Kushnarev Artem Andreevich - another of the fragments of the transport gang RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY. And this figure is clearly a match for all the other accomplices. Kushnarev has long been familiar with the business world. Once a co-owner of a premium segment car dealership, he figured out long ago that the transport sector is a “gold mine”. Currently, he is the head and founder of companies engaged in various business areas - from sports to the construction of various facilities and software development.

Kushnarev is a typical representative of the "golden youth". His past is no better than any of the members of the organized crime group. The only difference is that someone was engaged in misappropriation of budgetary funds, but he attacked people, being, let's say, in an indecent state, and was also involved under Part 1 of Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the sale of narcotic substances. I would like to note that already at that time Artem Andreevich "led by the nose" representatives of law enforcement agencies. The story about the guilt of the "third person" - whom no one has ever seen, served Artem Kushnarev in good stead and "dismissed" him from a new term - no less serious than for selling drugs. By the way, there are eyewitnesses of that incident who did not take their testimony then. We will publish their story later.

        Back in the days when he owned a car dealership, he built good connections with the “right” people, knew who he needed to be “friends” with and it would be better not to quarrel. Apparently this is what helps him in business to this day. At the moment, Kushnarev is the founder and head of the following companies: Axon LLC (TIN 7841318250), BSTR LLC (TIN 7801652096), Kursus LLC (TIN 7813621864), Splotim LLC (TIN 7811722553), Development LLC Tim" (TIN 7813636236), and is also an individual entrepreneur. Previously (until 2021) he was the head and founder of several other companies. Several legal entities belonging to him are currently in the process of liquidation.

The total turnover of Kushnarev's companies for 2020 amounted to 103,934,000.00 rubles. For 2019 - about 10 times less. Since 2019, BSTR LLC (TIN 7801652096), Kursus LLC (TIN 7813621864), Development Team LLC (TIN 7813636236) have become active participants in public procurement. From that moment on, Kushnarev's "white streak" began. But as you know, you have to pay for everything, and in order to participate in such purchases, you need to pay a lot and preferably on an ongoing basis. And that's why…

The main customer of Development Team LLC is St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution "Centre for Transport Planning of St. Petersburg". For him, the Company performed work on the survey of transport and passenger flows on public transport routes and stopping points in St. Petersburg in the amount of 11 million rubles (No. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region via the route network of public transport of St. Petersburg in the amount of 17,910,000.00 rubles. (No. 2783841968120000019). It is very interesting how a company that was founded a little over a year, without experience, received these two contracts. And here it is necessary to turn to the departmental hierarchy. St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution "Center for Transport Planning of St. Petersburg" is an institution subordinate to the Committee for the Development of Transport Infrastructure of St. Petersburg, in which Sizov Andrey Sergeevich, who is another fragment of the RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY transport gang for a certain "remuneration" provides state contracts to more than one company in the region. Given the "business experience" and many more talents of Mr. Kushnarev, they saw him as a new and promising "companion".


        Another customer, not yet so large for Development Team LLC, is St. Petersburg State Institution "City Parking Management Center of St. Petersburg. For him, Kushnareva performed work to restore the operability of the SCHEIDT & BACHMANN automated parking system, located at the address: St. Petersburg, Vitebsky pr ., account 193 (to the west of building 108, letter A) for the amount of 1,437,078.53 rubles (No. 2784201904421000022). and there - Deputy Chairman of the Committee Andrey Alexandrovich Velesevich, also very "worried" about the firms entrusted to him (and their millions ... well, his own - hidden, of course).

         However, it is noteworthy that Kushnarev has more than one company, at least three are involved in procurement. And these are only those that can be traced from open sources. The second legal entity that successfully wins competitions is Kursus LLC, created to replace the eponymous one, which is now in liquidation. Since 2019, Kursus LLC has signed 8 contracts with PB GKU "City Center for Parking Management of St. Petersburg" for a total of 67 million rubles. It is worth noting that most of them usually stop before completion. Nevertheless, Kushnarev's companies do not give up hope and try themselves with new Customers. Thus, at the end of 2020, Development Team LLC entered into a contract with St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution Mostotrest for maintenance in the amount of 20,042,806.42 rubles (No. 2780621519520000208). At the moment, they are fulfilling their obligations under this contract and have already swung at a new one - for the provision of maintenance services (No. 0372200290021000260) in the amount of 33,672,644 rubles, but so far without success ... As you know, St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution Mostotrest is subordinate to the Committee for the Development of Transport Infrastructure, where again, we meet the chief manager of contracts in this department - Andrey Sergeevich Sizov.

       As for Kushnarev himself, despite a long period of time in business, he is not remarkable for anything. Artem Kushnarev managed to go bankrupt, however, the bankruptcy case was closed (Case No. A56-99260/2020). One of its plots (Leningrad region, Yanino) was put up for auction, but not sold. Judging by the data of Rosreestr behind him, there is a small house in Udmurtia, rn. Yarsky. His property is either well hidden with relatives, or he simply does not exist, because a significant part of the funds has to be voluntarily-compulsorily given to his patrons.

      Meanwhile, the remnants of the transport gang are trying to continue to plunder the region. Of course, Development Team LLC, Kursus LLC do not have such large contracts, but apparently RODIONOV, VELESEVICH, SIZOV, NOVGORODSKII and their closest associates have enough pocket money ... Well, Artem Andreevich, run away from them, otherwise - with such patrons and such a biography (drugs, causing death, giving a bribe, legalization of criminal proceeds, participation in an organized criminal group), all the most “interesting” is still ahead of you ...

     Also, a source reported an emergency situation at one of the transport facilities in St. Petersburg:

In early February 2022, employees of the Russian special services in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region held an event to study the effectiveness of anti-terrorist and anti-sabotage protection measures on one of the overpasses.

      Employees of the Russian special services in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region carried out the laying of a “test item” (a dummy of an explosive device) under a support, which, like the entire overpass, is under video surveillance by the operators of the Unified Control Point (hereinafter referred to as the SPC), on which it is located around the clock 4 operators behind video surveillance monitors.

When taking up duty, the operators received instructions from the head of the EPU, for each operator, the area of ​​​​responsibility of the overpass was distributed.

The operator did not see and could not see the moment of laying under the overpass support, since the video surveillance system, in terms of video analytics, did not work out the “Suspicious object detection” event, due to its malfunction and disabled video analytics detectors, moreover, the video camera that is aimed at the support is stationary and does not rotate. The operator was unable to call the capture group.

      These circumstances are the result of an error by the developer of the design and working documentation (“Aspect North-West”), which did not fully take into account the video analytics in the system (an error in the design server hardware and software), and fixed cameras were mistakenly used. During the construction, installation and commissioning work carried out by Aspect North-West, the video analytics detectors are not set up properly.

The video surveillance system installed by Aspect North-West JSC does not meet the requirements of the current regulatory documents in the field of security.

      Well, taking into account the fact that these works were carried out by Aspect North-West on Liteiny and Volodarsky bridges, Pulkovskoye highway, Pirogovskaya embankment, Western overpass, and other facilities in St. Petersburg for a total amount of more than 120 million rubles, apparently, as usual, nothing works, and the money was simply stolen by a transport gang RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY-GAEVSKY. The inhabitants of our city are immensely grateful to the transport gang for having to travel over bridges that are probably not protected from the terrorist threat.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin