competitions: young children or other relatives of the leadership, or those who are able to provide a decent salary for the position.

So, let's forget about the words "authoritative commission". The decision on new appointments is made by non-members of the commissions, no matter how authoritative they may be. The decision for a long time was up to two people - the head of the notary chamber of the region - Galina Timofeevna Chernova, and the leadership of the department of the Ministry of Justice for the Krasnodar Territory. Previously, it was headed by I.V. Kovalev. Although now she has moved to lead the justice of Adygea. But the Kuban notarial corruption scheme was created with her direct participation.

If, put these age-old aunts on a polygraph, and ask the question: “Do they take bribes?” the arrows of the device do not move. Yes, of course you don't. Indeed, they do not take bribes. It's vain and dangerous. Corrupt flows are organized by others. The task of Chernova and Kovaleva was to protect their “tax collectors”, and, well, to accumulate what these corrupt publicans bring to them.

Let's get acquainted with one such organizer of corruption flows. Nikolai Igorevich Zakharov. Former police officer who worked in the Seversky district of the Krasnodar Territory. And fired from the ranks. Because in addition to serving the cause of the fight against crime, using the experience gained, Zakharov himself created ... a kind of criminal group. No one made much noise then. They removed him from the organs quietly ...

But his legal knowledge was in great demand in ... the regional department of justice. Zakharov worked here at first as a modest head of the accounting resources department. And when his boss, Irina Kovaleva, had the feeling that Zakharov's former "sins" had been forgotten, she transferred him to the post of deputy head of the department. Seemingly. In the life of Zakharov, everything was fine. He met high commissions. I picked up the submitting boss, after noting the successful completion of the work of these commissions. In general, one could rely on him.

True, it soon became clear that law enforcement officers had not forgotten Zakharov's criminal "feats". A couple of years ago, employees of the Department of Justice got the opportunity to observe a picturesque picture of the withdrawal of their deputy head in handcuffs.

The reason why at that moment Kovaleva began to rush to the investigating authorities, trying in every possible way to “smear off” a valuable employee, was not a secret to anyone in the department of justice. Because in addition to official duties, Kovaleva assigned to Zakharov and others. Well, those without which a divorced woman cannot do. Which becomes more and more ardent with each drunk glass.

And yet. The criminal case against Zakharov was brought to court. On December 12, 2016, the judge of the Seversky District Court of the Krasnodar Territory, Evgeny Ivanovich Polozkov, read out the guilty verdict in criminal case No. 230/2016 against Zakharov N.I. Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - fraud committed by an organized group) and other persons (Ivanov A.I., Shergina V.A.). Zakharov was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

And here for the valuable sentenced to imprisonment employee began a real battle. On March 1, 2017, the Krasnodar Regional Court (rapporteur Judge Karpenko Nikolay Alexandrovich) issued an appeal ruling, by which the sentence of the Seversky District Court was changed. 2 years of real imprisonment were changed to 2 years probation, with a probationary period of 2 years ... The reasons for such judicial goodness, in general, are also on the surface. The chairman of the regional court at that time was Alexander Chernov, the ex-husband of Galina Chernova, a business friend of Kovaleva, who always helped his ex as much as possible (many notaries of the Krasnodar Territory are convinced that it was thanks to this assistance that Galina Timofeevna, a very mediocre specialist with no experience, became in her time as the head of the regional notarial chamber).

Zakharov's further "rite of purification" is also curious. convict N.I. Zakharov has been registered with the branch in the Dinsky district of the Krasnodar Territory of the FKU UII UFSIN RF since March 22, 2017. But a month later he was deregistered due to his departure to the Central District of Krasnodar. In the regional capital, “solving issues” was much easier. On December 20, 2017, the Pervomaisky District Court of Krasnodar (Judge Dovzhenko Andrey Anatolyevich, Deputy Chairman of the District Court) ruled to cancel the probation and release him from further punishment. Nikolay Zakharov's conviction was expunged.

Why so much detail about Zakharov? It was these people that were needed in the corruption schemes of Chernova and Kovaleva. Who are able to calmly "not be friends" with the law, and be infinitely grateful to their "patrons" for saving them from prison. Zakharov was appointed by them as the main collector of bribes for positions. He began to "milk" the applicants at the time when he was under subscription. And although Kovaleva was forced to fire her close friend under investigation (you must admit, it would be strange when the deputy head of the department of justice in the region is a scammer), but Zakharov, communicating with those who longed to become notaries, presented himself as ... Kovaleva's acting deputy. Basically, he was. Deputy for bribery.

Zakharov acted simply: Kovaleva and Chernova handed over to him the personal files of the participants in the next competitions. Zakharov, experienced in this field, identified the most promising candidates in terms of receiving bribes and offered them guarantees of victory in exchange for a certain amount of "gratitude". Depending on the "catching" of the notarial site, this price ranged from 20 to 150 thousand dollars. There were exceptions, except perhaps very rotten regional centers, where the applicants did not have that kind of money. But if we are talking about a "catchy" site in Krasnodar, or in a "fat" one with Sochi's money.

