In 2022, the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU said that the former owner of the BFG Bank, Yuri Glotser, who was on the international wanted list, had lost all his personal property. The DIA took him.

The court ruled to invalidate the transactions on donating the banker's son Philip an apartment in the Dvoryanskoe Gnezdo residential complex and invalidating the transactions on donating the premises of the Global Electric plant to another son, Mark Glotser. It was decided to turn the property into bankruptcy estate.

As found out, the DIA does not stop and continues to hunt for Glotser's assets. Thus, the Moscow Arbitration Court granted a petition to involve as a co-defendant the former senator Amir Gallyamov, who is closely connected with the criminal world, special services, government officials, in particular, “Kremlin killers”. The informant of the British special services, Alexander Perepelichny, before his death, called Gallyamov the “customer” of a possible assassination attempt on him.

Александр Перепеличный

As stated in the materials of the Arbitration Court, the basis for attracting Gallyamov Amir Nailevich is the alienation in favor of him of property belonging, according to the creditor, to Glotser. “The court, in accordance with Article 46 of the Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, in order to comprehensively and completely clarify the circumstances of the dispute, considers it necessary to involve Amir Nailevich Gallyamov as a co-defendant in the case ....

Taking into account the investigated circumstances of the case, the court considers it necessary to demand from the Federal State Institution "GIAC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia" information on registration at the place of residence of Amir Nailevich Gallyamov throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

As the VChK-OGPU and told, Alexander Perepelichny fled Russia and became an informant for the European special services in the “Magnitsky case”.

He died in 2012 while jogging near his home in suburban London. First, the police reported a heart attack. However, two years after his death, it was found that the poisonous substance Gelsemium elegans was present in Perepilichny's stomach. Symptoms of poisoning with this substance are similar to arrhythmia. According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, before his death, Perepelichny spoke via Skype with Russian operatives who had questions for him in connection with the investigation against Valid Lurakhmaev (Validol).

Валид Лурахмаев (Валидол)

This is the leader of a group of killers that eliminated people around the world. During a search at Validol's, they found a dossier on Perepelichny with a photo from the family archive. Perepelichny told investigators that he was involved in the withdrawal of funds from Russia, including through his company Financial Bridge with accounts in Deutsche Bank. And the main user of the laundering channel was a relative of Perepelichny on the line of his wife, the then senator Amir Gallyamov. He withdrew his funds from Russia and brought in new clients. Gallyamov at one point considered that Perepelichny embezzled $ 10 million from the withdrawn funds of the senator. He threatened his relative, so Perepelichny was sure that it was Gallyamov who “ordered” him to Validol, especially since the photos that the killer had were in the senator’s archive. The operatives also did not doubt that everything was so. Sources say that in the 90s Gallyamov was closely associated with the Izmailovo group, and since then a very long funeral trail has been following them. Then he got along with another authoritative senator Alexander Shishkin (Sasha Kemerovsky). When they squeezed out the earth on the Pirogovsky reservoir, many people left this world ahead of time. Now Shishkin has a whole residence on Pirogovsky with access to water and a pier. It can also be added that lately Amir Gallyamov has been close to another hero of the 90s, the former leader of the Sevastopol gangs, Radik Yusupov, nicknamed Dragon. The Seaastopol people have always been friendly with the Izmailovskys. Dragon is now a participant in many large business schemes.

As a result, the Investigative Committee nevertheless decided to interrogate Gallyamov in the framework of the Validol case. But he denied acquaintance with Lurakhmaev, threats to Perepelichny, etc. And then this topic completely disappeared, for reasons far from operational and investigative work.

The materials regarding Lurakhmaev are being processed by the ICR in connection with the investigation of the "case of fixers". A group of businessmen pretended to be officials of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation and offered: lucrative contracts; positions of heads of state enterprises; seats of senators and heads of regions. The prices were astronomical, in the millions and tens of millions of dollars. The solvers really had connections at the very top and they solved certain issues. And for those clients whose wishes could not be fulfilled, a sad fate awaited. They took money from them, and they themselves were eliminated. It was Validol who organized the murders. One of the members of the group was the solver Dmitry Pivovarov, who posed as an employee in the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. Moreover, he led the reception of visitors right in the office on Staraya Square. At the disposal of were the protocols of interrogations of Pivovarov, during which he tells how and through whom "r eshalshchiki organized their business.

“Question: During a search in your home, a large number of questionnaires and resumes were seized for various applicants for government and leadership positions. In addition, copies of various criminal cases were seized. How can you explain it?


Answer: With regard to the materials of the criminal cases, I can explain that, as a lawyer, I gave advice on various issues to people who contacted me through mutual acquaintances. In addition, since many of my acquaintances knew that I communicated in one way or another with representatives of the administration and other officials, I was asked through various intermediaries to resolve the issue of employment of various people. Questionnaires were handed over to me, either personally by applicants or by intermediaries, and then with these questionnaires I approached for a consultation with my friend Khapsirokov Krem-giri Nazirovich, who served as an adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation.

I was introduced to him at the end of 2008 by "Aleksey" from Vladimir, I know him in connection with the provision of legal advice, I do not have "Aleksey's" phone number. He introduced me to Hapsirokov, since the latter could solve many issues of interest to me, including employment. I was in his office, located in the building of the Presidential Administration on Staraya Square, in the first entrance on the third floor. Then we met at the cafe "Slivovitsa", on the street. Ilyinka, Hapsirokov suggested that I contact him if I have any questions, I have his work phone number in my contact list. So, when they brought me questionnaires and resumes, I met with Khapsirokov on the second floor of the Slivovitsa cafe, showed the questionnaires to him, and he spoke. whether a person is suitable for the position he wants to take or not. I can explain that the questionnaires and resumes found in my possession were abandoned, that is, Hapsirokov informed me that these people were not suitable for such positions. Hapsirokov left some questionnaires, but I don’t know whether the people indicated in them were employed or not.

During a search of Validol in one of his apartments there were folders with a dossier not only on Alexander Perepelichny, but also on a prominent businessman Nikolai Tingaev, the owner of the Tekhnokomplekt enterprise. Both then died under the same suspicious circumstances, there were versions of poisoning with rare poisons. Before his death, Perepilichny told Russian operatives that his father-in-law, the authoritative ex-senator Amir Gallyamov, might be hunting him. The latter has always been closely associated with the criminal world, special services, and government officials. In turn, after the death of Tingaev, his assets began to be actively “cut” by a team from the family of the former head of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of St. Petersburg, Yuri Loskutov, and thief in law Andrei Miroedov (Mirych).

Previously, Tingaev was “divorced” for money by the rhetorician Mikhail Koryak, who had extensive connections among the generals. In particular, Colonel-General Vladimir Zaritsky, former head of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, was his close friend. Moreover, it was not just a friend. So, General Zaritsky played the role of an intermediary between the solvers and businessman Nikolai Tingaev, who bought the post of vice president of Transneft for 2 million euros. As a result of the transaction, the money was stolen, one of the intermediaries, Maxim Ozirny, was killed in Turkey, and his body was dissolved in acid. Validol personally organized the murder.

  Tingaev himself died under strange circumstances, exactly the same that led to the death of Perepelichny.

Zaritsky, Gallyamov were interrogated in the framework of the "case of solvers", but they remained only as witnesses.

To be continued

Tomas Wisniewski