Евгений Зиничев

Sources of and the TC VChK-OGPU are confident that, as part of checking the circumstances of the death of Minister Yevgeny Zinichev, an assessment should be made of the actions of persons who were next to the head of the Ministry of Emergencies. They not only did not think about safety during the excursion to the Putoran plateau, but also did not think about how to provide proper medical assistance to Zinichev after the fatal fall. He was alive after the incident. Both the organizer of the excursion and the organizer of the "rescue" was the former favorite of Zinichev, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Andrei Gurovich. Why "old"? Sources say that recently Zinichev has received more and more negative information, primarily from the special services. “There has already accumulated such a folder for him that it should not only be about dismissal,” says our interlocutor. One of the certificates from this voluminous folder was at the disposal of and we are publishing it.

Андрей Гурович

“Gurovich A.M. appointed to the post of Deputy Minister of EMERCOM of Russia on 04/04/2018 by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 288. Prior to his appointment, he headed the Treasury of Moscow from 05/12/2015.

With his arrival at the EMERCOM of Russia, Gurovich presented to the Minister a memorandum (06.06.2018 No. 2-4-46-11-AG) with a request to assign him control and coordination of the activities of the EMERCOM of Russia units, which deliberately and deliberately created favorable conditions for the implementation of further “plans ", From the number of subdivisions of the Central Office:

Development Department (organization of centralized procurement)

HR Policy Department (Appointments and Dismissals of Employees)

Financial and Economic Department (organization of financing of all areas of the EMERCOM of Russia)

Administrative and legal department (all correspondence, record keeping, execution and registration of orders and orders of the head and all deputies of the EMERCOM of Russia, legal expertise of draft documents)

Department of Strategic Planning and Organizational Work (control of the organizational and staff structure, headcount, development of standards for staffing with equipment, publication of staff lists, registration of staffing tables)

From among the institutions of central subordination, but not included in the structure of the central apparatus of the EMERCOM of Russia:

FKU "Financial and Settlement Center of the EMERCOM of Russia" (since 2016, it has been performing the functions of organizing the provision of fuels and lubricants for the units of the EMERCOM of Russia and since March 2017 coordination of overhaul and construction in the EMERCOM)


Gurovich's next step until 08/01/2018 was the replacement of key positions of managers and their deputies, as well as the filling of vacancies in the central office with employees from among the former employees of the treasury of Moscow. Thus, the leaders from among the former deputies of Gurovich and the heads of the Federal Treasury were appointed:

Nerubailo Oleg Vyacheslavovich - Head of Legal Department

Pashnanov Mergen Erdnievich - Head of the Financial and Settlement Center of the EMERCOM of Russia

Golikova Nadezhda Vyacheslavovna - Acting Director of the Financial and Economic Department of the EMERCOM of Russia.

More than 40 people from among the employees of the Treasury, without observing the mandatory procedure for enrolling in the reserve out of competition, were appointed to positions of civil service in the central office of the EMERCOM of Russia.

Then proceeds to list the activities of Gurovich, each of which can become the basis for initiating a criminal case.

1) On September 21, 2018, the Foundation for Assistance to the Development of State Bodies for Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia was registered (INN9731008805), in which Gurovich A.M. and Nerubailo O.The. (Head of the Legal Department of the EMERCOM of Russia), in violation of Article 17 of the Federal Law of 27.07.2004 No. 79-FZ, are founders, being in leading positions of the civil service in the EMERCOM of Russia.

09/21/2018 A.M. Gurovich personally signed order No. 364 on the provision of gratuitous financial assistance to the Civil Defense and Emergencies Fund through the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Militarized Mining Rescue Unit" and the conclusion of a donation agreement in the amount of 18 million rubles (references to regulatory legal acts at the disposal are formalism and do not apply to the legal basis for issuing the order ). Presumably, Gurovich's intentions are to purchase two business-class cars without observing competitive procedures and without putting them on the balance sheet for further use by the top management of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for personal purposes.

Thus, a scheme has been created for the withdrawal of state funds through a non-profit organization, the control of which is carried out by the personally interested official of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia - A.M. Gurovich.

2) In the absence of justifications and calculations of the required staffing, assigned functions and tasks (there are no corresponding written decisions and there are no amendments to the Charter), in violation of the requirements for the maximum staffing of the institution in 145 units (Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 14, 2012 No. 461- r "On the establishment of FKU" Financial and Settlement Center of the EMERCOM of Russia ") Gurovich approved but on 06/21/2018 the staffing table with the number of 193 units. The number of the institution was 30 units. The preparation of the draft directive of the Minister on the establishment of a new staff list, verification and registration of the staffing table was carried out by the Department of Strategic Planning and Organizational Work. Within two months, the newly appointed head of the FRC, Pashnanov Mergen Erdnievich, randomly hired more than 40 new employees from among the former employees of the Treasury and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the absence of regulations on the structure of the institution and job descriptions for each employee, as well as the tasks themselves for the institution, since the previous functions at the request of Gurovich were transferred to the Investment and Construction Department. The established level of wages paid to employees in the institution without defining the functions and tasks will lead to unjustified spending of budgetary funds for the payment of wages to employees of the institution in the amount of over 70 million rubles, which can be qualified as a waste of budgetary funds. (there is information that the above documents were reissued retroactively, but I do not have the signatures of previously dismissed officials, which is evidence of another offense - falsification of financial documents.

3) At the direction of Gurovich, the redistribution of earmarked funds in the amount of 658.2 million rubles was initiated, intended to fulfill the state defense order in 2018 for the completion and commissioning of a residential building for EMERCOM employees, located at the address: Moscow, st. Miloshenkova, house 6. The object is registered by the Ministry of Economic Development in the closed part of "Housing Construction".

a) 08/01/2018 signed by Minister Zinichev E.N. an appeal was sent to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. (ref No. 42-2010dsp) with a request to make a decision on the redistribution of this funding to the non-program part of section 0310 "Fire safety" and instruct the government of the Russian Federation to determine LLC "Construction management Investstroy" (with an authorized capital of 10,000 rubles) as the sole executor of design, construction and equipping specialized fire and rescue facilities in the Republic of Altai and Crimea;


b) for this appeal, there is an order from the President to the Government of the Russian Federation to determine the only supplier for the EMERCOM of Russia to fulfill the goals specified in the appeal of the Minister (Pr-1601 dated 09/03/2018), under the guise of which Gurovich issued a power of attorney for himself on behalf of the Minister of EMERCOM of Russia for all actions.


4) September 17, 2018 Gurovich (out. FRTs No. 1218-2-1) initiated a change in the target figures for admission to educational institutions of higher education of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia in 2018 enrollment in the direction of increasing by 1 unit in the fire-technical profile in correspondence courses by 5 years (Order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia dated 05/04/2018 No. 206). Given that the recruitment and admission to the universities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for 2018 has already been completed, and PKU FRC has nothing to do with the field of "Fire safety". Under the personal patronage of Gurovich, a place was organized in the universities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for fictitious higher professional education.


5) A group of people under the leadership of A.M. Gurovich made a flight to a football match on 07.07.2018 in Sochi on a separate board of the Aviation and Rescue Company of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, using their official position without payment. (6 people, including Pashnanov, Nerubailo, Syromolotov and Koldaev - former employees of the Treasury), the amount of the cost of the plane flight, according to the calculation of the ASK EMERCOM of Russia, amounted to 3294.3 thousand rubles. This flight was carried out as part of a commercial order from ANO "Organizing Committee of the 2018 FIFA World Cup", in the application of which these passengers are not included.


Denis Zhirnov

To be continued