In his interview from a pre-trial detention center in Krasnoyarsk, the famous "businessman" as he calls himself, "patriot and fighter for state interests" Anatoly Bykov talked for a very long time about his life and his views on the state structure. Okay, God bless him, there is nothing to do on the bunk, even Dulles and other conspiracy books to read.

But somehow everything is going smoothly with Anatoly Petrovich. There he is not to blame, there he is not aisles, but somewhere at all on the "guard of the law" stood and saved the Krasnoyarsk Territory from stray lovers to profit from tidbits of the region rich in industrial enterprises.

However, it is not entirely clear from his interview how it happened that an unknown physical education teacher from the semi-rural town of Nazarovo suddenly became the head of the country's largest Aluminum Plant.

From his interview, everything is simple - he came to Krasnoyarsk, was engaged in honest commerce, met people from KrAZ and that's it, he is already there. So, it turns out it was possible.

The nineties are not that far away. There are still many people who remember how everything was in reality. But it was quite different. How- in the investigation of

Bykov took up a criminal career back in his native Nazarovo. Working as a physical education teacher, he organized around himself a close-knit group of peers and young boys, with whom he began to engage in ordinary racketeering. There is information that even in Nazarovo he was involved in the murder of one of the local crime bosses named "Kolomeets" and businessman Gubin who does not give in to protection (At the beginning of the 2000s, he was convicted of the last murder, though not for the fact itself, but for hiding it). The perpetrator of the murder Skorobogatov (Skorik) later decided to put together his own group and act independently. Bykov did not forgive him for this, he was soon killed in Moscow.

Had Bykov and friends among the criminal authorities. Acquaintance and friendship with one of them by the name of Lipnyagov with the nickname "Lyapa" helped Bykov to gain a foothold in Krasnoyarsk. Young Tolya got to know all the local "authorities", rode the "arrows" on the division of territories. On the basis of his group, the future "patriot and fighter for state interests" created a mobile, well-organized and equipped criminal group, most of whose members already had criminal experience and were convicted.

Быков и Татаренков на бандитской стрелке

Bykov's objects of interest were the same as those of other local "authorities": cafes, restaurants, private cooperatives, shops, logging and others. In general, everything that could be "milked" with the help of threats and promote their commercial interests.

According to a source, over time, Bykov became his own man among criminals, although he did not have a walker to the zone. At a certain stage, Bykov felt the strength and decided to crush the entire crime in Krasnoyarsk. And then the showdowns of 1993-1994 began, connected with the division of spheres of influence. The result of this bloody, no other word, the massacre was the murder of the leaders of criminal groups, the so-called "supporters" and authorities. Krasnoyarsk residents, who are older, remember these murders that took place right on the streets of the city. Filled up "Lyapa", "Tolmach" and "Blue".

Наумов с женой

He did not spare the Bykov and his assistants. In 1994, a conflict arose with their own, from the so-called "Predmostovskaya" group. The reason was the banal greed of Tolya Bull. They rolled out their own to him: “you’re not honestly sharing your dough.” Among the offended were Naumov, the younger Voitenko and others. Soon they organized an assassination attempt against Bykov - an attempt to blow up a car. But by chance he was not injured.

Быков с ближайшим окружением. Начало 1990-х

Bykov quickly figured out who was behind the assassination attempt and gave the command to kill Naumov and Voitenko. For help in liquidation he turned to the leader of the Sayanogorsk criminal group Tatarenkov. The Tatarina gang was distinguished by its special cynicism - they did not waste time on preparing the murders, they fired from automatic weapons in broad daylight, despite the passers-by, children in the playgrounds.

By the way, Bykov is being tried today for organizing the murder of Voitenko and Naumov.

A whole train of murders spreads behind Tatarenkov's gang in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. They killed in Minusinsk by Krasnoyarsk. There, assassination attempts and murders were committed almost weekly. On May 27, 1994, the authority Terekhov was killed, on June 15 and 26, four more were killed. Then on July 21, the Moscow authority Mustafin and his bodyguard were shot, and on July 24, 19094, in Krasnoyarsk, Tatarina bandits were killing Naumov and Voitenko on the street. Bykov knew who could be entrusted with the murder of members of his group.

Быков со своим окружением. Вверху будущий актер и депутат Госдумы  пока просто бандит Влад Демин

Those whom he attracted to the murders, to whom he gave orders for execution, today he is leaked in full, like Tatarenkov, for example. Everything is trite, at one time Bykov did not help Tatarenkov because of his greed and arrogance.

In total, at least a dozen people became victims of this criminal war, and maybe more. As a result, Bykov was left alone. Among other criminal "authorities" there were no people at that time who could collect more than his. Taking advantage of the situation, Bykov creates a criminal community, which includes several organized crime groups. Bykov is associated with groups that carry out his assignments. For example, Tatarenkova's organized crime group, stationed in the city of Sayanogorsk, Pasha Tsvetomuzyki's organized crime group, a gang of small authorities "Blina" (Blinov) and "Kolchak" (Kolchin) and others.

Предмостовские стругановские и другие

During the same period, the country underwent tremendous economic shifts, strategic enterprises operating in international markets and having foreign exchange turnover were privatized. Since 1992, Bykov has been breaking in, there is no other word for the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant. At this time, KrAZ is in a fever. Several financial and industrial groups are fighting for the Soviet aluminum legacy, each of which uses criminal communities for its own purposes. Through protection, intimidation and beating of directors and board members of the plant, Bykov sticks to the KrAZ feeding trough.

In 1993-1995, Bykov repeatedly traveled abroad to meet with criminal "authorities", in particular, in the United States to resolve issues on the plant's activities, he met with the notorious "thief in law" Yaponchik and other "authorities".

As a "supervisor", he left for himself Vilor Struganov or "Pasha-Tsvetomuzyku", as he is known in criminal circles. This, by the way, completely refutes the myth that the "Bykovskys" were such unconvicted athletes "Robingodes" who cleaned the city of criminals. Among the variegated contingent of Tolya Bykov there were convicts, thieves and those who called themselves "authorities". There was nowhere to put the hallmarks on Pasha of Tsvetomuzyki alone. His criminal group, carrying out Bykov's assignments, consisted of one hundred percent of previously convicted criminals. We will tell you more about the trail of murders following Pasha Tsvetomuzyka.

Bykov is not a fighter against crime, but a banal bandit and he always solved everything with a banal crime, knocking killers and lawless people around him.

In 1995, Bykov, being the leader of an organized criminal community, was a member of the Board of Directors of KraZA. The first 10% of the plant's shares were nominally presented to him so that he could vote for board members Kolpakov, Ratnikov and Druzhinin, thereby accepting criminal schemes and squeezing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state.

In August of the same year, he created OJSC "TaNaKo" (Transnational Aluminum Corporation). This is an application for complete control over a large share of the metallurgical industry in the region. In addition to KraZ, TaNaKo includes JSC KrAMZ, JSC AGK, JSC Krasnoyarskaya HPP, JSC Krasnoyarsk, State Enterprise Krasnoyarsk Railway, JSC Achinsky Oil Refinery, JSC Borodinsky Razrez, Bank Metalex ", Insurance company" Medistal ".

During the same period of time, OJSC "TaNaKo" received a 20% stake in Federal ownership. In order to steal 20% of shares of JSC "KrAZ" owned by the Russian Federation, Bykov, together with some members of the Board of Directors of the enterprise, using contacts in the authorities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, lobbied for the decision to transfer the specified share of JSC "KrAZ" from Federal ownership to the ownership of the subject. Then they were taken to offshore zones.

Such is the concern and enthusiasm for the state, the pathos of which all interviews breathe. Return the state block of shares of KrAZ to the people and the country for a start. Although, he's already oversold ...

Похороны Войтенко и Наумова

To be continued

Arseny Dronov