WADA will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (CAS) in the RUSADA case, the organization’s press service said. WADA officially notified the court of the dispute with RUSADA about the sanctions. On December 9, the WADA Executive Committee approved the recommendations of the compliance committee and determined sanctions for Russia for manipulating data from the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory. Among them - a 4-year ban for Russia to participate in major international competitions (including the Olympic Games and World Championships) and the deprivation of the right to accept them, the flag of the Russian Federation cannot be raised on them. Who failed Russia under the doping scandal? According to, the whole project from the Kremlin was supervised by Alexei Kulakovsky, who holds the post of deputy head of the Presidential Administration for the State Council, an employee of the Presidential Administration Alexei Kulakovsky. We continue to publish our investigation about this “gray cardinal” of Russian sports.

On the “sports front”, Kulakovsky also had other influential and wealthy acquaintances, in particular billionaire Andrei Bokarev. Together they are part of the leadership of the Non-Profit Charitable Organization Fund for the Support of Russian Olympians.

Alexei Kulakovsky was extremely active in organizing the Olympic Games in Sochi, not forgetting about his family members. His son Julian was a member of the Olympic torch relay. And when the doping scandal struck, Kulakovsky Sr. immediately went “into the shadows”. Only in 2018, he "marked" on a painful topic with "important" statements. That "the use of doping should be intolerant." And that "anti-doping work in Russia requires strengthening from all departments."

When in 1984 Alexei Kulakovsky was still working in the system of the USSR Ministry of Environment, he had a son who was given the unusual name Julian. His entire biography is a typical biography of the representative of the "golden youth". He graduated from a prestigious school, then, under the patronage of his father, he studied at the Institute of Economics and Finance, and then at the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. The circle of his communication, including on parties in nightclubs, consisted mainly of children of his father's friends and young athletes, mainly hockey players. Especially Julian became close with Enver Lisin (now a player of “Salavat Yulaev”) and his cousin Adgur Dzhugeliya (the first hockey player - Abkhazian. Winner of the youth world hockey championship).

When the question arose about the employment of Julian, then there were no problems. There is a father for this. In 2009, the 25-year-old Julian took the post of assistant to the head of the Federal Treasury Department in Moscow, in which Kulakovsky Sr. was once a deputy director. The official annual income of the young man was 563 thousand rubles, and, as he pointed out in the declaration, he received 2.9 million rubles in the form of income from securities and participation in commercial organizations.

However, Julian is clearly not used to counting money. As found out, for a short period (including his bureaucratic career), from 2009 to 2013, he became the owner of three prestigious foreign cars: LEXUS LS460, MERCEDES-BENZ E500AMG, AUDI A8L. Moreover, he traveled by car with license plate number A093МР77, which is issued only to large officials. He also became the owner of a plot of land and a large mansion in the area of ​​Pavlovskaya Sloboda in New Riga and an apartment in building 10 in Maly Levshinsky Lane. This building was built in 1885, which after reconstruction turned into an elite club house. The cost of apartments, like that of Kulakovsky Jr., is now around 45 million rubles. Almost simultaneously, the young man purchased an apartment of 172.6 square meters in house 6 in Yakimansky Lane. This is the Imperial House residential complex, where similar apartments cost around 200 million rubles.

 It is worth noting that Julian is a big fan of collecting luxury housing. At different times, he was a co-owner of an apartment of 190 square meters in building 19, building 2 on Bakhrushin Street - the "nest" of the Kulakovsky family. This is a club house with only 15 apartments. The cost of housing, like that of an official family, exceeds 120 million rubles. Julian also owns an apartment with an area of ​​"modest" 234 square meters in house 4 on Tikhvinskaya Street. The house belongs to the Presidential Administration and the cost of such an apartment exceeds 100 million rubles.

Moreover, this, apparently, is far from the entire list of Julian’s real estate, but even by these examples it is clear that he owns housing worth almost half a billion rubles.

If we go back to the biography of the young man, then when he was bored with the bureaucratic career, his father added him to Andrei Bokarev's Transmashholding.

According to, but even there Julian did not take root or an entrepreneurial streak “opened” in him. Later he turned out to be a stunningly successful businessman. Whatever companies Kulakovsky Jr. sets up with his friend “the first Abkhaz hockey player” Adgur Dzhugeliya, state contracts for billions of rubles immediately begin to “pour in” them.

Julian Kulakovsky always led a very peculiar business, and for a long time with him other co-founders of the company were men, mostly of the 50s born of the same age as his father. Against their background, the 20-year-old founder looked a little strange, rather, as a representative of Kulakovsky Sr. in these structures. Then Julian found himself in the founders of at least two Savasinskoye Huasin LLCs - registered at 10 on Maly Levshinsky Lane and selling real estate in this building. In general, there is a persistent feeling that the entire club house was reconstructed and then sold out by the Kulakovsky family and their partners.

Now Julian Kulakovsky is the deputy general director of an extremely interesting structure - MSK Group LLC. Until 2017, Adrug Dzhugeliya (a close friend of Julian) was the 100% owner of this company, then she changed several apparently nominal owners until the company was rewritten to Andrey Tuzhba (he is also the general director). This, in turn, is a close relative of Jugelia.

It was at MSC Group in its entirety that the business talents of the first Abkhaz hockey player Dzhugeliya and his friend Julian were revealed. Over the past two years, this company, unknown to anyone, has received state contracts worth 1.5 billion rubles for major road repairs. The main customer of FKU Tsentravtomagistral, which is part of Rosavtodor.

Before MSC Group began to show incredible successes, there was Interdorstroy LLC (now in liquidation), which is closely connected with MSC Group and the people behind this company. Until its liquidation, Interdorstroy received government contracts for repairs and reconstruction are expensive at almost 6.5 billion rubles. “Under the pairs” this group has a number of companies with “road” names, which, no doubt, will also receive contracts for gigantic amounts.

It remains only to envy the successes of the structures to which Yulian Kulakovsky, the son of the official of the RF AP, Alexei Kulakovsky, is related. And, of course, there is no doubt that such successes with the post of Kulakovsky Sr. are in no way connected.


To be continued

Mikhail Ermakov