Source: begins an epic about a gang of once one of the most sinister Lyubertsy "authorities" Mikhail Mikhailov, nicknamed Don't Wake. He got it for the corresponding tattoo made right on the eyelids. In the first part, we will tell you about the gang itself. And in the following parts about the jury trial and subsequent events, accompanied by unprecedented scandals.

Михаил Михайлов

Part 1.

The band started in 2002. It was organized by Mikhailov Mikhail Viktorovich, nicknamed "Don't Wake" (he has a tattoo on his eyelids - Don't Wake They Sleep). Native resident of the city of Lyubertsy. Previously convicted multiple times.

The gang included:

- Sadovsky Mikhail Alekseevich, nickname "Gray". A native of the city of Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Previously convicted multiple times. He met Mikhailov in the early 1990s, while serving sentences together in one of the colonies in the Tula region. Until 2008, he did not have a Russian passport, because he escaped from the colony and was on the federal wanted list for a long time. After his arrest and serving his sentence, he did not receive Russian citizenship. In his testimony about the loss of documents, he lied. The investigation was satisfied with this version, and no one checked anything. Constantly used herbal drugs. In early 2008, he began using hard drugs. Currently, he also constantly uses drugs of plant origin (marijuana, hashish). He concluded a dosudebku, gave "correct" testimony. For the crimes provided for: p.p. "g", "h" part 2 of article 105; part 3 of article 222; Part 2 Art. 209; p.p. "a", "b" part 4 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, received 5 years of strict regime. The apartment in which he was registered at the time of his arrest and sentencing was received as a result of the murder of its owner. Later, by fraudulent means, Sadovsky's wife, Oksana Vladimirovna Sadovskaya, sold this apartment. He “forgot” about this during interrogations.

- Drozdov Andrey Sergeevich. A native of the city of Lyubertsy. Nickname "Drozd". Previously convicted on probation. On March 18, 2009, when the main members were detained, he managed to escape. Detained at the end of April 2022. Gives selective testimonies that are beneficial to him. He minimizes his participation in crimes or even transfers them to others. In many ways, he tries to blame everything on Mikhailov. Currently, he is kept in the FKU SIZO-2 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Moscow Region.

- Gumnikov Andrey Sergeevich. Native resident of the city of Lyubertsy. Previously convicted and serving sentences in MLS. Incl. and for the crime (murder) committed by Sadovsky M.A. Gumnikov took the blame, because. was a minor and could not be sentenced to capital punishment. While Sadovsky was previously repeatedly judged and he was threatened with a “tower”. He joined Bandu in 2004, after his release from MLS.

The rest of the participants were people who knew each other. Close relationships were not maintained. They became "participants" of the gang only from the testimony of Sadovsky.

According to the source of, the relations within the gang were friendly and trusting. On an eye-for-an-eye basis. Namely, between Mikhailov, Sadovsky, Gumnikov and Drozdov. Sadovsky, Gumnikov generally admired and tried to imitate him. When Gumnikov was detained in 1996, without hesitation, he took the blame for the murder committed by Sadovsky in 1995 (this fact is confirmed in conversations by all mutual acquaintances). Drozdov, until the end of 2007, was also respected among his own. And after that, a colder attitude towards him became, because of his cunning, stinginess and unscrupulousness. Even towards their own. Drozdov had an intimate relationship with Mikhailov's common-law wife. By the beginning of 2008, the opiate group also began to move away from Sadovsky, due to his addiction to hard drugs.

The murders committed by gang members had a different motive.

The murder of Sergei Vladimirovich Akinshin in 2002-2003. for which Mikhailov was convicted, was committed in order to hide the fact that Sadovsky used Akinshina's documents for a long time. It is worth noting that Sadovsky began to use Akinshina's documents when Mikhailov was still serving time in a colony. However, neither the investigation nor the court paid attention to this. Strictly taking as truth the testimony of Sadovsky, from which it followed that Akinshina killed Mikhailov, because he insulted Mikhailov. The fact that this happened in the presence of Sadovsky, and for the last 6 years he was silent about it, did not interest anyone.

The murder of Ostrovsky V.Yu. On August 31, 2004, for which Mikhailov and Gumnikov were convicted, and now Drozdov has also been charged. It was committed in order to take over part of the office space. Which since then and to the present. is owned by Mikhailov (now registered to his wife, Marchuk Natalya Alexandrovna), Gumnikov, Sadovsky and Drozdov. From 2012 to present for Drozdov's share, Marchuk receives the rent, without Drozdov's consent to this. Sadovsky in his testimony indicated that they “bought” the part where they “bought” his share, and where the other part was, they killed Ostrovsky. At the same time, in the video where Marchuk speaks with Sadovsky at the beginning of 2022, the latter says that only Sadovsky and Mikhailov should receive a share for the office. Since it is they "us junk" office. It is worth noting that, according to information from the USRN, Drozdov was the first to become the owner of this office. Mikhailov, Gumnikov and Sadovsky after, but at the same time.

The murder of Danilin V.S. in the summer of 2007, for which Mikhailov was convicted, and now Drozdov has also been charged. It was committed in order to take possession of his apartment. Which is what was done. After that, this apartment was sold for $ 100,000 to Gumnikov's cohabitant. From the testimony of Sadovsky, on which alone the prosecution in this episode is based, it follows that he became aware of this from a friendly conversation with Mikhailov and Gumnikov. It has nothing to do with this episode. Didn't do anything illegal. At the same time, in a video conversation with Marchuk, he talks about the allegedly dishonest sharing of money for Danilin's apartment by Mikhailov. There is also an audio recording of a conversation with Marchuk, in which she says that she (Marchuk) personally divided 100,000 dollars at 25,000 at home into Mikhailov, Sadovsky, Gumnikov and Drozdov.

The murder of Sevryugina N.N. committed on May 22, 2008 in Lyubertsy. For which Mikhailov was convicted. Absolutely directly Balashov G.A. (the one who initially served as an impulse to expose the gang). The accusation is based on the testimony given as a “secret witness” by G.A. Balashov himself. From which it follows that it is made for hire. The order came from a n / a person, how much he paid, he does not know, for what he ordered, he also does not know.

Murder of Mullashaekhov M.A. committed on September 30, 2008 in Lyubertsy. The direct executor was Balashov. Sadovsky is imputed to this episode. However, the role is significantly minimized. From the "confessional" testimony of Sadovsky, it follows that Balashov was supposed to rob someone, and he took and killed. But Sadovsky found out about this "only the next day." After that, in a harsh form, he demanded an explanation from Mikhailov for what had happened. Naturally, Sadovsky "did not receive" any money for the murder. And he did not report the incident to law enforcement agencies, as he was mortally “afraid” of Mikhailov.

The murder of Vakulin D.S. committed on November 25, 2008 in the village of Tokarevo, Luberetskiy district. Mikhailov was convicted for this. In addition to the testimony of Sadovsky and the protocol of “identification” of Gumnikov, witness Zaripov D.Kh. in the case there is nothing from the word COMPLETELY. At the same time, Sadovsky's testimony contains 2 answers to the investigator's questions, namely: that Vakulin D.S. he is not familiar, and what he knows from a telephone conversation with Mikhailov, that Vakulina D.S. shot from a machine gun. There is an audio recording of a conversation between Retyunsky's lawyer Pavel Yemelyanovich and convict Dmitry Makarenko (a member of Andrei Safronov's gang), who says that he killed D.S. Vakulin. He says that he wrote a confession on this episode, that his wife Vakulin D.S. recognized him. when checking on site. And also the fact that the operatives told him that if he wants to save the pre-trial, then he should forget about the episode with D.S. Vakulin. Makarenko ends by saying that he will not repeat this anywhere, since he does not need problems. And the term of 17 years, received with a dosudebkoy, suits him. There is a video in which Osechkin calls Zaripov D.Kh., introducing himself as an employee of the Prosecutor General's Office. Where is Zaripov D.Kh. says that in the pre-trial detention center he identified another person, neither the one whom he saw in court (that is, not Gumnikov), but the opera, who were present in court, “convincingly” asked to identify Gumnikov in court. There are explanations of extras and witnesses who were present at the identification. Those who say that they did not see the very fact of identification. They were approached on the street by police officers and asked to participate in the event. Well, cherry on the cake…….. There are answers to inquiries in the pre-trial detention center, certified by a round seal and signature of the head of the pre-trial detention center, as well as a photo log of visits to the pre-trial detention center on the day of identification. From which it follows that they all entered the pre-trial detention center at the same time: the investigator, the identification officer (Zaripov D.Kh.), attesting witnesses and extras. Vakulin D.S. was quite a serious and authoritative businessman. Owned a number of premises. Maintained a close relationship with the "thief in law" nicknamed Almaz. The latter had serious disagreements with Mullashaekhov M.A. Who was killed by members of Mikhailov's gang by order of Vakulin D.S. And the purpose of the murder of Vakulin D.S. according to the investigation, the desire was to get rid of the customer as a possible witness.


The source of Rucriminal, info also draws attention to the wife (in the present already former) Mikhailov, Marchuk N.A. The latter, using the trust of Mikhailov, in a clever way, re-registered all the property for herself. Incl. and a share in that very office, and an apartment obtained by fraudulent means. There are a number of audio recordings on which Marchuk N.A. says that she deliberately overplayed so that everything became framed for her. Firstly, she helped them in many ways, I had the money, she kept all the records / expenses. And secondly, Mikhailov is on the PLS, why does he need all this ?! Currently, he is in a state of extreme stress. Due to the fact that Mikhailov began to testify on other episodes. On the audio recording dated 09/04/2022 Marchuk N.A. says that he is very worried. So to like her, at the beginning of 2009, she inherited an apartment in the city of Lyubertsy. Whose apartment this was, the circumstances of the death of the previous owner are unknown to her. She signed all the documents with her right hand (being left-handed), after completing all the documents, she announced the loss of her passport. She did not tell anyone about it and all this time she did not tell anyone.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov