The story with the judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court Elena Kondrat, whom the TFR wants to bring to justice, could become a big scandal, revealing many secrets of the capital's arbitration. As the VChK-OGPU telegram channel reports, it follows from the materials that a whole group of judges were caught taking bribes, but operational materials were not turned into criminal cases. Some became agents of the FSB and continue to be, others simply quit.

Елена Кондрат

 Recall that they are trying to accuse Kondrat of transferring money to her once good friend, another judge of the AU of Moscow Makhalkina, who acted under the control of the FSB in Moscow. However, Kondrat prudently recorded her conversations with Makhalkina and she kept a recording of the conversation dated April 27, 2021. On this record, Makhalkina admits to her friend that when receiving a bribe from the bankruptcy administrator she was taken red-handed by the FSB officers and, for not being prosecuted, she undertakes work for the FSB for 10 years, participate in operational combinations. Makhalkina says that the arbitration manager Goloshumova herself came to her and offered her money, and since Makhalkina was going to buy an apartment, she accepted the offer. During the transfer of money, Makhalkin was detained. Makhalkina also informs Kondrat in a conversation that her employees of the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow Region were forced to provoke the fixer Medzhidov to receive money for solving the issue. Makhalkina collaborated with Majidov and he trusted her. As a result, Majidov was detained. She also said during the conversation that the judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court Fateeva N.The. , who was appointed by the chairman of the banknote representative office by the chairman Novikov, was also caught red-handed while receiving a bribe by the FSB officers. However, at Novikov's request, for Fateeva, everything ended only with a swift dismissal.

This story was superimposed on another. The son of Elena and former Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Kondrat Nikolai was charged with the murder of the driver. The Cheka-OGPU was the first to report that Nikolai Kondrat was arrested for the murder of his driver and was in custody.

Иван Кондрат

Earlier, we gave a point of view on this history of law enforcement agencies. Yesterday, the correspondent managed to talk with a source who is familiar with the Kondrat family and he outlined his version of events. We will publish it in several parts.

The judge was "ordered" through his son

“In recent years, with the arrival of N. Novikov, to the post of chairman of the Moscow Arbitration Court "is a nightmare" if the judges do not comply with his instructions they face severe reprisals, including through the prosecution of close relatives. Such a case happened to the judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court Elena Kondrat and her son - Kondrat Nikolay, a 19 year old boy, an excellent student, winner of the All-Russian Olympiad in Law, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University. Lomonosov.

Николай Новиков

The child's parent is Kondrat Ivan Nikolaevich, Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia (retired), State Counselor of Justice of the 1st class, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Professor of MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Doctor of Law and mother - Kondrat Elena Nikolaevna, judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court, Associate Professor of MGIMO ( Y) the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On June 22, 2021, they turned to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. and to all factions of the State Duma of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, because they believe that they are unable to protect the constitutional rights and legitimate interests of the 19-year-old son and their own from the arbitrariness of law enforcement officers in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In July 2021, Judge Elena Kondrat submitted official appeals to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the head of the FSB of the Russian Federation A.V. Bortnikov, and N.P. Patrushev. - to the Secretary of the Security Council ”.

The source of learned that in the proceedings of Judge Kondrat E.N. there is a case on the withdrawal of 25 billion rubles from Russia by a "laundering" company associated with one of the banks through which funds were withdrawn from Russia. The tax authority and creditors began to challenge the transactions, along with this the judge, according to the source, allegedly received instructions to take judicial acts in favor of offshore companies. But she refused to follow these instructions. And after that the horror movie begins. The judge was threatened that her entire family would be destroyed. The fabrication of criminal cases began and law enforcement officers began with the judge's son, 19-year-old Nikolai.

Strange as it sounds, the criminal prosecution of Nikolai Kondrat did not come as a complete surprise to his parents. The fact is that two months before the arrest of her son, Elena Kondrat herself became the object of provocation by the law enforcement officers of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

As the source told us, it all began with the fact that in August 2020, her former assistant, and now a colleague, a young judge of the bankruptcy court of the same Moscow Arbitration Court, Elena Makhalkina, “drove up” to her. She confidentially told her former manager that she had earned 20 million rubles and wanted to buy an apartment in Shuvalovsko m complex, but it lacks another 5 million. She even showed photographs of the apartment and a draft of the sale and purchase agreement on her work computer in support of it. And she asked a colleague to borrow this amount.

Elena Kondrat agreed to give Makhalkina E. part of the missing amount and, on October 18, 2020, she tried to lend her, but this event was "orchestrated" by law enforcement officers with the participation of E. Makhalkina.

  Law enforcement officers with a video camera at the ready jumped to the two judges and, after waiting about half an hour for the "witnesses", heard from two judges that the money was being lent to purchase an apartment and that E. Makhalkina undertakes to return it no later than March 2021. Makhalkina E. explained this on a video camera and in the examination report. That's all. Nobody took any explanations from anyone, and the judges were not summoned anywhere.

“However, during this provocation, a law enforcement officer named Roman told Elena Kondrat that if she did not resign, her son Nikolai could have problems. Two months after this conversation, the son was detained. Threats against the judge's son were made in the presence of other employees, which did not bother them in any way, - the source told - But Makhalkina E. liked the "operational experiments" and already in November 2020 she participated in the "operational experiment" when transferring money to U. Mejidov, whom she lured into the "trap" of law enforcement officers. She forgot that with the “help” of U.Medzhidov, she, a former employee of the court, earned her first capital for an apartment ”.

Not a knife crash

Nikolai Kondrat, the 19-year-old son of the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation (retired) Ivan Kondrat and the current judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court Elena Kondrat, was detained on December 21, 2020 on suspicion of organizing the murder of Kirill Igitkhanyan, who during his lifetime worked for him as a personal driver. As it later became known to his parents (which they described in detail in their address to the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights), the young man was transported from the isolation ward to the isolation ward for three days in a row, not allowing him to sleep or eat, until he was finally brought in the IVS department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Lobnya. There, "an employee who refused to give his name, position and rank" demanded that he give a confession in organizing the murder for hire. Otherwise, the operas, who wished to remain anonymous, threatened to place the guy not just in a pre-trial detention center, but in a so-called “press-hut”, where such troubles as physical violence and torture are inevitable. And the data of the preliminary investigation, according to this modest employee of the internal affairs, could have been communicated to the elderly grandmother of Nikolai Kondrat, who "will not be able to survive the circumstances of her grandson's detention."

When Nikolai told his father, Ivan Kondrat, about this, who found him in the isolation ward on the fifth day, they had no reason not to believe in the reality of the threats from this modest opera: the guy was covered in "bodily injuries." However, the defendant did not succumb to the persuasion and did not sign the confession: he still considers himself innocent and is ready to prove it.

The accusations of organizing the murder of his own driver, Kirill Igitkhanyan, imputed to 19-year-old son Nikolai Kondrat, are more and more like a staged "hit" on his mother. The alleged "perpetrator" of the murder Matsnev N. arrived at the confrontation with bruises, abrasions and burns and immediately stated that Nikolai Kondrat and himself were tortured in a pre-trial detention center, under the influence of electric current on him, which was confirmed by an expert opinion.

“And law enforcement officers understand that the execution of the order is“ lame ”, there is no real evidence of the involvement of the judge's son in the crime, and therefore they use the trash media to discredit the judge and her son. Regularly, on the Internet resources and even in one respected newspaper of the federal level, false and distorted information appears, for example, that a search was carried out in the apartment of the judge and the general and a large amount of money was seized. In fact, no searches were carried out in the apartment of the judge and the general, and, moreover, no money was seized. This is confirmed by the procedural documents at the disposal of the editorial office. Moreover, the information set forth in a respected publication is a secret of the investigation and could not be known to anyone except the members of the investigation group, '' said the interlocutor of

It is hard to believe that in a state governed by the rule of law for six months the general and the judge cannot see their only child, the investigator refuses them with the following motivation: Kondrat Nikolai does not admit his guilt, refuses to cooperate with the investigation. This is a direct mockery of parents and a violation of the law and human values!

In addition, without bothering with the investigation, the investigation "to consolidate the evidence" resorts to the help of "whistleblowers on duty."

Thus, it is known from open sources that Zharko, convicted by the Domodedovo court on charges of murder for hire in Kamil Orifzhonovich, concluded a pre-trial agreement with the investigation, in which he undertook to "denounce" other persons. It is not surprising that it is in the case of Nikolai Kondrat that Kamil Orifzhonovich Zharkov acts as a prosecution witness, who does not know Nikolai at all and cannot be any witness.

However, the practice of "slander" is surprisingly widespread among law enforcement officers. Today, any person can be stigmatized in any crime, the texture does not matter.

This is in great detail in the following investigations.

Remorse under the chair

Despite all the inconsistencies, this testimony was a rather serious trump card in the hands of the investigation. However, everything was spoiled by a confrontation that investigator Babushkin organized on December 29, 2020, on the eighth day after Kondrat's arrest. On this investigative action, Nikolai saw the one on whose testimony his accusation was based. And he saw him.

And here, at this confrontation, everything went wrong with the investigation. Because, during this event, Matsnev N. stated that they incriminated themselves and Kondrat N. under torture, which he was subjected to by law enforcement officers in the IVS.

Of course, the investigation will try to "hush up" the materials of this confrontation. At least at all court sessions, where the issue of electing and extending the measure of restraint to Nikolai Kondrat (and he has already been in custody for more than six months) was considered, he repeatedly bypassed them in silence, presenting to the judge only a "confessionary" interrogation protocol. It is not excluded that if the President of the Russian Federation and human rights activists do not intervene, the testimony of N. Matsnev will be “adjusted” to the expertise beneficial to the investigation.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov