Source: continues to publish materials of the case against the gang of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi) and his militants, who have committed more than 25 contract killings. Our articles contain the testimony of the accused in the case, including the killers, so the reader can see the events through the eyes of the "main characters" of the gang. In this post, we will continue our story about the crime story that led to three murders. The head of the American company Golden Ada, Andrei Kozlenok, together with officials, took values ​​(gold coins, old silverware, jewelry with precious stones) from Goharn of Russia to the United States, which were sold, and the money was stolen. The goat was convicted, and seven expensive apartments in Moscow were confiscated from him. Possessing extensive connections, Konstantin Piskarev agreed that the sale of these apartments will go through the company he controls, Global Computer Service (GKS). Sergey Bezrukov, a member of Kostya Bolshoi's organized crime group, was in charge of the firm's work. Initially, it was planned to steal everything received, so the GKS was re-registered from Bezrukov to a drinker Alexei Poshkus, who was wanted for stealing a phone. The apartments were sold for $ 4.7 million. Of these, $ 300 thousand went to the intermediary, $ 600 thousand was appropriated by Bezrukov, and the rest went to Bolshoi Kostya. The budget received only 24 thousand rubles. The authorities, thanks to Piskpev's connections, “didn’t notice” that the money had not come to the budget. But, quite inappropriately for Kostya, a few years later, Kozlenok's mother made a statement: the arrested property had been sold, and the court's collection of 54 million rubles from her son had hardly decreased. On this fact, a pre-investigation check was started, which, thanks to sources in law enforcement agencies, Piskarev immediately found out. He gave the command to deliver Poshkus to him, from which they could contact the real owners of the GKS. Kostya Bolshoi put Poshkus in his Hummer (the same bloody Hummer of Piskarev in the photo) with a beautiful number B487MP77 and drove him into the forest. There he put a bag on the victim's head (so as not to stain the interior), put a pistol on and fired. The body was dripped.

Hummer Пискарева

However, the investigators opened a case and contacted Bezrukov. This coincided with the fact that Piskarev learned that Bezrukov had embezzled 600 thousand from the sale of apartments. And his fate was decided. Bezrukov was going to go on the run, selling a country house. Kostya Bolshoi said that he had found a buyer. On the agreed day, he called Bezrukov, said that he had got lost in a forest area and asked to leave the house and meet him. There, an unpleasant conversation took place between Piskarev and Bezrukov, during which several people called the latter and heard swearing. As a result, Kostya Bolshoi shot Bezrukov. The body was buried. When a member of the organized criminal group and a close friend of Bezrukov, Lupichev (Dragon), asked Piskarev about his fate, he only said: "There was nothing to eat in one mug." publishes the testimony of the accused and witnesses in the Kostya Bolshoi case.

Показания обвиняемых и свидетелей по делу Кости Большого

“The testimony of the witness AA Dolgushin, according to which the witness worked as an investigator of the investigation department of the Russian MIA Department for the Tverskoy District of Moscow, and in the period from 03/15/2011 to 02/25/2013 he had criminal case N 239159, initiated on 21.06. 2010 h. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on the theft of funds in the amount of 30,513,837 rubles received from the sale of the confiscated property of the convicted Kozlenka A.B. The criminal case was initiated upon the application of Maria Evgenievna's Goat, the mother of the convicted Andrey Borisovich Kozlenok, that the proceeds from the sale of the confiscated property were not turned into state revenue. As a result, the claims were not settled. Seven confiscated apartments of A. B. Kozlenka were received for implementation by Global Computer Service LLC from the Department of Finance on 13.05.2004 and transferred to storage by S.O. Gogiya. On January 13, 2005, the settlement account of Global Computer Service LLC received funds in the amount of 30,538,000 rubles received from the sale of apartments, of which only a small part in the amount of 24,162 rubles was transferred to the account of the Moscow Department of Finance. The registration file of Global Computer Service LLC was withdrawn from the tax inspectorate, which contained information about the appointment of A.R. Poshkus. director of LLC Global Computer Service 11 days before the debiting of funds to be transferred to the budget. Before Poshkus A.R., who was wanted in connection with the theft of a mobile phone, the director of Global Computer Service LLC was S.A. Bezrukov, who was killed in 2009. The preliminary investigation in the criminal case on 25.02.2013 was suspended on the basis of paragraph 1 of part 1 of Art. 208 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation in connection with the failure to identify the person to be prosecuted as an accused. The main version in the course of the investigation of the criminal case was the involvement of S.A. Bezrukov. to the theft of funds and their transfer to the accounts of one-day firms ”.

Testimony of the accused Lupichev D.A., It is clear that in 2006-2007 (the accused does not remember the exact date), in the summer, on Mira Avenue in the city of Moscow, he "drove" SA Bezrukov, and at that time the Yurov brothers brought an unfamiliar man to the office of Global Computer Service LLC , tall, looking 30-35 years old, dressed in a business suit (Lupichev identified A.R. Poshkus from a photograph). In a conversation, S.A. Bezrukov. explained that Poshkus had been brought in to register him as a director of one of the firms. After this incident, about 6-8 months later, the day before Poshkus's murder, Saryan called Lupichev on the phone, and they agreed to meet. At the meeting, Saryan said that it was necessary to look for a place to bury the corpse. On the Small Moscow Ring, they found a place marked with the sign "Grishinskoye forestry", and made sure that this place was suitable for hiding the corpse. The next day, Lupichev, Aleksandrov and Saryan, taking shovels from the Burevestnik yacht club, returned to their chosen place. Saryan remained to wait at the exit from the road, while Lupichev and Aleksandrov dug a hole in the forest. Then Lupichev went out onto the road to meet Piskarev, who arrived some time later in a Hammer car. When Lupichev opened the back door of the car, the body of Poshkus fell on him with a shot through his head. Piskarev was next to the corpse in the back seat. Nikolai Yurov and Dmitry Yurov were in the car with Piskarev. Piskarev and Yurov Dmitry helped Lupichev to drag the corpse to the pit, where Aleksandrov was waiting for them. Then Piskarev and Yurov Dmitry immediately left, and Aleksandrov and Lupichev buried the corpse. "

Константин Пискарев

“The testimony of the accused Yurov NN, according to which in February or March 2006 he, together with Yurov D.N. and Piskarev K.Yu. traveled by car "Hummer". Nikolay Yurov was driving, Dmitry Yurov was sitting in the front passenger seat, and Piskarev was in the back seat. On the Small Moscow Ring in the direction of Sergiev Posad they stopped, and Poshkus got into their car. Who brought him to this place, Yurov N.N. have not seen. After Poshkus got into the car, Piskarev gave instructions to go in the direction of Moscow. They did not go long, and when they turned into the forest, Lupichev was waiting for them, Saryan's car was parked on the side of the road. Seeing Lupichev, Piskarev told N.N. Yurov. turn into the forest. As soon as Yurov N.N. turned into the forest, a shot rang out. When Yurov N.N. stopped the car, Yurov D.N. got out of it. and Piskarev; Lupichev approached them, opened the back door of the car and pulled out the corpse. The corpse had a bag on its head. Someone from those present dragged the corpse into the forest: who exactly is Yurov N.N. I did not see, because I was looking ahead. After a while, Piskarev and Yurov D.N. returned to the car and they drove to the Burevestnik yacht club. There Yurov N.N. noticed traces of blood in the car and decided to wash them off. "

“Testimony of witness Krestyanova I.Ye. , according to which the witness permanently lived in the village of Toropovo, Ramenskiy district and was familiar with S.A. Bezrukov. At about 15:00 on 05/21/2009 Bezrukov came to Krestyanova's house; they talked on different topics, then went towards his site. When Bezrukov approached his site, someone called him on a mobile phone. Judging by the conversation, a familiar person called him. Bezrukov tried to explain to his interlocutor how to get to him, and then said that he would now drive up. Further, Bezrukov told Krestyanova that now acquaintances would come to him, and he would show them the house. Bezrukov told Furkhad to get out, after which he left in his car. Returning home, Krestyanova noted the time was 15 hours and 30 minutes. This was their last meeting.

“The testimony of the witness Zhelanov D.V., according to which on 21.05.2009, at about 6 pm 02 minutes, the witness called SA Bezrukov on his mobile phone. The connection was established, but Bezrukov did not speak to him. According to Zhelanov's assumption, Bezrukov accidentally pressed the call button. On the phone, Zhelanov heard that Bezrukov was talking to someone in a raised voice, arguing. Zhelanov could not make out the content of the conversation, he heard the car door open and close. Without waiting for an answer, Zhelanov terminated the connection. After about 30 minutes, Zhelanov tried to call Bezrukov again on the phone, but his phone was already disconnected from the network. Then Zhelanov called Bezrukov's 'wife' by phone, who said that he was missing. "

“The testimony of the accused Lupichev D.A., according to which Lupichev and Bezrukov S.A. have been friends since childhood. Bezrukov was the director of Global Computer Service LLC, was involved in the sale of confiscated property. The day before Bezrukov's unknown disappearance, Lupichev saw on the territory of the Burevestnik yacht club how Saryan was removing two bayonet shovels into his car. Comparing Saryan's preparations with Bezrukov's disappearance, Lupichev suggested a murder. Together with Tatyana Bezrukova, Lupichev went shopping near Bezrukov's dacha and showed his photograph. One of the saleswomen identified Bezrukov and said that he had stopped by. The next day Gogia rode with Tatiana, who told Lupichev that they had found Bezrukov's burned-out car. Later, Lupichev, together with Gogia, traveled to the place of Bezrukov's burial and saw fragments of packaging from fertilizers. Lupichev realized that Piskarev was involved in the murder, because some of the buried corpses were covered with limestone. Lupichev was called on the phone by Bezrukov's roommate and asked Piskarev's phone to talk to him: they were personally acquainted. Lupichev told Piskarev about this request, who replied: "There is nothing to eat in one mug."

To be continued

Arseny Dronov