We continue to talk about the channel through which Russian officials withdrew more than $ 1 billion from the Russian Federation to the United States. Recall that the son of the former Prosecutor General of Russia Artem Chaika was registered in Switzerland at the address of a businessman of Ukrainian origin Bogdan Lisurenko. In Navalny's investigation, Bogdan Lisurenko's mother, Lilia, was mentioned literally in passing. Lilia Lisurenko and a certain Elena Shubina are founders of the Swiss company Favor SA. According to the information available to Rucriminal.info, the services of this company were regularly used by many Russian and CIS officials and businessmen. The package of services also included assistance in the withdrawal from the Russian Federation and legalization, both in the Swiss Confederation and in the United States, of money of dubious origin. Who is behind this channel? Shubina has a husband, Vadim Kebets. He worked in managerial positions in various Russian banks, including KB Rosestbank. In the USA, Vadim Kebets is the director of Concept Brokerage Holding Corporation. This company, in turn, owns a controlling stake in Western International Securities Inc, which manages assets worth about USD 1 billion.

In our last article, we gave a plate of organizations established by RosEstBank JSCB and supervised by the vice-president of the bank, Vadim Kebets.

We would like to draw your attention to the last company from this list - TRIVALENT ADVISORS SA from Switzerland. In her maiden name, she was called Rosest Invest SA. This information can be checked here and here. This company with a registered capital of 1 million Swiss francs (which is slightly more than 1 million US dollars) was registered in July 1997 in Geneva.

The registration of this company in the interests of RosEstBank was carried out by the auditor Charles John Bennett from Price Waterhouse, who until June 1999 carried out the sole management of the company.

We have already said that the story with RosEstBank cast a serious shadow on the auditing firm Price Waterhouse, which worked with the bank not only as an auditor and client, but also as a partner in various projects. For incomprehensible (or understandable) reasons, Price Waterhouse did not manage to foresee the death of RosEstBank. As can be seen from the previous material, 11 million US dollars were invested in Rosest Invest SA JSCB RosEstBank, the traces of which were never found. Since according to the information of the auditor hired by the bank at the time of the audit, Rosest Invest SA ... was in the process of liquidation. However, according to data from the commercial register of the Canton of Geneva, the liquidation process of the company was launched only in 2013, and it was finally liquidated only on July 3, 2017. Consider the transformation of Rosest Invest SA in full detail. you can follow this link: https://www.shabex.ch/co/pub/trivalent_advisors_sa_CH-660.1.175.997-6.htm

As follows from the above extract, Rosest Invest SA at the time of registration was established to help and advise Russian investors in their foreign investments.

In June 1999 (immediately after the completion of the search for assets of RosEstBank JSCB), Mr. Bennett leaves his post, and in July 1999, Vadim Kebets, already known to us, becomes the head of the company. The auditor of the company is also changing, the Swiss company Tannhauser SA becomes him. (https://www.zefix.ch/en/search/entity/list/firm/190255)

In November 1999 Rosest Invest SA changed its name to TRIVALENT ADVISORS SA, and the adjective “Russians” in relation to its clients disappeared from the company's sphere of activity. In addition, the registered shares of the company become bearer shares to hide the real owner.

The resignation of David Rimer, as well as the coming to the position of Vice President of a financial consultant and an employee of a number of Swiss banks - Laissue Stéphane (https://viadeo.journaldunet.com/p/stephane-laissue-849634) testifies to the new owner.

On May 21, 2008, the powers of Vadim Kebets (Kebets Vadim) are terminated, the charter is changed according to the points that are not subject to publication. A professional liquidator of the companies Olivier Cramer from Zurich becomes the executive director of the company, and Vladimir Eremenko (Vladimir Eremenko) from Moscow becomes the president.

And finally, at the general meeting on April 17, 2013, a decision is made to liquidate the company. Vladimir Eremenko resigns from the post of its head, and Olivier Kramer becomes the liquidator of the company.

In July 2017, a record of the company's liquidation appears in the commercial register of the canton of Geneva.

Now let's superimpose events of another time series on this event time series.

On June 16, 2000, a certain Valery Vladimirovich Nosov was appointed Deputy and then First Deputy Minister of Finance of the Government of the Moscow Region. At that time, the Minister of Finance of the Moscow Region Alexei Kuznetsov, under whose leadership Nosov worked at Inkombank in the distant 1990s, was his patronage in the public service.

It is worth noting that, in parallel with the civil service, Valery Nosov is actively developing his own business: LLC Promexport, LLC Group Intermash, LLC Artmedia Group and CJSC Financial Company Gorizont. True, in most cases, the formal founder of these companies is Valery Nosov's wife, Natalia.

In addition to all this, through the above-mentioned Swiss company TRIVALENT ADVISORS SA, which has been controlled since the end of 1999, Nosov not only controls a blocking stake in the Russian Investment Group business, jointly with his wife, Aleksey Kuznetsov, Zhanna Bullock, flows to real estate and various business projects.

And so successfully that later the Russian law enforcement agencies could not find the ends of these "investments", in contrast to the "investments" of his boss and partner Alexei Kuznetsov (https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/2794638).

RIGroup, an international investment and development company, has worked in commercial, residential and historical and cultural real estate around the world and had offices in New York, Moscow, London and Paris.

RIGroup entered the Russian development market in 2001.

According to official information, RIGroup LLC was founded in 2003 by the American developer RIGroup and the European investment fund Westbury Fund Ltd, which represents the interests of private investors.

In fact, according to SPARK, the real owners of RIGroup were companies controlled by Kuznetsov's wife Zhanna Bullock (74.65%), and Valery Nosov owned 25.35% through Trivalent Advisors SA.

The main focus of the company in Russia is real estate projects. By the end of 2008, the company's portfolio included objects with a total area of ​​about 850 thousand square meters. m., mainly in the Moscow region.

The activities of the Moscow Region Mortgage Corporation (IKMO), the Moscow Regional Mortgage Agency (MOIA) and the Moscow Regional Investment Trust Company (MOITK) were tied to RIGroup and its subsidiary RIGroup-Finance.

In 2008, the company began to experience financial difficulties; creditors - developer Coalco, Svyaz-Bank and VTB - filed claims against it.

If you have noticed this year Kebets leaves Trivalent Advisors SA, and a professional liquidator of companies appears in the management, and Vladimir Eremenko, an employee of the Swiss law firm SECRETAN TROYANOV SA, becomes the president of the company.

Владимир Еременко

In February 2009, the assets of RIGroup, whose debt at that time was 29.6 billion rubles, were transferred to the management of ORSI.

In June 2010, RIGroup was declared bankrupt.

The criminal case against Alexei Kuznetsov, Zhanna Bullock, Valery Nosov and Dmitry Kotlyarenko was initiated at the beginning of 2010. All of them were charged with "fraud committed by an organized group on an especially large scale."

According to the investigation, from November 2005 to November 2008, an organized group led by Kuznetsov deceived a number of housing and communal services enterprises to claim debts to municipalities in the Moscow Region for over 4 billion rubles. The money was legalized and appropriated. In 2007, while implementing the program for the development of housing loans in the region, members of the criminal group embezzled another 1 billion rubles. In 2008, they also stole property worth 7.2 billion rubles from Mosobltransinvest OJSC.

In general, according to the calculations of the IC, the corruption of Kuznetsov and his accomplices cost the regional budget more than 14 billion rubles.

It is clear that Alexei Kuznetsov and his deputy Valery Nosov had very serious patrons, both in the Moscow Region Government itself and in law enforcement agencies. However, the scandal received such a serious resonance that the criminal case was brought to court with the subsequent conviction of all its defendants.

In February 2016, the Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow issued another verdict against Valery Nosov. He was found guilty of the fact that he, together with his boss, the ex-Minister of Finance of the Moscow Region Alexei Kuznetsov, brought abroad about one billion budget rubles. Valery Nosov was sentenced to 14 years and 9 months in prison.

In 2012, the Presnensky court sentenced him to 4 years for extortion.

In December 2014, the Basmanny Court already sent Nosov to a colony for 14 years for embezzlement in the housing sector.

And on February 2, 2016, the Khamovnichesky court sentenced him to 14 years 9 months in a general regime colony. The term was set taking into account the previous verdict in the Basmanny Court, where Nosov was also ordered to recover a fine of 1 million rubles. As mentioned above, Nosov did not have any assets abroad.

According to the information we have, immediately after Nosov's arrest, his Swiss partner Vadim Kebets immediately "forgot" about some of his obligations and began to use the financial resources entrusted to him in the management of Nosov & Co. for his full pleasure and the pleasure of his business partners.

One of the secret partners of Vadim Kebets has long been the First Deputy General Director of PJSC State Transport Leasing Company (STLC), the former General Director of VTB-Leasing JSC and CJSC Financial Company Gorizont, who began his career at RosEstBank JSCB - Anton Borisevich ...

Антон Борисевич

It was Mr. Borisevich, who was actively looking for clients for Vadim Kebets, and introduced him to Valery Nosov. By the way, Anton Vladimirovich was involved in the investigation of Alexei Navalny.


To be continued

Alexey Ermakov