The former president of RosPromBank (RPB), recently released on parole from a pre-trial detention center, Sergey Salogubov, who was convicted in 2019 for embezzling more than 750 million rubles together with his accomplices, was transferred to the SIZO-5 housekeeping detachment, according to his own statement, again took up the old.

So, Salogubov S.I. by deception, under the guise of attracting investments to an enterprise located in the city of Engels, Saratov Region, he took possession of a multimillion-dollar sum of a deceived entrepreneur. These funds were transferred to Salogubov S.I. in cash under a loan agreement.

Realizing who Salogubov was according to information from the network, and that the transferred funds were not invested by Salogubov S.I., the entrepreneur was forced to apply to the Shchelkovsky City Court of the Moscow Region with a claim for debt collection under a loan agreement (case No. 2-4049 / 2022).

As a result of the consideration of the case in court, the entrepreneur won a lawsuit against Salogubov S.I., the court decision entered into force, however, taking into account the presence of Salogubov S.I. legal debt by another creditor in the amount of more than 2 billion rubles, there is no doubt that the debt will not be repaid.

The indicated actions of the former president of RosPromBank (RPB), given the fact that he has an outstanding criminal record, are rather contradictory, and clearly indicate a complete sense of impunity for Salogubov S.I.

Perhaps this feeling is due to the fact that recently a statement from Salogubov came to the Russian law enforcement agencies, in which he described all the criminal acts of his former patrons - the ultimate beneficiaries of RosPromBank (RPB).


In particular, Salogubov said that in October 2015, his close acquaintance introduced him to the owners of a foreign bank, who asked him to join the RosPromBank (RPB) team. From them, he learned that there was a conflict between shareholders in the bank, and the majority shareholder plans to sell his stake after clarification of all the circumstances of the embezzlement of funds by minority shareholders.

            The Bank of Cyprus (hereinafter referred to as BoS), owned by the government of the Republic of Cyprus, was the majority shareholder, and its interests were represented by BoS officials, citizens of Cyprus. The owners of the bank offered Salogubov to have an interview at the RPB with the President of the Bank, pointing out that he was a new person in the bank, but he was from their team. The interview Salogubov was successful, after which he started working at the RPB.

            The minority shareholder was in fact the well-known Russian Oligarch and his people, who from 2007 to 2015 controlled the work of the Bank. In accordance with the documents and facts found by Salogubov, more than 4 billion rubles were withdrawn from the bank by the efforts of this shareholder and with his direct participation.

            At the same time, the owners of the Bank offered Salogubov, for a fee, to help find a buyer for the sale of the share of the Cypriot shareholders, after which Salogubov turned to his acquaintance, who, as he knew, was related to a certain citizen who had previously been interested in acquiring the Bank and was quite wealthy.

            At a meeting at the China Club restaurant on Krasina Street, in the presence of a relative of Salogubov's friend S.I. looked through information about the RPM in open sources and sent it to his, as he put it, "partner", who soon joined their meeting. Salogubov repeated all the information in his presence, and they, together with those interested, decided to conduct negotiations.

            On the recommendation of the owners of the Bank, Salogubov organized a meeting with interested parties. At the said meeting in the Nautilus shopping center, the cost and settlement procedure were discussed, and an agreement was reached on a new meeting to confirm intentions. The following meetings were held without the participation of Salogubov.

Михаил Николаев

In the future, Salogubov received an offer from new shareholders to remain in the RPB as Chairman of the Board, since they did not like working with the current Chairman. Having agreed to the proposal, Salogubov's task was to interact with the Cypriot shareholders, and ensure the transfer of ownership to new shareholders who would "rescue" the Bank. At the direction of the new shareholders, Salogubov hired advisers from the team of new shareholders.

In mid-March 2016, when signing loan agreements with legal entities, Salogubov drew attention to the fact that the completeness of the client's dossier was not sufficient. At the meeting, which took place in the China Club restaurant on the street. Krasin, the new shareholders again explained to Salogubov that it was not his task to check anything, let alone disrupt their transactions.

