Vladimir Borisov (Ensign), the legend of the criminal world of St. Petersburg, was extradited to Russia from Bulgaria. This was the first to report on the telegram channel VChK-OGPU. Vladimir Borisov is a former professional soldier, in the early 90s he tried himself in the security business together with members of the "Akulovskaya" group. Then he put together his own brigade of former special forces, specializing in protection and contract killings.

In 1998, Borisov and his assistant, Yuri Biryuchenko, nicknamed Tankman, were arrested on suspicion of organizing the murder of two reputable opponents. One of the attempts was successful. Then 11 members of the group were arrested. True, by 2007 Borisov was acquitted on grave charges and sentenced to a long but suspended sentence.

On December 22, at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Borisov was extradited from the Republic of Bulgaria. He is accused of committing a crime under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud).

According to the investigation, no later than July 2014, in St. Petersburg, the director of LLC SPb-Realty, Borisov, by prior conspiracy with other persons, decided to unlawfully take possession of the property and rights of use of JSC Institute of Architectural and Construction Design.

Виктор Хмарин

As found out, the Borisov group operates to this day, for the most part on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, tk. here it has the main administrative and law enforcement resource. Since the Ensign himself was on the wanted list, his sons, Konstantin and Dmitry, as well as Borisov's closest associate Vitaly Kuzmina, were engaged in operational work.

The members of the group participate in cutting the federal and regional budgets of the Russian Federation allocated for the repair, construction or reconstruction of socially significant objects, such as: Children's medical institutions; Children's boarding schools; Educational institutions.

Also, this group is a participant in raider seizures of real estate, at least two objects of state property in St. Petersburg: on the street. Avtovskaya 16 and st. Crystal 18.

Judging by the long-term choice of license plates, Kuzmin imagines himself labeled by the authorities, he is also often flaunting "high" acquaintances, such as with Viktor Khmarin, a fellow student of the President.

Also, this group deals with threats; intimidation; extortion; arson and damage to property. The group of Borisov and Kuzmin was noticed in an attempt to seize the cemetery business in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region, in this project they were actively helped by D.A. Polkovnikov, then the head of Lebyazhy, who is also a Hero of Russia and co-founder (in addition to V. Kuzmin and V. Borisov) PMC Longiforia with jurisdiction in Panama

Also, according to a source of, this group is in a corruption conspiracy with a number of employees of the 9th department of the ORC (UEB and PC) No. 7 of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg, as well as other law enforcement structures and administrative institutions of St. Petersburg, therefore it regularly avoids punishment.

Due to the fact that the head of the organized crime group, Borisov Vladimir Evgenievich, nicknamed "Ensign", was on the federal wanted list and his absence in the Russian Federation, the group was led by the trusted members of the group, Kuzmin Vitaly Gennadievich and his eldest son Kuzmin Dmitry Vitalievich.

Дмитрий Кузьмин

After a completely cynical "cut" of the budget allocated by UGS LLC (founders: Dmitry Kuzmin and Konstantin Borisov), the group members began to actively buy real estate and premium cars.

The Borisov-Kuzmins group is currently being appropriated by fraudulent schemes at least 100,000,000 rubles. budget funds. The works specified in the concluded agreements are either not performed or performed improperly. Most of the funds are appropriated by withdrawing money under fictitious contracts to fly-by-night firms.

Having connections and friendly relations with the former operative officer of the 9th department of the ORCH (EB and PC) No. 7 GU SPb - Beloglyadov A.V., Kuzmin D.V. regularly received information containing Banking or Commercial secrets, such as Bank statements of third-party organizations. This information was subsequently used by D.V. Kuzmin for extortion and the initiation of custom-made criminal cases against unwanted persons or firms.

Most of these UDs ended up in production precisely in the SU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Central District due to the fact that between the head of this SU Adamchevsky A.V. and the IO of the head of the 9th department of the ORCH (EB and PC) No. 7 of the St. Petersburg State Administration Aleksandrov K.E., there was a mutually beneficial agreement. Namely, in the process, solvent beneficiaries were identified, after which operatives of the 9th department of the ORC were sent to them with a search. Then the operatives: Aleksandrov K.E., Spivak E.Yu., Beloglyadov A.V.

There is also information that the police colonel Kuzyaev A.The. (Acting Head of the Department of Economic Security and PC for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast) was aware of the similar activities of these employees.

After the dismissal of A.V. Beloglyadov. in December 2020, his former colleague Spivak E.Yu., regularly gave him operational information on materials, firms or UD that were in the production of the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Central District, including for D.V. Kuzmin.

Also, with the help of A.V. Beloglyadov. and his indicated accomplices Kuzminu D.The. information about the materials received on it was transmitted, but the materials themselves remained unrealized.

Also, with the help of A.V. Beloglyadov, D.V. Kuzmin. tried to terminate the UD in relation to his father Kuzmin V.G. under Art. 159 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on the misappropriation of a state property at the address SPB st. Avtovskaya 16

D.V. Kuzmin is on the phone. former operative Beloglyadov A.V., recorded as "Sanya Bely BEP".

According to the source of, the "person" of the group in the law enforcement system was the Investigator of the City Prosecutor's Office Pozdnyak Vadim, thanks to whose actions the whole gang of assassins of Borisov V.E. received suspended sentences. Absolutely not complexing about his reputation, and at the present time Pozdnyak V.N. stands guard over the interests of V. Borisov's group, at the moment he has become a lawyer of this group, including in the case of Avtovskaya 16, CASE No. 1-13 / 2021 (1-129 / 2020), which is now being considered alone by judge Eizhvertina I.G. ... in the Leninsky District Court of St. Petersburg

Moreover, at the stage of investigation, V.N. Pozdnyak for an amount not less than 20,000,000 rubles. VG Kuzmin promised to "resolve the issue" at the stage of investigation - about which there is a corresponding audio recording of the conversation between Pozdnyak V.N. and V.G. Kuzmin, it is about a criminal case that was investigated in the Investigative Committee, when Pozdnyak says "she" - it is about the investigator Orekhova in whose proceedings the case was.

Also, in addition to the illegal raider seizure of the building on Avtovskaya 16, it is known about a similar seizure of the state. Real estate at St. Petersburg, st. Khrustalnaya 18 - it is here that V.G. of the company, with participation in the bankruptcy of the enterprise, LLC UGS was also noticed - owned by the Kuzmins and Borisovs

In addition to the law enforcement resource, the Kuzminykh organized criminal group also uses the administrative one. For example, for the implementation of activities, the ex-wife of V.G. Kuzmina, the mother of D.V. Kuzmina. She was patronized for the position of Head of the Ivanovsky Municipal District in St. Petersburg, which she currently holds. Kuzmina S.V. and previously held positions related to the receipt of budgetary funds.


Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued