There is such a primitive animal - the hydra. Cut it into pieces, and each stump will creep away and new soles, heads and tentacles will grow, no different from the old ones. Almost immortal animal. Likewise, Anatoly Bykov's gang - no matter who was part of it, none of them managed to become a normal person, everyone, as a bandit, remained so. Even after he “changed his registration” and left Bykov. Today will tell you about two of them.

 The first, Vyacheslav Ismindirov with the characteristic nickname "Executioner", the second - the regular Bykov killer Alexander Zhivitsa, nicknamed "Bul". Ismindirov was born in 1966 and began his criminal career in the eighties. For various crimes, including in military service, he was sentenced to 9 years in prison. He was released at the end of 1993 and contacted the authority Struganov (Pasha-Tsvetomuzyka) at that time by the right hand of Anatoly Bykov. According to operational data, as part of this gang, he was actively engaged in extortion from Krasnoyarsk entrepreneurs. At the same time, he tried to enter a legal business. He organized several small firms. After Tolyan's quarrel with Pasha-Tsvetomuzyka, and then the arrest of Struganov, he organized his own criminal group, which included some of the bandits from Pasha-Tsvetomuzyka's entourage. One of them is Zhivitsa. In 2000 Ismindirov left for Moscow, where he established two companies: Intori Tour LLC, Martel Lux LLC. But that was later.

 In the meantime, it's 1997. Bykov destroyed all competitors, headed the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant and actively tried to legalize himself in business and politics, preparing for the next step - elections to the Legislative Assembly. At the same time, he headed the largest criminal community in the region and did not allow attempts to reorganize something in these relations. And those wishing to tear off their piece and throw Bykov off periodically appeared. Among them was Anatoly Artyushkov, a native of the city of Uzhur (west of the Krasnoyarsk Territory). A previously convicted "businessman" with the uncomplicated nickname "Artyushok" not so long ago left the Minusinsk zone and for some time began to claim the place of "thief in law" in Krasnoyarsk. In 1997, he visited Moscow and secured the consent of the local criminals. After that, he was preparing to leave for the Far East to obtain the approval of an influential thief in law named "Jem". But it didn’t grow together.

In the summer of 1997, Struganov informed Bykov that "Artyushok" raised his head and was trying to form thieves around him. The reaction was immediate. Struganov is given the command to remove Artyushkov. Not wanting to personally commit murder, Pasha-Tsvetomuzyka finds performers - two members of his gang, Ismindirova and Zhivitsa. For three days they watch Artyushko, and on July 21, 1997 at about 10 o'clock, at the Stella parking lot on the street. A parachute in Krasnoyarsk, Artyushka is shot at point-blank from pistols.

Pasha-Tsvetomuzyka in the 2000s will be imprisoned with high quality and for a long time, including for organizing the murder of Artyushkov. In 2015, Zhivitsa will be detained and imprisoned for 12 years (there is so much blood on this ghoul that it’s time to regret the abolition of the death penalty). But Ismandirov, by that time a "pure businessman" living in Moscow, managed to escape. As soon as Zhivitsa spoke, he disappeared abroad. Ismindirov was put on the wanted list by the law enforcement agencies through Interpol. He was detained in Poland in January 2018, after which the Russian Prosecutor General's Office sent a request for his extradition. In May 2020, he was satisfied. Now in the Sverdlovsk court of Krasnoyarsk hearings are taking place in the case of Ismindirov, who is accused of murder committed almost a quarter of a century ago and the statute of limitations will not apply here. The stumps of the Bykovskaya hydra, born in the early 90s, lived on their own, grew bodies and tentacles, and even far from their "main" body, remained the same as himself - ready to kill everyone.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov