The publication of the Cheka-OGPU about how the head of the Kavkazsky district of the Krasnodar Territory, Valery Ochkasov, knows how to relax with his family at the highest level and does not try to hide it, made a lot of noise and forced the official to justify himself. began to sort out the income of the Ochkalasov family and got an interesting picture with a taint of corruption.

Vitaly Ochkasov entrusted the conduct of business to his wife and son, and his daughter, being a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar Territory, is connected to analyze problem situations. In addition, the son is entrusted with the duties of the family head of the security service. He solves such issues with the help of Ruslan Alekseev, a representative of the Dagestan diaspora in the region, who is used to intimidate the disgruntled population.

To run a family business, Vitaly Ochkalasov fictitiously divorced his wife Ochkalasova Tamara Alexandrovna so that she would not be required to declare her assets and income. And he handed over municipal contracts to her for execution. He created a corruption scheme to conclude municipal contracts in the territory under the jurisdiction of Vitaly Ochkasov in favor of organizations owned by Tamara Ochkasova.

But at the same time they openly conduct a joint household and go everywhere together. Even Vitaly Ochkasov invites both his daughter and wife to meetings for support (see photo).

As a supplier of fuels and lubricants for municipal needs, Transport LLC (TIN 2313004649), owned by Tamara Ochkalasova, is a monopolist in the Kavkazsky region and receives all contracts put up for auction. Under Law No. 94-FZ 451, contracts were concluded for the amount of 120.3 million rubles; under Law No. 44-FZ, 743 contracts were concluded for the amount of 453.2 million rubles; .4 million rubles Thus, using his official position, Vitaly Ochkalasov ensures the conclusion of municipal contracts in favor of his wife. With such income, of course, you can relax in the Sochi casino.

But the Kuban is an agricultural granary, and it is clear that Vitaly Ochkalasov could not pass by especially valuable farmlands. As a result of the vigorous activity of Vitaly Ochkasov, his family acquired large agricultural enterprises.

Zhenya, Tamara Ochkalasova, owns agricultural enterprises CJSC Agrofirma Druzhba, TIN 2351009486; Losevo LLC, TIN 2313019765; CJSC Alekseetenginskoye, TIN 2351005587. Everyone is engaged in the cultivation of grain, for them chapter seven provides the supply of replacement material, fertilizers, and also contributes to the profitable sale of finished products.

The son, Ochkalasov Semyon Vitalyevich, owns OAO Stepnoe, the agricultural firm Vozdvizhenskaya, OOO Yug-Agroprom, OOO Kubanskaya Niva, TIN 2329019369, OOO Kuban Semechka, TIN 2364016138, OOO Kubanskoye Yablochko, 2364015046, LLC "ZSK", TIN 2364001100, LLC "Mayak Revolution", TIN 2329022001, where Semyon actually manages the entire farm of the same name. Here, in addition to growing crops, there is also the production of cattle.

So, the Ochkalasov family begins to claim the title of one of the largest landowners in the Kuban, and here the following question already arises: how are hundreds of hectares of Kuban land and even a whole farm acquired? Many residents of the district, in a personal conversation, complain about deceit and intimidation on the part of the Ochkalasov family during the seizure of land plots.

Recall that earlier the Cheka-OGPU showed a video as the secretary of the Caucasian branch of the UNITED RUSSIA party, the head of the municipality of the Kavkazsky district of the Krasnodar Territory, Vitaly Ochkasov, does not hesitate to show how richly he rests with his family for the New Year holidays.

On two private helicopters, they flew to rest in the Krasnaya Polyana resort, where they are regular guests.

The recreation program includes a mandatory visit to the casino.

Considering the data of the declaration of a civil servant, such income Ochkalasov V.N. does not possess, a standard question: where does the income come from.

And only the initiates know about the activities of Vitaly Ochkalasov. Yula to seize lands in the territory under their jurisdiction and transfer these lands to their children for economic activity.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued