The murder of the boss of the red and white team, Larisa Nechaeva, has not been solved to this day. As we managed to find out, the folder with the criminal case is gathering dust on the shelf of the prosecutor's office of the Vladimir region. The chances of exposing the killers and customers are almost zero ...

Years after the execution of his mother, the eldest son of Larisa Nechaeva, Andrey, turned to the president of the country. Maybe he'll help solve the crime. According to Andrei, the mother's beliefs coincided with the attitudes of Vladimir Vladimirovich, who actively advocates the development of physical culture and sports in our country.

Larisa Gennadievna at one time was nominated for deputies of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. And at meetings with voters, she just discussed the possibility of building sports grounds at the place of residence, the construction of large arenas in the region, and so on.

It is naive, but Andrei believes that his mother's sports ideology should encourage the authorities to find the killers, the customers.


We are publishing the second part of the investigation into the murder of Larisa Nechaeva and the total theft of Spartak club money, prepared specifically for the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and by the famous sports journalist, author of books about football Alexei Matveev.




Although Romantsev denied the “monetary” background of the massacre of Nechaeva, she, nevertheless, was not in doubt. In many ways, the situation was clarified by the details of the interrogation of Grigory Yesaulenko, one of the main suspects in the criminal case of the murder. Moreover, knowledgeable people consider Grigory Vasilievich the main customer of the crime.

Григорий Есауленко в центре

Here are excerpts from the interrogation of the former vice-president of FC Spartak:

“Despite the fact that I worked as a vice-president of the club, I did not have the right to sign documents,” Esaulenko argued in an interview with the investigator. - All cases of buying and selling players were led by Nechaeva. It was she who was mainly involved in financial matters. Under the control of O. I. Romantsev. I don't have any personal bank accounts. I do not know the mechanism for transferring money from the purchase and sale of football players, since L. G. Nechaeva was in charge of the process. I would like to add that I do not know how O. I. Romantsev controlled the activities of L. G. Nechaeva.”

But, of course, it is his signature that stands on almost all the contracts of the players that Spartak acquired or sold to other teams. Probably, Nechaeva tried to intervene in the process. But, apparently, without success.

Here is a characteristic text in the case file. Anonymous sent a letter to the FSB investigative committee. It is dated July 14, 1997, that is, a month after Nechaeva's death. It makes sense to quote it in full:

“I am well aware of the situation around Spartak,” an anonymous source reports. - I personally know people in the club's management. The following happened. Until last year, the money coming from the sale of football players, as well as sponsorship funds, went to the personal accounts of G.V. Esaulenko. And he was secretly in charge of all financial transactions. Until a certain point, Oleg Romantsev believed that money was put into personal accounts allegedly in order to evade taxes, and so on. Oleg Ivanovich is a good man, but an alcoholic. Therefore, it is not difficult for him to confuse his head, arranging endless drinking parties with a trip to the country. Some time ago, he began to suspect that something was wrong with the money. Then Romantsev persuaded Nechaev to come to the club. She quickly delved into what was happening, figured out a lot, as she was a smart, meticulous woman in her work. About six months ago, an internal scandal occurred in the club, when G. V. Esaulenko was almost fired from work. Nechaeva tried to deprive him of financial influence. Most likely, Esaulenko ordered the murder, the organizer is his friend and “roof”, a Chechen named Turpalo.”




From the bowels of the FSB investigative committee, this letter was forwarded to the prosecutor's office of the Vladimir region, on the territory of which the murder took place. And the senior investigator of the local prosecutor's office, S. Prokhorov, instructed the operational officers of the Department of Economic Affairs of the Internal Affairs Directorate to check the information. In particular, does G. V. Esaulenko have personal foreign accounts, what are their sources and directions for further movement of funds.

However, nothing is said about the results of the check in the case file.

But the circle of probable customers of the murder of Larisa Nechaeva is outlined. Here is what the senior detective of the GUUR of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, police lieutenant colonel A. Derkach, reports to the head of the same department, Lieutenant General I. Khrapov: “I report that in the course of carrying out measures to identify the likely customers of the murder of the general director of the Spartak football club, the following was established. The vice-president of the club, G. V. Esaulenko, after the death of L. G. Nechaeva, acts as director. While working as vice president, Esaulenko was engaged in the acquisition and sale of football players. He appropriated part of the proceeds from the sale. Esaulenko was allocated funds for the organization of refereeing in custom matches. He did not report to anyone about spending money. With the advent of Nechaeva, Esaulenko was removed from the above duties. On this basis, they repeatedly had conflicts.

Турпал-Али Атлангериев

In addition, Esaulenko was seen in the company of the Chechen brothers Atlangiriyevs - Turpul and Movladi. The latter was in prison together with Vladimir Tenoshvili, a suspect in the murder. The Atlangiriev brothers are the founders of the Razgulay restaurant, Esaulenko has "his share" in the restaurant. He maintains ties with the leaders of the Lyubertsy organized criminal group, and in his commercial activities he uses the services of Chechens. In the football club, Esaulenko is closest to the executive director M. Korotkov and the manager S. Hadji. In the event of any problems, Esaulenko tries to leave Russia, mainly to Spain.”

At home, Esaulenko was charged in a criminal case for large-scale tax evasion by Spartak. At least the indirect participation of the master of "behind the scenes" in the murder of the former general director of the "red-whites" was traced. Finally, the operatives established his connections with representatives of the criminal world. But they did not finish, or did not want to bring the investigation that had begun to the end.

 “The executive director of the Spartak football club, M. V. Korotkov,” further reports police lieutenant colonel A. Derkach (according to the security forces, Korotkov is one of the likely customers of the murder), maintains relations with the leader of the Lytkarino organized crime group Valery Silenok. Silenok is familiar with wanted Zdor and Tenoshvili, who shot Nechaeva. While working in his position, Korotkov opened several stalls selling souvenirs on the territory of the club. Nechaeva took this trade under her control, and Korotkov lost his uncontrolled income.

The duties of the manager-administrator S. Yu. Khadzhi include the acquisition of sports uniforms and other equipment. For these purposes, Hadji received money, but he bought sports equipment of lower quality, and appropriated the remaining money. Nechaeva began to buy sports equipment on her own, trying to conclude a contract with Puma. Khadzhi, Esaulenko and Korotkov opposed such a move. Hadji kept in touch with the leaders of the Lyubertsy organized crime group, whom he brought to Spartak matches and provided them with the best seats in the stands. Nechaeva suspected Khadzhi of selling fake tickets for Spartak matches, and told him about it.

In order to establish the involvement of the above-named persons in the organization of the murder of Nechaeva, it is necessary to carry out a complex of operational and technical measures by checking the financial and economic activities of Esaulenko, Khadzhi and Korotkov, ”the police expert concludes.

Almost all the leadership of the "red-white" 90s and 2000s, one way or another, is connected with gangs. Uniform organized criminal group "Spartak"! And there is no exaggeration in this statement.


To be continued