The scandalous financier Evgeny Dvoskin received a new major asset. As it became known, now it will manage PJSC rnkb Bank operating in Crimea. His former Crimean "brainchild"- GenBank - he left with a "hole" of 25 billion rubles. However, the CBR considered the project successful. Which is not surprising. Dvoskin for many years of questionable work in the banking sector has built, both directly and through partners, a special relationship with the current top managers of the Bank Of Russia, primarily with his Deputy Chairman Vasily Pozdyshev and Dmitry Tulin. The closest associates of Dvoskin are also very familiar with them: the shadow owner of Renaissance Bank Andrey Rozov and the "solver" at the Central Bank of Russia Sergey Dontsov. To this we can add that Dvoskin has developed excellent relations with the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov. begins the publication of a large investigation about all these characters.

Evgeny Dvoskin for his eventful biography, changed many names have lived in the United States, got there a few terms for various scams. In Russia, he was involved in a number of criminal cases, primarily about the cashing of huge sums and the withdrawal of funds from Russia. We will tell about it in detail and with documents in the last parts of investigation. Dvoskin was a public and private co-owner of dozens of banks. His last "brainchild" was the General Bank, which did not go very well until Dvoskin volunteered to move the work of the Bank in the Crimea. He was not afraid of sanctions, as wanted by the FBI and in any country his way "ordered". GenBank opened branches in Crimea in 2014. For three years of "successful" activities, the Bank formed a giant "hole", which rapidly increased. As a result, in August 2017, the Central Bank reorganized the General Bank, replaced the administration of the financial institution and introduced a new investor - Sobinbank ("daughter" of the Bank "Russia"). When studying the situation in the General Bank, a "hole" of 25 billion rubles was revealed. And in order to put this Bank finally on its feet after Dvoskin, the Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector had to allocate as much as 80 billion rubles. According to, in 2017, even there was a conversation about whether to involve law enforcement agencies about the "hole". But then I considered that this is a normal "payment for Crimea", the more that are released by GenBank of the card worked properly on the Peninsula. However, it seemed that after this story Dvoskin to such projects will not be allowed. Withdrawn 25 billion rubles – a huge amount.

Since then, two years have passed and the giant "hole" was forgotten. She forgot, of course, for a reason. Now the main partner of Dvoskin in the Crimea is the shadow banker Andrey Rozov. Once Rozov was the chief specialist on VAT and income tax return. Clearly, it was not about the legality of the operations, and all circuits when the VAT return for huge sums require outright phony.  His biggest project in the banking sector was the "collapsed" Renaissance Bank. Now he together with Dvoskin participates in meetings with the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, discussing Bank questions. Here is a photo where you can see pink (left), Dvoskin (fourth left) and Aksenov.

At the same time, Dvoskin and Rozov can often be found together with the adviser of the Moscow Main Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Sergei Dontsov. This is an extremely prominent figure in the Central Bank of Russia, with its help, some banks that would have long had to lose their licenses, remain "afloat". Dontsov is now considered the main "solver" from the Bank of Russia, he is a close circle of friends of Deputy chairmen Dmitry Tulin and Vasily Pozdyshev. Learn more about Rosove and Dontsov will tell in next post.

Therefore, it is not surprising that with such an environment Dvoskin has achieved that the story of the "hole" in the GenBank "forgotten". Moreover, the sources told that the other day Dvoskin received in the management of rnkb Bank. This was done under the pretext of his successful experience in the GenBank. MCB is the largest financial institution in the Crimea, it owns the former branch of the savings Bank and Private Bank. There is no doubt that the "hole" in the rnkb will greatly exceed 25 billion rubles.

To be continued

Arseny Drones