Source: Rucriminal continues a series of articles about the "king" of the Moscow real estate Yakov Yakubov. In this paper we describe the formation of a businessman and how he got all his wealth.

Jakub Malik oglu Sadih Yakubov was born 68 years ago in the Azerbaijani town of Krasnaya Sloboda - regional capital of Mountain Jews (Tats). From this was born the current village billionaires who built their wealth through the city authorities Telman Ismailov (the owner of the "AST" Cherkizovsky market, etc.), his brother Fazil Izmailov (born Ismailov, former prefect CAO capital), Zahar Iliev and Year Nisan (the owners of the hotel "Ukraine" TC "European shopping center" Moscow "market" Gardener "tacit co-owners of ENEA, etc.), as well as a group of less wealthy public: Alexei Yakubov, Edin Canaanites, Don Worlds , Benyagu Chalmé, Istahar Ilhananov. All of them appeared in the capital in the early 90s, and with the support of the community of Mountain Jews, as well as to liaise with Yuri Luzhkov, the team amassed huge state itself. All of them have been about the same business ways: tents -melky market (shop) - rynki- large casino - real estate, previously controlled by the Moscow government.

The fate of Yakubov before the beginning of the 90s, when he appeared in Moscow, little is known: one time Yacoub was the chairman of the Uzbek football club "Pakhtakor", engaged in business in the Crimea, until he decided to settle in the capital.

    In Moscow, the majority of immigrants from Krasnaya Sloboda, including a Yakubov, was a faithful "guide" to the city authorities - Agaragim Jafarov, born back in 1934 in the Lak region of Dagestan. The bases of the capital RUBOP, Jafarov was listed as a person who in the days of the Soviet Union was engaged in black marketeering Moscow, and then established a "corrupt ties to the government of Moscow." At the same time he was at the same time and is suspected in the "financing of illegal armed groups in Chechnya."

In 1991 Jafarov became CEO of JSC "Prince Rurik" - one of the most important creations of the city authorities of those times - the project for the construction of a brewery in Biryulyovo. Due to the decision of a close friend Jafarov, the vice-mayor Joseph Ordzhonekidze and head of Yuri Luzhkov, the city in a short period of more than $ 70 million was invested in this enterprise, but the plant to light, and it has not appeared. Some funds were transferred in the form of investments by Luzhkov's personal orders, others more mysterious ways. For example, in late 1991, the Municipality signed a contract to supply food for the city with a foreign firm "Kontitreyd". Under this agreement abroad were listed $ 13.5 million 500 thousand of them went to the purchase of the products, and the remaining $ 13 million were allegedly pusheny for the purchase of equipment for JSC "Prince Rurik." In fact, money is settled in foreign accounts. And millions of dollars "cool" company controlled by Alexander Rutskoi and a prominent representative of the Russian mafia abroad Boris Bernstein.

    Of the remaining $ 60 million, inherited on the paper "Rurik" from the city authorities, JSC significant amount of money under the guise of its own profits listed the company "Inteko", owned by Elena Baturinoy- wife of Yuri Luzhkov.

So from the beginning of the 90s Jafarov participated in criminal matters the city authorities and knew absolutely all of its representatives, Yuri Luzhkov times. Especially closely it communicated with vic-mayors Joseph Ordzhonekidze, Vladimir Resin, and the head of department of the consumer market Vladimir Malyshkovym. In particular, the latter helped Jafarov build a business empire for the production of bread in Moscow: the majority of the loaves and rolls baked on the capital's counter on its enterprises. Very quickly, all friends Jafarov, steel and friends Yakubov. Simultaneously Agaragim brought Jacob and the leaders of the capital crime groups, primarily ethnic - Dagestan, Chechnya, Azerbaijan.

    From stalls to store Eliseev

If Telman Ismailov started his business path with a small market in the SAO Moscow, the Yakubov - with a small sporting goods store on 1st Tverskaya Street, where he held a modest position of Deputy General Director of JSC "Inzhstroyservis" (this company was owned store). As a result, quite quickly (by using bribes, threats, etc.) Yakubov managed to get to the property and the house, where the sporting goods. A similar fate awaited and building on the 2 nd Brest street, where there was another sports store Yakubov. This building was a kind of headquarters Yakub groups.

    In the mid-late 90's, he, with the permission of city authorities began to erect trade pavilions and stalls near the metro stations "China Town", "Pushkinskaya", "Novoslobodskaya", "Savelovskaya", "River Station", "Voikovskaya" "Timiryazevskaya", "The Prague", etc. in total, his property was more than a thousand such objects. they are all rented out to various businessmen, who are officially paid to firms Yakubov, first of all, "Terrabildinginzhiniring" low wages. and the basic amount (from 2 to 4 thousand $ per month) collected cash Yakub strong guys, first of all his relatives and Mordahaev Sultanov. All money received from vendors (it was roughly about $ 3.5 million per month) were carried out at Brest. Part of the funds received went to capital officials. And no wonder. Soon the government of Moscow has allocated land Yaubova structures for the construction of shopping malls have "Rizhskaya" metro station.

    Simultaneously Yakubov continued to capture the building in the first place on his favorite of Tverskaya Street. The scheme has always been the same. Initially, shares were bought in large quantities from the stores of labor groups, and then with the support of the city authorities to prebiralos hands and the whole building. If someone from the store managers tried to resist, in the course were threats, as well as criminal cases, is excited controlled by law enforcement officials. In this way, the ownership passed Yakubov, located on Tverskaya shops "seafood", "diet", the house №4 and №6, etc. "Pearl" Jacob collection became famous grocery store "Eliseev," which he in 2002 successfully captured by buying shares from employees and store managers intimidated. Once a year the opening of "Eliseev" after its reconstruction, the event was attended by close friends Yakubov Vladimir Resin and Vladimir baby.

    Along with the grocery store, Jakub actively captured and bookstores are located in prime locations. Primarily due to the fact that their employees could easily buy shares, and directors of a "plug". So, now the oligarch owns the buildings and Akademkniga bookstore in Sokolniki.


Bouncer Moscow government

All their hundreds of houses Yakubov records on firm legal founders of which on a long chain of different structures go in the offshore. A physical Yakubov founders are members of the team. We were able to draw up a rough list of companies controlled by the oligarch. It looks like this.

Ltd. "Bildterrainkom", ZAO "Unotrans", LLC "Terrabildinzhiniring" PC "KRAUNLAYN Limited" (Cyprus) Ltd. "ACADEMKNIGA +", LLC "KORONA K", the company "Mistral KOMMERSHAL LIMITED", LLC "SPORTTREYDINTERNESHNL", LLC " INZHTRAST ", JSC" FIRM DIET ", OOO CHOP" Amega A ", LLC" Basim ", LLC" ESTILAERS ", LLC" VIV LTD "public charities DISABLED" BLAGORUS "REGIONAL PUBLIC ORGANIZATION oF THE DISABLED" PROMOTING SOCIAL ADAPTATION oF THE DISABLED " (the latter two structures were used for tax evasion) (was eliminated), CJSC "REKMARK", LLC "FIRMAENERGOKOMPLEKT", CJSC "Investment Company Capital", OOO "Dalsi_Stroy", JSC, "DISPLAY HOLDINGS" Ltd. "Hotel Globus" LLC "Livardis" CPM Continental (established in conjunction with the Moscow government), LLC "Chance-4".

It may be added that in his time Yakubov with the "thieves in law" and gangsters of all stripes was a co-owner of the capital casino "Crown" and "Golden Palace" (the building, where the casinos are still owned by him). And, of course, Jakub actively developed its business market. Sometimes alone, sometimes together with other members of the community of Mountain Jews. So, Yakubov, Zahar Iliev and Year Nisan actually captured the territory ENEA. In 2002, Jakub decided to make a gorgeous gift to your children - sons Samir and Timuru- and built by the pond on the territory ENEA huge palace. Demolish it is impossible even for the new authorities of the capital: in Yakubov's still a lot of contacts in different places.

    However, Telman Ismailov, he participated in the creation of Cherkizovsky market.

In the go-ahead of his friend Malyshkova, Yakubov has long controlled the activities of the State Unitary Enterprise "Mosregiontorg", which owns dozens of wholesale and retail and wholesale trade roars food, as well as all the fairs "Weekend". Moreover, the scheme operated Yakubov, tuned to the campers back in the 90s. Officially, merchants pay a penny PMU, but the real cost to them collected strong guys Yakub.

It should be noted Yakubov, like all owners of flea markets, it had its own channel for the supply of contraband Chinese goods. During this direction in his team responded Katchura Valeria. From 1996 to 2001, she worked in the Far Eastern Customs Administration, and through which the goods were from China. Then, with the assistance of Yakubov Katchura went to work in the State Customs Committee. And when in 2002 it kicked out, she was officially settled in Yakub structure. Katchura worked in the PC "KRAUNLAYN LIMITED", LLC "ACADEMKNIGA +", JSC "Hotel Globus". And now it is one of the leaders of the "Law Firm Melnichuk" that served the Moscow city government and most of its major departments, as well as all Yakubov structure.

Source: Rucriminal