Zakharov, who was not working in justice, worked in this direction ... directly from the office in the department of justice. Not particularly embarrassed. Often, employees became unwitting witnesses to some corrupt negotiations. Such arrogance gave rise to confidence among all those working in the department: “Zakharov, Kovaleva, Chernova have high patrons, whom they “bring in” so that law enforcement officers turn a blind eye to all their art.

It became quite obvious to every family where the notarial shift was growing up: either you pay as much as they say, or you fly by. After all, the very structure of the competition is such that the applicant can be easily killed at any stage. Especially in an oral interview. Slow down the “upstart”, who decided to become a notary for free, that is, we won’t pay moms? - No problem. And vice versa: to admire (in the form of setting maximum points) those who have paid - it's easy.

For example, Sergei Kamuz decided to become a notary. But it didn't take long to figure out how. In 2019, in the competition in the Abinsk notary district, he received 49 points (30 of them in writing, and only ... 19 from members of the competition commission during an oral interview). Lydia Lagodina won (it could not have been otherwise, her mother is a notary close to Chernova). And in February 2020, Kamuz, who has already "understood a lot", receives 97 points in the competition for filling a vacant position in the Krasnodar Notary District - he has wised up twice in six months. Another example. Evgenia Shirokina is gaining a winning 75 points at the competition in 2020 to fill the vacant position of a notary in the Seversky notary district. Did anyone expect a less outstanding result? No, because Shirokina is the daughter of Kovaleva.

The list goes on and on.

Yes, if you take a superficial look, it seems that formally all the requirements of the legislation in the field of notaries are met. Competitions, won, are held to fill vacant positions. But to say that in the Krasnodar Territory the main goal of the notary is the high-quality protection of the interests of citizens and legal entities? That is unlikely. The main task: ensuring the corrupt interests of the leadership.

But, now, let's think sensibly: the relatives paid 20 or 100 thousand dollars there so that their young talent became a notary. How can this loss be covered? Making out the left transactions of roguish legal entities? Draining personal of another kind to crooks, such as black realtors? How else to beat off the bribe costs? This is confirmed by the high-profile Kuban criminal cases on the extraction of apartments and houses of lonely old people, when “left” powers of attorney are issued in notary offices (including the notary’s office of Chernova G.T. herself), disputed by the heirs in the courts of “left” wills (for example compiled by the notary of the Tuapse notary district A.V. Nartova).

Of course, it cannot be said that in the Krasnodar Territory all new appointments are decided solely by tens of thousands of dollars or millions of rubles. Along with commercial contests, there are separate "free" contests - as if emphasizing the "exceptional honesty" of the selection.

Now Chernova is pulling her daughter, Elena Ryazanskaya, to the “trough”. Now Ryazanskaya is the vice-president of the regional chamber. Galina Timofeevna is already quite a few years old, and the corruption family business must be transferred to reliable hands. And who here can act as a more worthy successor? Only my own daughter. As the Chernov family is sure, it is she who should become the future president of the notary chamber of the Krasnodar Territory. If another notary does not interfere with this, Kovaleva's daughter. There is serious competition here. Especially when you consider that Chernova's main "roof" - her ex-husband, has lost his former powers, and today his influence is minimal. But at Kovaleva everything is just rushing. Not long ago, by order of the President of the Russian Federation, the head of the Department of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Adygea I.V. Kovaleva was appointed a member of the Board of the Ministry of Justice of Russia.

The federal officials preparing this document were clearly out of the loop. But now Zakharov will obviously rewrite his corrupt price tag. Indeed, in the Kuban, this is the norm - the more regalia a bribe-taker has, the more it is necessary to “bring in”. And if everything is so good for the one who takes bribes, how good is it for those who accept them? Ask Chernova and Kovaleva. Not for us to ask, but for law enforcement officers.

However, now Kovaleva from the Krasnodar notarial schemes seems to be “squeezed out”. Firstly, it no longer works in the Krasnodar Territory, but in the Republic of Adygea, and secondly, according to the order of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, dated March 30, 2018 No. 63, the procedure for holding a competition for filling a vacant position of a notary has been changed. In it, the composition of the commission is determined in the amount of 5 people - all notaries, including the President of the regional chamber, - the chairman of the commission. The Kuban notary president also single-handedly issues recommendations to applicants (corresponding changes were made to the Charter of the Chamber), taking this function from the collegial body - the Board of the Chamber. Justice in this order was practically devoid of authority. So in fact the decision is solely for Chernova.

We look at the results of the competition at the end of 2021. How much did applicants score there - Chernova's protégé? Artur Dunamalyan - 98 points… Artem Simatov - 93 points, Yulia Bugaevskaya-Breus - 88 points! The rest had no chance of winning. They need experience to accumulate ... and money.


Roman Trushkin

To be continued