            On April 2, 2016, the day after Salogubov took office as president of the bank, he received an order from the Central Bank, which required the formation of reserves. After making calculations and checking the information, he came to the conclusion that the Bank , the standard will be violated, which will inevitably lead to the revocation of the license. He informed the new shareholders about this, who informed the meme that they were already aware and that they had a plan of action in this regard. Soon, documents were brought to Salogubov for signature, according to which the Bank purchased from an individual a land plot with a cadastral value of more than 500 million rubles, and in return gave him a bill of exchange for 80 million rubles. and non-performing loans for 170 million rubles. The sale of these loans and the exchange for real estate made it possible to “keep” the standard and save the bank, Salogubov signed these documents.

            In the future, over the next 6 months, Salogubov followed all the instructions of the new shareholders, signed documents and took part in meetings.

            On September 5, 2016, on the eve of the revocation of his license, Salogubov got a call from his acquaintance and asked to meet with him. At this meeting, he introduced his relative to him, who began to show Salogubov internal bank documents, and then said that the new shareholders had allegedly deceived everyone, that Salogubov would be set up, to which he said that he saw the situation in the bank, but could not do anything. They assured him that they were now responsible for his safety, which meant that he had nothing to fear. After the meeting, Salogubov called the new shareholders, asked what was happening and received an answer that they would explain everything to him later.


            After that, the new shareholders stopped communicating, the bank's license was revoked. All actions for the withdrawal of funds were presented to Salogubov.

            On October 18, 2017, Salogubov was arrested as part of a criminal case on the Republic of Belarus, until August 11, 2020 he was in SIZO-5. According to the conclusion of the DIA, about 2.5 billion rubles were withdrawn from the bank, which were imputed to it in the framework of arbitration proceedings.

On December 19, 2019, Salogubov was sentenced to 5 years in prison. In August 2020, after serving 2.8 years, he was released on parole on the grounds of exemplary behavior and existing incentives in the housekeeping unit of the pre-trial detention center. During the investigation, Salogubov did not testify against the new shareholders and members of their team, since the latter promised him a reward for this.

            Thus, these circumstances indicate that Salogubov's feeling of impunity is explained by his denunciation of his former patrons.

As previously told, the oligarch from Salogubov's testimony was a billionaire, the founder of the Nasta insurance company and the Russian Industrial Bank (ROSPROMBANK), the owner of the Lefkadia winery, Mikhail Nikolaev.

The correspondent of became aware of the essence of the claims against Nikolaev, which could develop into accusations.

In 2007, Nikolaev M.I., being the owner of CB ROSPROMBANK, entered into a deal with Cyprus Laiki Bank. Under the terms of the deal, Laiki Bank would directly acquire a 50.04% stake in the Russian bank, with the remaining stake to be acquired after the audit. The deal amounted to about 80 million dollars. The first share Nikolaev M.I. received immediately. However, Nikolayev negotiates a loan for his company, RPB Holding, secured by shares in the company that owns the bank. Thus, Nikolaev receives the funds in full, the interested managers of the subsequently collapsed Laiki Bank will receive a considerable share of these funds in the form of kickbacks. Apparently, taking into account the same gratitude, Nikolaev leaves the Bank under his control, which helps to successfully spend the funds of the bank and the Cypriots to finance the companies he owns, including the acquisition of the famous Lefkadia and other assets. After the sad peak of Laiki Bank in Cyprus, there comes a wonderful period of timelessness for the philanthropist and winemaker Nikolaev, which is expressed in the fact that the government of Cyprus is not up to the non-core assets of Laiki Bank, which they inherited, and there are no obligations to the previous managers of Laiki Bank itself.

So, in 2014, Nikolaev decides to return some of the assets for which he had previously received money and which were part of the deal in accordance with the shareholder agreement. According to a source, through an ingenious legal manipulation, the bank is withdrawn from the list of voters in a real estate transaction and real estate is simply sold for nothing to Nikolaev's companies, by the way, he even officially became a member of the board of directors in this company. But, this is all just juggling with the law, which, if Nikolaev was not, according to his own statements, a friend of a number of high-ranking security officials, would not have been in vain for him, and fraud begins at the moment when the money received by RPB invest for the building, the sole The decision is not invested anywhere, but in companies owned by Nikolaev, in Lefkadia in particular. And the ever-memorable ROSPROMBANK does not receive a penny. The cynicism of the situation lies in the fact that the building itself is leased to ROSPROMBANK itself, at a price twice the market price. That is, having stolen the premises from the bank, the same premises were leased to the bank. When the leadership of the Republic of Cyprus got their hands on foreign assets, the whole scheme was opened, but the bank did not live to see it made public.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov