A well-known sports journalist and author of books about football Alexei Matveev continues to explore the underlying causes of the unhealthy atmosphere in the popular game. Today, the next revelations and details are especially for the Cheka-OGPU and




All big football in the CIS space is permeated with blackmail, threats, bribery, physical elimination of competitors, and so on. The string of crimes is endless, from such a "kaleidoscope" a normal person can vomit. But it is necessary to talk about such things, because to remain silent is even worse ...

Who and what is behind this? Basically, dirty money that the “high contracting parties” cannot divide among themselves. Sometimes customers and murderers were driven by supposedly "ideological" considerations.

Kill, by the way, not only in Russia. A powerful explosion scattered the bodies of Shakhtar Donetsk president Oleksandr Bragin and his aides. The misfortune happened at the stadium itself, when Bragin and his friends went up to the box to watch the next match of the Ukrainian championship with the participation of his team. He did not reach the place.

The president of Shakhtar, a successful businessman, has been threatened for a long time: they say, if you don't leave the team, it will be bad. Here's the threat carried out. The murder, by analogy with the elimination of the former general director of the capital's "Spartak" Nechaeva, about which the Cheka-OGPU spoke in detail, was also not disclosed.

When people with a dark past and foul-smelling money are rushing into big football. "Disassembly", up to lethal outcomes, are inevitable. Against the backdrop of the murdered Bragin, the famous goalkeeper of the capital's Torpedo, Spartak and the USSR national team Anzor Kavazashvili was "lucky".

"Thugs" in his absence in Moscow (the goalkeeper flew off to negotiate with the then FIFA Secretary General Joseph Blatter) "only" blackmailed Anzor's close people. “Let your Georgian get out of the game,” was heard in the telephone receiver. “Otherwise, she won’t see her daughter. We'll take you away, we'll rape you." So they said.

And all because the recent idol of the football public, along with eminent colleagues, Viktor Ponedelnik, Valentin Ivanov, and other glorious veterans, wanted to seize power in football from the old managerial and long-rotten team. Led by the "unsinkable" at that time Vyacheslav Koloskov.

Hired mafiosi called relatives of Anzor. Koloskov himself, his henchmen clung with all their fibers to the "warm" managerial chairs. And they weren't going to leave. So they resorted to unsportsmanlike methods. Neither "yellow", nor, even more so, "red" cards for unsportsmanlike wrestling were awarded. In behind-the-scenes football, they don’t play by the rules at all ...

Although for such things in civilized countries they put you in jail. Freaks are put on wiretapping, such conversations are recorded. Looking ahead, everything worked out here for homegrown criminals. No investigations, no dungeons for them. Normalek!

At the turn of the epochs, quite legally, Kavazashvili created the All-Russian Football Association (VAF) as a counterbalance to the obsolete system. Legally registered the organization. A conference was held, which brought together the football people of the country. They approved the charter, chose the composition of the executive committee, which included respected specialists, whose names and surnames are familiar and loved by the public. It seemed that the long-awaited changes should come. No.

The masters of intrigue seized the initiative, using the undercover tricks they had worked out, behind-the-scenes machinations, blackmail and so on. Then they created a structure parallel to the brainchild of Kavazashvili - the Russian Football Union (RFU). Until now, a breathing, empty organ, incapable of anything and not influencing the processes, is in the last breath.

"Are you going to make threats too?" - Anzor Amberkovich's mother-in-law did not recognize the voice in the receiver. Frankly, the author of these lines was taken aback. The frightened woman lost her nerve in the absence of the head of the family. A moment later, the conversation went on as usual, a close friend of the goalkeeper explained what was the matter. And the daughter of the goalkeeper, Varvara, was accompanied to school for some time by armed guards. The Georgian fighters familiar to the family guarded the apartment from penetration into it by uninvited guests. These are the passions seething behind the curtain of football, invisible to the fans.

Scared Kavazashvili? It didn't show up outwardly. But the popular masters of the game lost the battle for the football throne. Odious personalities, headed by Koloskov, established themselves in power. The results of the government are widely known: corruption, theft, uncleanliness in everything. The game, beloved by the people, was in its death throes. And so it is now. Petersburg Gazprom is now in power. It got even worse.



The president of the Professional Football League (PFL), Nikolai Tolstykh, was almost shot dead. The league, created under the leadership of the former Dynamo player, was responsible for hosting the national championship. Koloskov's department, in turn, dealt with the affairs of the national team.

And during the break of the calendar match of the national championship "Dynamo" - "Lokomotiv", bandits, representing the interests of one of the clubs, broke into the premises under the stands. They “offered” the referee to be more loyal to their pets. Otherwise, "may be consequences."

Nikolai Tolstykh stood up for the referee, who, by chance, found himself at the epicenter of events. Rigidly demanded from uninvited guests to leave the premises for judges. Do not apply pressure. The case, even by the standards of the Russian champion, is unprecedented. After the words spoken to the bandits, the president of the league saw a trunk in front of him ... "Thugs" did not dare to pull the trigger. According to Tolstoy, he, too, by analogy with Kavazashvili, had to hire security at that time.

His years as president of the PFL were not flawless. But Nicholas should be given credit. At least for justice - he always equalized the rights of the so-called small and large clubs. For which football experts in many regions are grateful to him. For courage too. Nikolai Alexandrovich was threatened with reprisals by representatives of the "shadow" structures that "patronized" this or that club. They did not like obstinacy, intractability, independence of judgments and actions of the head of the league. Tolstykh did not bend under anyone.

Here, at the end of the infamous match "Dynamo" - "Alania" (Vladikavkaz) in 1996, Tolstykh was openly indignant at the biased, in his opinion, refereeing of Krasnodar Yuri Chebotarev. The President of the PFL even stated that football-related businessmen most likely “worked” with the referee. Before the meeting. Otherwise, how to explain the bias of the referee?

After the game, late at night, Tolstoy was called by people with a characteristic southern accent, advised "not to make noise", not to dramatize. The boss of the league, in his own words, ignored the "advice", bent his line. What could Nicholas do alone? Almost nothing. Formally, his senior comrade, Koloskov from the RFU, abstained from solving the problems of the domestic championship.

Alexey Matveev

To be continued