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The brothers Dmitry and Alexei Ananiev, who were recently considered Orthodox bankers and ardent patriots of Russia, unexpectedly fled to the West. Their "Promsvyazbank" sanitized, it revealed a giant "hole". The same situation with controlled enterprises - all funds are withdrawn, top managers are left to the mercy of fate. Several sources of, once part of the Ananievs' circle, said that the brothers started to prepare to flee two years ago. And to protect the giant withdrawal of assets from the Russian Federation, they were assisted by almost one person, Sergei Dontsov, adviser to the Central Bank of Russia. A man with a very interesting biography.

Interlocutors, previously close to Ananiev, said that the brothers were replaced about two years ago. Then they unexpectedly started talking in a narrow circle that they were disappointed both in the current system of power in Russia and in the system of business management. And as an example began to put "ideal" systems in the US, England and a number of other countries, where they increasingly began to spend time. At the same time, the Ananyevs said they want to change the management system and their business. Very strange personnel changes followed. Instead of top managers under whom Promsvyazbank and various enterprises of Ananiev functioned quite normally, strange people began to be recruited. Most importantly, they "overgrew" a large number of top managers, advisors, consultants from the same US, England and a number of other countries.

Also, the Ananyevs were replaced by the head of the security service, having invited in his place a person who had previously worked in Gazprom and left the state-owned company with a "tarnished" reputation. Together with his brothers, he began to destroy the entire system of ties, lobbying interests in various echelons of power, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, law enforcement agencies, etc. Sources note that at first such manipulations were completely bewildering. In fact, the Anan'evs destroyed the business empire that had been built for years. And this happened at a time when, for objective reasons, the financial affairs of the brothers did not go very well.

However, it quickly became clear why all these personnel and other changes are needed. Already two years ago, the brothers decided to follow the simplest way-to pump out from their enterprises and structures everything that can be done to the West, and then to go to Europe. As a result, by removing trusted top managers, they simply eliminated "unnecessary" witnesses. None of them would risk a reputation and participate in this scam. In addition, people who gave Ananyev for many years would immediately notice that all financial manipulations carried out are aimed at withdrawing assets. Another thing is pliant newcomers with huge salaries, bonuses, etc., which not only "eyes will close", but also "cover". And foreign top managers were an additional "plank" in the bridge to a rich and successful life in the West: they will confirm, if necessary, that the Ananyevs were "fighters against the regime," and their criminal prosecution in Russia has a "political basis."

Having broken the whole system of ties and giving up the resignation to professional lobbyists, Ananievs, in the opinion of the interlocutors of, relied exclusively on one man, their old acquaintance, Dontsov, Sergei Evgenevich. He undertook to shield the brothers and their structures, including Promsvyazbank, in several directions: the presidential administration, the Central Bank, and security services. In fact, Dontsov "solved" the problems of the brothers with various departments.

 Sergei Dontsov is a man with an amusing biography. From 1992 to 1996 he was the head of the State and Legal Administration of the Moscow City Hall. In this position, he became famous for negotiating with "thieves-in-law" about the redistribution of capital property. And, Sergey Evgenievich did not feel embarrassed at all and openly told journalists.

Here is how he described his contacts with the mafia in an interview with the newspaper Izvestia in 1993. "Lovely, intelligent people. As I found out - thieves in the law ... I was given to understand, quite clearly ... that no one would just let a new structure enter the Danilov market without asking permission ... There were also conditions: ... reimbursement of the legal expenses incurred by the legal structure that leased the market before ... The amount was solid, but not intimidating ... "And then Dontsov expressed the idea of ​​creating special normative acts on the negotiations of the state (represented by law enforcement officers) with organized crime.

"Departing" from the mayor's office in 1996, he became one of the leaders of the Moscow Cossacks. And at the same time I established relations with Boris Berezovsky. The relationship was very peculiar. During the interrogation, the founder of MMM Sergei Mavrodi told investigators that Sergei Dontsov had come to him somehow with a document signed by Berezovsky when he was deputy secretary of the Security Council. And on the basis of this document, Dontsov, according to the materials of the Mavrodi case, demanded $ 1 million from the founder of the MMM.

Lobbying from Berezovsky helped Dontsov get the post of Deputy Chief of the Central Administration of Cossack Troops of the Presidential Administration.

It is not completely clear until the end when Dontsov came down with the Ananievs, but since 2000 they have exactly maintained close relations. In 2000, Dontsov took the post of Deputy Chairman of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and immediately began to actively lobby Ananyev's owned firm Technoserv, as a supplier of computer and other equipment for the FIU. In 2004, Dontsov became the manager of the Ministry of Health and again began to strongly recommend that "Technoserv" would be among the supplier of equipment for budgetary funds.

In recent years, Sergei Dontsov officially holds the position of adviser to the Moscow Central Administration of the Central Bank of Russia. However, the interlocutors of say that his real functions and capabilities do not fit into the framework of this post. In fact, for a long time he is a mega-cutter between various banks and the Central Bank of Russia. At the same time, Sergei Evgenievich undertakes to "solve" the problems of credit institutions with the siloviki. It is clear that one of his most prominent clients were Ananyev and Promsvyazbank. According to sources, it was Dontsov who first did so that the Bank of Russia did not notice the growing "hole" in the capital of the PSB. And then "covered" Promsvyazbank and brothers, when they pumped huge sums from Russia.

It is worth noting that in the media Sergey Dontsov is represented as an "advisor to the Central Bank of Russia", then as a "lawyer of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation". In the last status, he from 2012 to 2015 headed the Chamber for the resolution of disputes of the Russian Football Union. But this, as they say, is a completely different story.

According to the sources of, it was Dontsov who arranged the agreements between Ananievs and the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin on the future of Promsvyazbank. In addition, of course, thanks to Tulin, he was promised that until the end of January 2018, the brothers will sell a number of large assets, and the proceeds will be used to plug a hole in the PSB. It was impossible to cover it all up, but at least some semblance of "correcting the situation" had to be portrayed. In January, the CBR was supposed to conduct a PSB check and, if the promises were fulfilled, then do not conduct bank sanation.

As already said, it looked like everything was going according to plan: the Ananyevs announced the sale of assets, and the money had to be let into the PSB. They say that for Tulin it became an extremely unpleasant discovery when it turned out that the proceeds from the sale of facilities means that the brothers are being taken to the West. There continue to "swing" and the PSB, and its "hole" does not decrease, but only grows.

According to the interlocutors of, Tulin, realizing that he could become "marginal", as the advocate of interests of Promsvyazbank, himself ran to the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiulina and said that with the rehabilitation of the PSB, you can not drag minutes, we must urgently conduct it, and do not pull until January 2018.

After that, Ananjevs urgently left for Europe, where they do not intend to return. Released money there is enough for them. But the fate of Dontsov was now in limbo. According to, he is tormented by the question: to stay in Russia or follow the path of the brothers. If law enforcers begin to initiate cases on the PSB, then he will have many questions. And not only on this topic, but also on other, also "beloved" Dontsov: about the links with the mafia and the fate of the budgetary billions that the Technoserv was receiving.

For example, Ananievs together with Timofeyev Kurgin own two wholesale distribution centers (ORC) for long-term storage of food products in the Moscow region with a capacity of more than 1.5 million tons per year each. These ORCs are called "Four Seasons". As repeatedly told, Timofey Kurgin, an outspoken representative of criminal structures and his life is accompanied by all the attendant components: disassembly, arrows, gatherings, shooting, etc.

         "Technoserv", works on large contracts not only with civilian agencies, but also with the Defense Ministry and a number of special services. reported that investigators repeatedly identified the theft of gigantic amounts in the implementation of these contracts. However, every time Ananiev managed to "remove" representatives of "Technoserv" from criminal cases.

Source: Rucriminal