GSU SK of Russia across St. Petersburg investigation of criminal case upon murder on October 6, 1991 in sports Palace "Anniversary" singer Igor Talkov is resumed. Suspended the investigation was back in 1993, as then found the "extreme". They made the producer of the singer Valeriy Shlagman, which could not be successfully moved to Israel. Slehman turned into a killer by the efforts of a group of police officers who were friends and curators of the true malefactor –criminal "authority" Igor Malakhov. He died in 2018 as a single alcoholic. But then, in 1993, he was an influential handsome gangster who maintained close relations with a group of Moscow operas. Unlike Malakhov, they are all alive and healthy and in the business – owned Firms, head of the security service are "fixers". in its investigation calls people who covered gangster, deal with the singer.  

Alexey Darkov was in the unit for combating organized crime in the distant 1990. Then he was invited to the relevant Department of Moore, Deputy chief of which was Vladimir Rushailo, who later created the notorious Rubops and became head of the interior Ministry. And was the head of Department Alexander Komarov, who is from Moore gradually moved to the head of the security Department group "Bridge" Vladimir Gusinsky. In addition to these people, Darkov met with an employee of Department Sergey Lomov, now, too, which is one of the unspoken leaders chopovtsev and guardian of dubious businessmen. Almost from the beginning of the work in this unit Darkov was in the thick of dubious events.

 As sources told in law enforcement agencies, at this time for the right of control over a number of capital hotels the criminal war between the mazutkin group headed by "thief in law" Alexey Petrov (Petrik) and the Dagestan organized criminal group under the leadership of Osman Kadiyev (Osman) was developed. Kadieva later the FBI will call man number 3 in the hierarchy of the Russian mafia abroad (man number 1 was the "lawyer" Vyacheslav Ivankov). Lomov and Darkov was familiar with Petrik and other methodische, and not on duty. Especially they became friends with" authoritative " brothers Oleg and Igor Malakhov. Opera had to develop the brothers, and in fact became one of their most loyal allies in the internal Affairs bodies. During the war with Caucasians "methodistism" got pretty.



So, people of Osman during the dismantling of the hotel "Ukraine" caused Igor Malakhov 11 stab wounds. Lomov and Darkov personally visited him in the hospital and at the bedside of the wounded, promised to revenge. All the more, its word put in a word and Petrik. After that, two officers of Moore have started a real "hunting" for kadieva. The Opera, referring to operational information, tried to" attach " Osman to the majority of crimes to which Dagestanis were involved at that time. They even managed to get Kadiev put on the wanted list. As a result, he had to leave Moscow. It is easy to guess, who then passed control of the hotels.

         Again fate brought Kadiev, Darkov and Lomov many years later. In 2004, Osman had a conflict with one of the partners of the co-owner of the company "metalloinvest" Vasily Anisimov. What was the surprise kadieva, when the "disassembly" came to him Lomov and Darkov released by the time of retirement. It turned out that both of them have been familiar with Anisimov for many years and since the time of work in the bodies provide assistance to this businessman. The style of work of "pensioners" has not changed. They demanded from Osman to lag behind the patronized businessman, threatening otherwise, thanks to his connections to send the Dagestan authority in prison.



         According to the interlocutors, Lomov and Darkov to death maintained relations with Igor Malakhov (his brother Oleg was shot in the dashing 1990s).  They have something to remember. Especially the story of the murder of Igor Talkov. He was shot dead on 6 October 1991 under absolutely obvious circumstances. On this day Talkov had to participate in the national concert, held at the sports Palace "Jubilee" in St. Petersburg. The event was attended by singer Aziza, who was at that time the mistress of Igor Malakhov.

Malakhov suddenly burst into Talkov's dressing room and demanded that he concede the prestigious final performance to Aziza. However, he announced that he is a very influential bandit. Talkov ordered protection to expose the visitor, Malakhov pulled out the gun. A struggle ensued, during which the "authority" fired two shots. One of the bullets hit in the chest with Talc. From the wound he died. Malakhov fled the scene and was put on the wanted list. The criminal case was investigated by St. Petersburg investigators, and operational support was provided by local counterintelligence officers and militiamen.

At this stage, questions who was the murderer of the famous singer, law enforcement officers did not arise. Representatives of the operational investigation team left St. Petersburg for Moscow to detain Oleg Malakhov, who was suspected of harboring his brother Igor and traces of the crime. And then to the fore in the investigation suddenly came the staff of Moore Darkov and Lomov. According to the information available, they wrote to the administration the report that Igor and Oleg – their secret agents, help in exposing participants of various criminal groups, they are with brothers in constant contact, and are not involved in Talkov's murder Malakhov.

The Opera promises to organize Igor's detention, however for the purpose of carrying out this operation ask not to take Oleg into custody. As a result, it is Darkov and Lomov actually begin to engage in operational support in the case of the murder of Talkov. The result of this support is as follows. Opera find witnesses who allegedly saw the "Jubilee" weapons in the hands of the producer Talkova Valery Shlafman. In reality, frightened Hatman after the shooting picked up the gun from the floor and took to the dressing room Aziza. She threw it in the fountain.

However, Darkov and Lomov so intimidated Shlyafman that he was accused of involvement in the murder that he chose to flee to Israel. Immediately Lomov and Darkov lead to the investigator out of nowhere taken Igor Malakhov. He as the witness tells the version built not without someone's help. They say he fired one shot into the floor. And then he seized weapons puny Shlyafman who accidentally shot and talc.

Have escaped Shlyafmana to ask nothing failed. As a result, he was accused in absentia of the murder of Talkov. And Igor Malakhov received only two years for illegal storage of the weapon. He never did. Someone helped him to replace the real term of punishment in the form of correctional labor in the capital plant ZIL, where, of course, Malakhov never even appeared.

Yuri Turns