IL-80 - Doomsday aircraft.

This story began, in fact, long before the NWO. The theft of the interior of the Doomsday plane exposed many problems. Many subtleties were not widely covered, but then the matter was not only and not so much in the theft of radio equipment. Details in the investigation.

As our source said, in parallel with the activities of the preliminary investigation bodies, the work of an operational group of state security bodies was simultaneously organized. The last task was to identify the entire distribution chain of stolen equipment up to the end user. Pretty soon it turned out that the end user was not agents of foreign intelligence services, and not even radio amateurs from Rostov, but enterprises processing non-ferrous metals. Of course, the foundry workers could not know about the origin of the scrap entering the furnaces. What can not be said about those who prepared that "scrap". After all, they couldn’t help but see the details and markings on special equipment and copper wires to it?

Самолет Судного дня


Moreover, it follows from the materials of the criminal case that the disassembly of the interior of the aircraft took place not at once, but for a long time. And everything came true for scrap along a certain chain.


Strategic bombers-missile carriers Tu-22 and Tu-160.

In parallel with the Rostov theft from the presidential special aircraft, another criminal case was being investigated. Theft of tens of millions of rubles was revealed in the development of systems for the Tu-160 bomber at the Temp Research and Production Enterprise. It was this research and production enterprise that developed fuel system components, digital and electronic control systems for engine and air intake control for modern Tu-22 and Tu-160 strategic missile-carrying bombers. Initially, there was a rather dubious reason for initiating a criminal case back in 2016. Claims initially were reduced rather to the financial and economic activities of the enterprise. However, the work of the task force, consisting of representatives of both the FSB and the FSO, around disassembling the Doomsday aircraft into parts has begun to bring preliminary results. In other words, we expanded the supply chains of both scrap metal and products made from it. The quality of these products "at the top" raised serious questions. Therefore, it was decided to double-check. The wiring and automation on one of the Tu-160s was shifted several times (the acceptance was toothy).

Now both criminal cases are in court. One has already been convicted. Rostov is in the stage of hearings. However, the story doesn't end there.


FTS and VAT.


Let's go back a little. When it became clear that the root cause of the current situation was the turmoil in the metal processing market, warnings were issued to the major players whose products were highlighted in that story. Schemes of work with the registration of "paper VAT" had a specific negative impact on the quality of products consumed by the military-industrial complex.


What is "paper VAT"


VAT is the most collected tax in Russia. This is the largest source of budget revenues, apart from oil and gas revenues. How much VAT a company must pay to the budget is calculated as follows: “outgoing” VAT (which the company accrued to its counterparties when selling goods/works/services) minus “incoming” VAT (submitted by sellers of goods/works/services, which the company as a buyer or customer pays ).

“Paper VAT” is a tax evasion scheme when a company substitutes fictitious transactions with one-day firms into a chain of relationships. Although in reality she did not pay for goods or services, the imaginary transaction is reflected in the documents, increasing the "input" VAT and, accordingly, reducing the total amount of tax payable.

In fact, payment for transactions is not transferred, the transaction is not reflected in the accounting of the seller, or it is displayed as a receivable with subsequent write-off at the end of the limitation period.

“Paper VAT” is an outdated scheme. In 2015, the Federal Tax Service launched the VAT-2 ASK automated system. By comparing invoices and returns, it automatically identifies tax gaps. In addition to additional tax, violators are fined 20-40% of the amount of arrears.

Automated checks have reduced the VAT tax gap in Russia to 0.4%, the lowest in the world. Despite the fact that back in 2016 it was 8%.

The Federal Tax Service, together with the Investigative Committee of Russia, with the operational support of security agencies, took up the creators of platforms to avoid VAT. Contractors of state corporations and large companies turned to their services. For example, in the list of companies that the investigators then compiled on the basis of data from the Federal Tax Service, Galika-Met LLC is indicated, a contractor for the state corporation Roscosmos, NPO im. Lavochkin and PJSC "UEC-Kuznetsov". Galika-Met LLC fulfilled contracts for the Roskosmos corporation: in 2017 - by 71.4 million rubles, in 2018 - by 98.6 million rubles, in 2019 - by 49.9 mln rub. In 2020, the company signed contracts with the NPO. Lavochkin for 4.9 million rubles. In addition, this year Galika-Met LLC signed contracts with PJSC UEC-Kuznetsov for 515 million rubles.

Among those whose companies were identified in fraud with unfair purchase of scrap metal through schemes with "paper VAT" were, among other things, companies that are part of the RMK Group (Russian Copper Company). At present, verification measures are being taken against unscrupulous companies, the Federal Tax Service has filed tax claims in the amount of about 100 billion rubles. The leadership of the RMK at various levels of state authorities is trying in vain to resolve the issue. The head of the company, Igor Altushkin, is at a loss as to why the issue has not yet been closed.

SVO opens.

Игорь Алтушкин (слева) и Рамзан Кадыров

The course and results of the special military operation are subject to constant comprehensive analysis. The range and quality of weapons and military equipment supplied to the troops are subject to assessment, among other things. Particular attention is paid to identifying shortcomings and omissions (read theft) in conditions of direct combat use. For this reason, it was decided to suspend Altushkin's requests at all levels of state power until they are clarified during the SVO. The circumstances of the supply of all contractors without exception to defense industry enterprises, the assessment of the results of the use of weapons samples in the context of the quality of components and materials, their compliance with the declared nomenclature are subject to establishment.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov