Recently, a real hunt for the vird of the Batalhadzhins has begun. Among other things, its participants were accused of shooting the head of the Center for Countering Extremism (CPE) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia Ibragim Eldzharkiev. The motives for this crime are very “vague” in the case file. It is unofficially believed that Eldzharkiev was avenged for the murder of the leader of the Batalhadzhins, Ibragim Belkharoev (grandson of Sheikh Batal-Khadzhi Belkharoev, the founder of the vird). He was a very influential person in the republic, opposed Wahhabism, and had good relations with Ramzan Kadyrov. The murder of Belkharoev is still unsolved. However, his motives have not been a secret in the republic for a long time. The paths of this story lead to Mikail Gutseriev.

As a source told, a year before the murder of Ibragim Belkharoev, businessman Musa Keligov posted messages on social networks that the Batalhadzhins and personally Ibragim Belkharoev allegedly "ran into" Gutseriev, and he is afraid to answer them, looking for any support on the side. Here is a transcript of a fragment of this recording.

From the transcript of the recording of the conversation between Salyakh Khamkhoev and Musa Keligov (2014) Musa: Boxer is a nickname? or what? Salakh: I don't know what it is and who he is, but his name is Ali. It was only when I wrote to the FSB that I found out his real name, having checked with the authorities. When I came to visit them on the march (it was 2005 or 2006), Marem was there too, then there were Boxer and Alkhazurov. They said they were at the cemetery. I thought, probably, they were mistaken: they definitely could not come there. It turns out that Musa could: Chermen cemetery? Salakh: Yes, to where their son is buried. They made an ambush. While at the anniversary of the company, he (Mikail Gutseriev) called me to the balcony a couple of times, he was upset. Stood crying. I asked Mikail what had happened. He replied: “Yesterday they came to the cemetery ... (the main one on it, Sul3umbeka Mula's sister's son is Tseziev) ... He (Gutseriev), said that they told him that they were Belkhoroev, Alkhazurov - we have complaints. They wanted to take the corpse. " Musa: Whose corpse? Salakh: Son. Son of Mikail

After the release of this record, Gutseriev's reputation in Ingushetia, to put it mildly, was shaken. According to a source, Gutseriev has a henchman - Alikhan Amerkhanov. Officially, he holds the post of general director of Samfar Plaza. But Amerkhanov's range of responsibilities is much broader. In particular, he solves the slippery problems of the chief in Ingushetia. For this, Amerkhanov has a son-in-law in the republic - Islam Eldzharkiev (the former head of the Internal Security Service for Ingushetia), brother of the murdered head of the CPE Ibragim Eldzharkiev. After the publication of the record by the Keligovs, Amerkhanov joined the resolution of the issue of "offense" from the Batalkhadzhins, followed by Eldzharkieva. Shortly thereafter, Ibragim Belkharoev was killed. This was done in the city of Nazran, 500 meters from his house, the killers were in 3 cars. After about a couple of weeks, rumors spread throughout the republic that the Eldzharkievs might have been involved in this murder. Since then, the hunt for the members of the vird has begun.

By the way, after the assassination of Ibrahim Eldzharkiev, the CPE was headed by his brother Islam.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued